Marvin Lewis likes Sanu as the Bengals’ No. 2

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The Bengals need a No. 2 receiver to start opposite A.J. Green, and they may have found their man in the third round of the draft.

At the conclusion of the team’s rookie minicamp, head coach Marvin Lewis said rookie receiver Mohamed Sanu looked like he had the potential to be ready to be a starter in the Bengals’ offense from Week One.

I thought Sanu was everything we expected him to be. He’s going to come in here and play as a rookie and push to start and play time,” Lewis said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Fifth-round rookie Marvin Jones also impressed Lewis, both for his potential to contribute to the offense and for what his potential to contribute as a return man.

“Marvin to me really had a great five practices,” Lewis said. “His ability to be a returner will stand out. He really tracks the ball well. You see the speed compared to the size.”

After last year’s No. 2 receiver, Jerome Simpson, left for Minnesota, and last year’s No. 3 receiver, Andre Caldwell, left for Denver, a starter opposite Green is a high priority. But Lewis sounds optimistic that the Bengals have talent at receiver.

9 responses to “Marvin Lewis likes Sanu as the Bengals’ No. 2

  1. I think it’s our turn to be AFC north champs. For the 3rd time since 2005. Who-Dey!

  2. I really liked what I saw of Sanu before the draft. When he fell down the board I was hoping that the ‘Skins would take him but it wasn’t to be.

    The Bengals had a really good draft. Sanu and Green are going to give them a really strong receiving corps.

  3. With all the cap room they have it makes no sense they haven’t brought a couple veteran receivers on board. They are so thin at WR it’s amazing.

    Sanu might be able to contribute, but do you really want two starting receivers with a total of one year of NFL experience?

    Besides, you need solid a third, fourth and even fifth WR option to be successful in today’s pass happy league.

  4. I watched the inteview and while Lewis did say Sanu had the ability to start, he was gushing about Marvin Jones speed. You have to read bewtween the lines with anything Marvin (Lewis) says. My money would be on Jones to start.

  5. It’s pretty amazing the roster the Bengals have assembled. They should be an AFC playoff contender for years to come.

  6. I was worried about our depth until the draft came around. Thank you Marv! Green,Shipley, Jones and Sanu !

  7. I think the Bengals look great at WR right now. Green is obviously a force and a half, Shipley will return to the line up giving a good slot option, Whalen and Hawkins came to light at the end of the season and show atleast some potential. Adding Sanu and Jones gives more potential with one of them possibly playing opposite of Green. It all boils down to how camps and preseason shape up for these promising receivers.

  8. vincentbojackson says:
    May 14, 2012 8:03 AM
    With all the cap room they have it makes no sense they haven’t brought a couple veteran receivers on board. They are so thin at WR it’s amazing.

    Your an idiot!! The bengals are already 9 deep and its gonna be a hard cut. Also who should we bring in Braylon Edwards?? Plex. Burress?? No thanks. We are very deep at reciever with Green, Sanu, Jones, Shipley, Tate, Hawkins, whalen.. Why bring in the veteran cry babies and cut the young talent.

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