USFL will return next March

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On April 1, we told you that the USFL is back.  We then told you that, no, it’s not an April Fool’s Day gag.

The four-letter football league recently announced that it will return to action next March, with eight teams and a 14-game season.

Hall of Famer Fred Biletnikoff will consult on football operations, according to the Associated Press.

It’s not a revival of the prior league, per se.  The name has been purchased and it’s a new operation, with the league itself employing the coaches and the players — and with no effort to compete with the NFL.  Instead, the goal is to provide a complementary, developmental, offseason alternative.

And it could work.  If it does, however, an enterprising lawyer or two may file a concussion lawsuit on behalf of those who played in the original version of the league.

17 responses to “USFL will return next March

  1. The same cry baby league where a football player gets drafted to a crappy team & decides he doesn’t want to play there so he goes to the USFL until a good playoff team wants him?

  2. TV shows and movies use old USFL footage because they don’t have to pay a non-existent league for the rights to do so. So does the return of the USFL mean that they can’t do that anymore?

    I suppose directors can just start using UFL footage instead.

  3. How many times have we heard “no compete with, compliment to, developmental league” ?

    Where are they all now?

    Why should I care about the USFL until it proves it will be here for more than two years?

  4. “And it could work. If it does, however, an enterprising lawyer or two may file a concussion lawsuit on behalf of those who played in the original version of the league.”

    And get what? That $3.76 check back from years ago. Can they at least bring back the Tampa Bay Bandits??

  5. At least Cleveland and Jacksonville now have a league to compete in. ButI forget the USFL bring back the XFL go Vinnie Mac

  6. If the chuckleheads at the UFL had heeded everyones advice and played football in the spring (1) I’d be watching football right now instead of surfing the internet in my boxers and (2) USFL2.0 would likely never happen. Why would the UFL play in the fall and compete against the NFL, NCAA and high school? Makes no sense. Anyway, looking forward to the new USFL … as an avid football fan I am dying for a spring league.

  7. For this to work they need do a couple of things for sure.

    1. Don’t compete against the NFL.
    2. If they’re playing in the summer then they need to play games any day monday-thursday, starting games around 8 pm or 9 at the latest.
    3. Televise on network TV.

    Nobody is going to spend a saturday or sunday afternoon during the summertime to watch developmental football unless it’s a rainy day. They might go to the stadium to watch but you would have to a really boring life to sit at home on a sunny summer day to watch developmental football. Plus there aren’t as many new shows being run over the summertime so the league would be competing against re-runs. So summertime is a great time for a league as long as they play the games at night during the weekdays.

    The XFL made many mistakes, but their biggest one was trying to tell everyone that they were better than the NFL.

    The USFL tried to compete directly with the NFL.

    The World League tried playing on the weekends in the summer time in the middle of the day.

    The UFL played during the NFL period which made people care about it less, plus it was on stations that many don’t get.

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