Former Eagles center Jamaal Jackson retires

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Alper pointed out on Friday that former Eagles center Jamaal Jackson was among the veteran free agents attending Giants rookie minicamp on a tryout basis. But it didn’t take long for Jackson to realize that he’s lost his passion for football, and he retired over the weekend.

“He came in and he was very nice,” said Giants coach Tom Coughlin, according to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “He just said, ‘Coach, I just don’t feel like my heart’s in it.'”

Though Jackson called it quits at age 32, his career ultimately was a success. Jackson went undrafted out of Delaware State in 2003. He emerged as the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting center in 2005, and held onto the job until the 2010 season.

Jackson finished his career with 72 starts.

21 responses to “Former Eagles center Jamaal Jackson retires

  1. Good for him. Hopefully he was wise with his money and can enjoy the rest of his life.

  2. A really under-appreciated player during his time. A little injury prone, but when he was playing he was a top-tier center. A class-act who never complained about getting supplanted by a 6th round pick last year. Congrats on a quality career Jamaal.

  3. It’s always nice when a player is able to retire on his terms. Rare, but nice.

  4. Eagles nation is proud to of had you under center . It’s a shame his heart’s not in it anymore cause he was a beast in the pre-season , he just didn’t fit Howard Mudds system . JJ was a reliable , consistent force as Philly’s center for many years . Enjoy your retirement Jackson !

  5. He’s an Eagle through & through . He contemplated playing for the G-men but the thought of it just made him sick …. Undervalued player , at least you can work on your golf game now JJ

  6. The man is a true class act im sad to see him go, as an Eagles fan i tip my hat to the man i never thought would supplant fan favorite hank fraley, not only did he do so but he became better than fraley.. he never complained about anything not once, he went out every practice n every game and did his job and did it extremely well.. it was a huge blow when he went down in the same game as Leonard Weaver.. its no coincidence the line struggled badly since.. Jamaal i wish u nothing but the best in the future good luck and above all, on behalf of Eagles fans everywhere WE THANK YOU!

  7. Poor guy. I remember how he emerged as a starter, but encountered unexpected injuries that derailed his playing time in Philadelphia. I hope he has a joyous and wonderful retirement!

  8. Jamaal was a quality player and far outworked the undrafted start to his career. Thanks for your work and good luck in your future endeavors!

  9. Jackson was an unsung hero for the Eagles for many years…..a solid player and good leader. Injuries really derailed his career. Good luck in retirement.

  10. The fact that he cought on to an NFL team for so long after playing college ball at Delaware State really says something about this guy’s ethic and talent. I was stationed in Dover for 2 years and that college is not a football school at all. I’ve seen high schools that had bigger stadiums.

    Best of luck Jamaal.

  11. Really enjoyed Jamaal Jackson and that is saying something considering I am not an Eagles fan. I have lived in the area my whole life and he was just one of those players that had a great head on his shoulders and never had a negative thing to say. Annoyed me how Howard Mudd pretty much kicked him out of Philly. Best of luck to you Jamaal in your future endeavors.

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