Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson will compete to start

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Third-round rookie quarterbacks don’t typically get opportunities to begin the season as starters. No third-round rookie quarterback has been an opening-day starter since 1973, when the Bills gave Joe Ferguson the nod.

But the Seahawks saw enough of third-round pick Russell Wilson at rookie minicamp to include him in their training camp battle at quarterback. Wilson will compete with incumbent Tarvaris Jackson and free-agent pickup Matt Flynn.

He showed us enough,” coach Pete Carroll announced Sunday, per Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “He’s in the competition.” Carroll credited Wilson for a “terrific arm,” and praised the rookie quarterback’s preparation before rookie camp.

“He did an excellent job of demonstrating that he prepared for this,” Carroll insisted.

Wilson’s “promotion” may be an ominous sign for Jackson, who is owed a $4 million non-guaranteed base salary. Flynn is the front-runner to start in Week One, and Jackson’s salary is unwieldy for a quarterback not even assured the No. 2 spot on the depth chart.

Carroll indicated that he entered rookie minicamp hoping Wilson would emerge as a viable competitor for Flynn and Jackson, and Wilson apparently did exactly that.

“I’d hoped that, and we confirmed it in these three days,” Carroll said. “He left really no question about he needs to be involved in the competition.”

70 responses to “Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson will compete to start

  1. Pete Carroll is our coach….. Rah Rah Rah!!!…. Jump up and down and wave our Pom Poms…… Pete Carroll is our coach Rah Rah Rah!!!!

  2. Translation: Until Matt Barkley comes out Im just going to throw sh*t at the wall and hope something sticks when it comes to the QB position

  3. It would be funny if he also beats out the $26 Million dollar “starter” named Matt Flynn. Then the Seahawks would have 2 QB’s earning about a combined $12 Million in salary this year as back-ups.

  4. OK, is this where everyone calls Carroll crazy? Call him what you want, he’s got arguably the best QB in the draft and Wilson will not be denied. Even if he doesn’t start, if he ever comes in the game due to injury, the guy in front of him, may never get back on the field.

  5. The Miami Dolphins must be a complete dump of an organization for Matt Flynn to choose this circus over them.

  6. If Russell Wilson was at least 6,1 he would be in Miami or Washington, the guy is an incredible talent big arm with pin point accuracy and he moves well in the pocket, the Seahawks got a steal with this kid the only sad part about it is that they will regret giving Flynn that pay day…

  7. i know nothing about this kid because im not a seahawks fan and because i don’t watch much college ball, but i have to say it is bad ass that hes getting a shot at starting. put the best 11 guys on the field, period.

  8. His offensive line in college dwarfs some NFL lines. The guy has all the tangibles and intangibles to play QB in the NFL if you don’t count height.

  9. This is just Pete Carroll trying to justify overdrafting Russell Wilson by at least two rounds. No chance in hell he starts over Matt Flynn to start the season. After Flynn goes 2-8, then we might have a story

  10. Flynn will start. I’ll put money on that. Wilson is new back up, and tjack will be traded to pitt or oakland

  11. OK, is this where everyone calls Carroll crazy? Call him what you want, he’s got arguably the best QB in the draft……

    No, this is where everyone calls you crazy.

  12. qdog112 says:
    May 13, 2012 6:12 PM

    OK, is this where everyone calls Carroll crazy? Call him what you want, he’s got arguably the best QB in the draft and Wilson will not be denied.

    I’ll have whatever he’s smoking.

  13. I think jackson is all but out of a and wilson is on the rise and flynn finally gets his chance to be the future franchise QB with wilson striping in if he gets hurt or his record setting 6 TD game was a fluke “which I don’t think it was”

  14. So would this qualify as carrol “jerking Jackson around” Like he claimed the Vikings did? When clearly, Jackson is not qualified to be his starter?

  15. From what I hear Russel Wilson took around 400-500 snaps in the rookie training camp. He looked so good and had such an impressive grasp of the offense in Seattle that they HAD to consider him.

    To the uninformed: Seattle has a top ten defense. That is mostly what Pete Carrol and John Schnieder
    have addressed in their first two seasons. They are building an elite defense and Special teams should improve largely this year.

    I’m also confident that the best QB of the three will win the job. Even if it isn’t Flynn they only owe him at most 10 million (they did the contract smartly so if he doesn’t work out they can ship him out).

    IMO considering the track record Green Bay has had developing qbs I think 10 million is a worthwhile investment in a potential starter

  16. I remember when Mike McCarthy was OC for the Saints and Aaron Brooks was a borderline pro-bowler. Then Mike left and Aaron Brooks became Aaron Brooks.

    Good luck Matt.

  17. I believe this kid was the steal of the draft at the QB position. He’s athletic, has great arm strength, accurate, and bright as they come. The Seahawks really don’t have any qb’s that scare you on their roster and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him starting somewhere down the line this season.

  18. Seriously??

    More reason why Peta Boy is way over-rated. He’s been fiddling arounf with the QB position since he showed up and is still floundering around. Get it together man.

  19. Hawks fans must be worried the six TD game was a fluke though. Flynn wouldn’t be the first backup to step into an already good offence and look decent. Matt Cassell to name a recent example.

  20. qdog112 says:
    May 13, 2012 6:12 PM
    OK, is this where everyone calls Carroll crazy? Call him what you want, he’s got arguably the best QB in the draft and Wilson will not be denied. Even if he doesn’t start, if he ever comes in the game due to injury, the guy in front of him, may never get back on the field.

  21. cletusvandam says: May 13, 2012 6:16 PM

    The Miami Dolphins must be a complete dump of an organization for Matt Flynn to choose this circus over them.


  22. I think Flynn and Wilson are both smart and have decent enough arms, two elements for a successful starter. Hopefully between the two of them one will pick up the speed of the game before their confidence is crushed. Seattle had a fair to good defense last year. If one or the other catches on, the Seahawks could be one of those teams in the pack shooting for a wild card. Unfortunately the NFC is now the superior conference so the timing is a little off as there will be more teams than over in that pack.

  23. How many short quarterbacks have started in the NFL in the last 10 years and have had moderate to excellent production? 2 ..good luck with those odds.

  24. Wasn’t that Petey Carroll who claimed the Vikings didn’t know how to use TJoke and that they were just jerking him around? Sounds like Petey is going to do his own jacking around of QB’s

  25. Pete isn’t saying Wilson is the starter. He is competing for the job. Last year he said TJack was the automatic starter without him throwing one pass. You must have open competition. The best player wins the starting job. The experts said if Wilson was 1 3/8 inches taller he would have been drafted before Tannehill because he has more talent. Isn’t that worth a third round draft choice.

  26. Flynn did not choose SEA over MIA. Miami had his old coach and new he was not worth it.

    Phins had him if they wanted him and did the smart thing and passed.

  27. Matt Flynn is ANYTHING but a surefire starter. He has proven nothing. Matt Flynn is this year’s Kevin Kolb until he proves otherwise. Because you perform on the field as backup stepping into an offense that is a well oiled machine rife with weapons does not make you a the man on that field.

  28. This is why Miami only offered Matt Flynn backup money. They had inside information–of the legal verity–and used it. Seattle should have known if Miami didn’t want him that bad…there was probably a reason. He blew up ONE GAME vs the worst secondary in football (at the time).

    Wilson is, however, too short. He will be great, for stretches, but he’s not going to be an elite NFL QB. Sorry. He’s 5’10”, not even 6’0″ (which is already red flag short). Not gonna happen, sorry. Good kid, above average mind, great college QB.

    Ask Kellen Moore how that feels.

    Either way, Pete Carroll’s comments and Ryan Tannehill looking like a boss in the first OTA…sure making Miami fans feel better about life.

  29. Why wouldn’t you allow Wilson to compete for the job. Unless you have an established starter that your happy with, every position, should be open competition.

    Russell Wilson has every quality you want in a QB except for height. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him win the job and keep it for the next 10 years.

  30. This is just classic Pete being Pete. He recognized Wilson with some tools and threw him in the mix. The starting gig will be contested between Flynn and Tarvaris and the one who doesn’t get the nod will be the backup. My guess is that Tarvaris will make his usual leap in progression and will edge out Flynn for No. 1 on the depth chart. In any event, I believe Tarvaris and Flynn will both play major roles in getting the Hawks back into the playoffs.

  31. If he’s just waiting for Barkley next year, signing Flynn, drafting Wilson, and creating a qb controversy is flat out stupid.

  32. I think barring any injuries opening day will be Flynn #1, Wilson #2 and Porits #3. Carroll likes his young, hungry guys and he’s not afraid to put them on the field. They drink the kool aid better than the cranky vets. 🙂

  33. Hawks are built on Defense and offense runs through Marshawn Lynch. Qb has to just make the occasional play, but it looks like they need classic game manager type.

  34. Why are coaches so eagered to get these young guys on the field when its clearly that they need time to develop. The nfl has had so many bust in recent years because rookie QBs are expected to start right away and succeed in the first year. Let them sit for a few years to learn the speed of the game and work on their flaws in practice to feel comfortable and confident for when that time comes for them to play a real game.

  35. To add to my post, IMO, only possibly three QBs from 2012 draft class are ready to be starters right away, Luck, RG3 and possible Weeden, the others are a developing project for a few years or longer

  36. Isn’t Pete Carroll the same guy that traded for Charlie Whitehurst? Let’s get real Seattle. You aren’t winning anything this year or next year or the year after that. Russel Wilson will get a chance to start if it turns out he’s the next Dan Marino. Short of that (pun intended), he’s the next Charlie Batch if he’s lucky. He’ll be the Steelers backup in 4-5 years.

  37. damon089 says:
    May 13, 2012 6:18 PM
    Then what was the point of signing Flynn?


    To compete for the starting job. Not to be handed the starting job. Flynn was guaranteed nothing when he signed with Seattle and he knows this. He earns it or he backs up someone.

  38. Gotta go with T-Jack, like it or not Seattle fans, he’s better than you think he is. Flynn is the next Kolb and Russell who? Jackson is your man, so give him some love

  39. Russell has a BIG chip on his shoulder by direct comparison to Drew Brees. Get out of the way i see a freight train coming !!! Awesome.

  40. Anybody who compares Russell Wilson to Kellen Moore has watched ZERO tape of both of them throwing the football. Or running with it, for that matter.

    Flynn is a $26 million QB only if he pans out. If he doesn’t, he’ll be gone before he earns that money. The key figure in football deals is the guaranteed part of the contact. That’s $10m, in Flynn’s case. A $10 million mistake is much different from a $26 million one.

  41. The people saying PC is a “rah rah” NFL coach and Matt Barkley in 2013; stop it. You’re killing me. Hilarious.

  42. qdog112 says: May 13, 2012 6:12 PM

    Call him what you want, he’s got arguably the best QB in the draft and Wilson will not be denied.

  43. Matt Flynn is doing his best Gob from “Arrested Development” impression.

    “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

  44. Regardless of what one thinks of Flynn or Wilson right now, at least there’s SOME buzz going on about the situation. We wouldn’t be hearing a THING about a battle between T Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst.

  45. T Jack was brought in last season because of familiarity of Bevell’s offense in a shortened offseason. Now that we know what we got from T Jack, it’s time to move on… Flynn will be the starter, with Wilson waiting. T Jack will be traded or released before training camp.

  46. I watched every game Wilson played, and Flynn’s 2 NFL games for that matter. I love Flynn, but there’s no way he’ll beat out Wilson in the long run. Wilson has potential to be one of the best 5’10” quarterbacks ever. If you guys can get TJack to play receiver then you’ll really be set! Sincerely, Wisconsin fan.

  47. From all the comments I’ve read from you joetoronto or joey t. I would say that Mr Carroll has left you quite scorned. You probably get alerts sent to your phone when PFT puts a story out about the Hawks just so you can let all of us know how “clever and funny” you are.

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