Witten says Cowboys are “realists” about their window closing

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Cowboys tight end Jason Witten just turned 30, and that’s an age when NFL players start to think about how much time they have left. In Witten’s case, he says he’s realistic enough to know that if he’s going to win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys, he can’t be patient.

“You try not to think about the window,” Witten told the Dallas Morning News. “But obviously, we’re realists. We understand where it’s at. I feel great and we’re playing great. But it’s about now. I think that’s how this whole organization thinks, from owner to head coach to veteran players to rookie players. That’s the way this league works.”

Witten said he was crushed by the Cowboys’ season-ending loss to the Giants.

“It crushes you,” he said. “You don’t need a loss like that to motivate you. That’s for sure. Every year you’re more and more motivated. You realize that time is now for a lot of key players. You need to take advantage of that. But, hey, give them credit. They made the plays they needed to make and got in the playoffs and went on a run. For us, we need to learn from that and not feel sorry for ourselves from that standpoint but allow that to be a game-changer for us to realize that every minute matters and you can’t let an opportunity like that slip.”

The current nucleus of players on the Cowboys have to know that they can’t let many more opportunities like that slip.

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  1. I really doubted there was ever a window opened for the boys. They are in a division where a team named NY Giants play. Not to mention about the Eagles as well. If you go beyond, they have the Packers and the Saints (Discount this year) and if you go even beyond they have the Patriots, the Steelers, Ravens etc. Cowboys are not in those category of teams yet than these days yet. They find way to loose, if Romo performs their Defense lets them down and if WRs perform, Romo throws interception in the fourth Qtr with a lead. There are so many things that are going wrong against them.

  2. Window closing?

    The Cowboy’s window hasn’t been open since the mid 90’s.

    One playoff win since 1996 doesn’t typically suggest a run of success that’s coming to an end.

  3. These clowns should try winning a playoff game before they talk about having a window to win a Super Bowl. Sheesh. Maybe all that talking is what makes them the most unclutch team in the NFL.

  4. I don’t think anyone outside of Dallas really thinks they have a chance to win a SB with the current cast of characters on that team. I feel for Witten, but Romo isn’t going to bring him a championship.

  5. Window? What “window”?

    Your team is only 3rd best in its division!
    There is no window. These teams in NFC are bettet than cowgirls:

    Further, you are an average non-playoff team that typically chokes in bigger games. Your talent level is way below what is advertised. Without overhaul/rebuild, you currently have zero chance to go to super bowl?
    “Window? Window? What window?”

  6. Dallas has as much talent as anyone in the NFL. They just don’t have the right pieces in the right places. They need a new general manager. As long as that general manager talks into the head coaches’ ear during a game you have no head coach.

  7. The Cardinals and Saints have more playoff wins in last 16 years than Dallas does in that time and the Lions have the same amount! The window was never opened!

  8. Their SB chances exist only in the consistent overrating they get from the “experts” who are in love with them and the over publicity and love they receive from the NFL.. I remember Troy Aikman saying a couple years ago that Miles Austin was the best receiver in the NFL…Somebody better break it to Witten that the window is nailed shut.

  9. It’s the media’s window, fellas, not anything tangible.

    The Chargers have the same one.

  10. …and again, coming out of the shoot, will be analyst saying they are going to be the top dog in division. I live in Dallas and cannot stand the cowpokes…a lot of that is because of their fans (they are close-minded). Let’s be real (and they won’t), that trade with the Vikings, for Hershel, doesn’t happen, then they have 2 total Super Bowl wins, and not one in the ’90s. I will get a lot of thumbs down on this, because cowpoke fans won’t admit that.

  11. Im a Giants fan but I gotta say Witten is the perfect role model all around. Performs amazing, was never a loudmouth and displays realism on and off the field. A+

  12. “I feel great and we’re playing great.” Well, if 8-8 is considered great, the Cowboys have been SB Champions for the past 10 years in a row. Though I am a Cowboys fan, since ’76, I am a realist. I think that Dallas should have traded Witten a couple of years ago. This past year, vs. the Jets, being pushed out of bounds by a 185lb. Leonard was ridiculous – angle or no angle. It seems like he puts his head down a lot, runs out of bounds, and goes down fairly easily (aside from his helmet-less run). I also think Romo depends on him too much and Witten was a huge part of getting TO, who was good, released from the team. With a tough schedule this year and blowing multiple chances last year, I can’t see the Cowboys winning a SB anytime soon.

  13. Witten says Cowboys are “realists” about their window closing
    The window got bricked shut years ago.

  14. Witten you are good guy and an above average player but you lost four of the last five games and that qualifies as “we’re playing great”.

    The longer Jerruh owns this team, the more I hate them!

  15. As a Giants fan, I’ve always admired Witten, great player but always seems to have his more quiet, lackluster games against the Giants more than any other team.

    Then I realised why…Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre Paul, Osi Umenyiora and Mathias Kiwanuka and the ‘Boys Oline has been bad for some time and those guys above need to be chipped by the tight end, ALOT.

  16. It amazes me how many Cowboy haters there are out there, and how some fans put more energy into hating other teams than following their own team.

  17. I don’t dis-like Dallas. But I feel Romo isn’t the one to bring them a Superbowl appearance. Sanchez with the Jets is in the same boat as Romo.

    Teams with a Brees, Brady, Rodgers or one of the Mannings and a few others have a window in front of them, others unfortunetly don’t. It is what it is.

  18. He has a point their window is closing. We’re not just talking about winning a playoff game here and there anymore. Win the whole thing and don’t look back anymore.

  19. He should enjoy their window of being better than the Skins. Because that window will be closing very soon, not just for the cowgirls but for the entire NFC East. Enjoy your windows guys because RG3 is now in the building!

  20. Say what? Cowboys window hasn’t been opened in the slighest for so, so many years. Last time the got halfway close was in 2007 and Giants stopped them as they went on to win the Super Bowl. But that is 5 years ago, Giants at least as good as then if not better BUT Cowboys still have Romo. Their defwense has been porous for years. Don’t know what window they’re talking about.

  21. “Let’s be real (and they won’t), that trade with the Vikings, for Hershel, doesn’t happen, then they have 2 total Super Bowl wins, and not one in the ’90s. I will get a lot of thumbs down on this, because cowpoke fans won’t admit that.”

    Maybe we won’t admit it because it isn’t true. Before the trade, Dallas already had Aikman, Irvin, Moose, Nate Newton, Mark Stepnoski, Ken Norton Jr, Kevin Gogan, Tony Tolbert and Jack Del Rio, all of whom made at least one Pro Bowl. The trade had nothing to do with getting Larry Allen, Erik Williams, Leon Lett, Charles Haley or Deion Sanders. Plus the team would have still had a pretty good player in Herschel.

    The team would have had the pieces to be serious Super Bowl contenders even without the trade. The trade just made it a dynasty.

    Besides, it’s irrelevant anyway. The trade DID happen. Deal with it.

  22. Ok they had no window right and the NFC East has been dominated by one team. Interesting… The funny thing is that the Cowboys still have 90% more Super Bowls than the rest of the NFL. So I guess that the Philthy Eagles have been living in a basement with their empty trophy case..

  23. Need to win a playoff game first Jason, or wait you need to make the playoffs first before you even think about a super bowl. Been a cowboys fan for a long time and the way you guys play………I don’t see that happening unless u guys start playing as a core, especially that overrated D. Now lets get the damn job done and quit blowing 4th qtr leads. I was in the 6th grade last time this organization was at the big game, I’m 29 now, hell my window is closing. Lets do it cause I’m sick of being let down year after year….

  24. hey im a cowboy fan since 71, but they need to realize that jerry cant bullsh!t his way to winning the super bowl. you have to have a hungry team that plays with heart. too much over hype for these prima-donnas

  25. The Cowboys definitely have a talented enough team to win a superbowl if they can get their D straight. There’s talent everywhere on both sides of the ball excluding the secondary. It’ll be interesting to see if Claiborne can make any sort of a difference. If this team could play together as a team rather than individuals, it would be a scary, scary team week in and week out.

  26. I think he was refering to his window of opportunity to still play and a few others on the team in the same boat.

    Yes, they came in 3rd last year, but at least they earned that. The Eagles backed into 2nd place. In the grand scheme of things it actually helps out the schedule this year!

  27. Great to know they’re “playing great” in May. Someone should tell Witten that in order to win that elusive Super Bowl, the same thing the Giants have won 2 of in 4 years, your team needs to “play great” from August through February. Just ask the Jets & Redskins what great work during meaningless offseason months equates to.

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