Buccaneers sign two former Mountaineers

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The Buccaneers took two West Virginia University products in last month’s draft and they announced Monday that both of them are no under contract.

Linebacker Najee Goode, a fifth-round pick, and cornerback Keith Tandy, a sixth-round pick, both signed their four-year contracts with the team. Both players are very familiar to coach Greg Schiano after facing Rutgers throughout their careers at West Virginia.

Goode, who led West Virginia in tackles in 2011 after starting his career as a walk on, played all three linebacker spots for the Bucs at the rookie minicamp. He’s a strong tackler against the run, something that might ticket him for a spot in the middle. For now, he’ll be a backup and special teams player.

There’s been some talk about Tandy shifting over to play safety, a spot which would probably lead to quicker playing time in the regular defense. The Bucs need depth in both spots, though, so Tandy’s ability to play both should help his quest to carve out a role beyond special teams this season.

With their contracts done, Tampa now has three draft picks left to sign to finish up the entire draft class.

7 responses to “Buccaneers sign two former Mountaineers

  1. good for the bucs, at least they knew what talented west virginia players to go after, unlike the seacawks who picked a first round bust at defensive end!!

  2. What is this “University of West Virginia”?? I don’t think such a place exists. Now West Virginia University…that’s an actual school.

  3. Didn’t Tanard Jackon have a sensational rookie year at safety after playing corner in college? Hopefully more of the same is coming only without the drug suspensions and lack of drive to improve.

  4. What school did Jerry Rice, Brett Farve,ect go to it doesnt matter whats school they play for. Russell is a bust cause he played for LSU. Its the player not their alumi. You Got to be better then that

  5. I’d like to see mason foster on the weak or strong side and be more comfortable. I can see them putting one of our new rookies to take the middle and make the best defense possible. We’re gonna have depth and that’s the biggest thing of all. Tandy At safety would be great too.. If he can play both corner and safety, we’re golden! Don’t wanna speak to soon but I feel like maybe a guy or 2 more and we got ourselves a decent squad this year.

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