Chris Williams could be moving back to tackle

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When the Bears made Chris Williams the 14th overall pick of the 2008 Draft, they were looking for a starting tackle.

Williams became one, but after an injury in 2010 they moved him to left guard where he started until injuring his wrist last season. Williams may be getting another shot at his initial goal, however.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Williams could be moving back to tackle this offseason. He’s worked at both positions during workouts and the team has a pretty big need at tackle right now. Gabe Carimi is still recovering from knee surgery, which means the only tackles available right now are J’Marcus Webb and undrafted free agents. The Bears are much deeper at guard with Lance Louis, Chilo Rachal, Edwin Williams and Chris Spencer all able to play the position.

If Williams did make the move, he could push Webb for the starting job on the outside. Williams has made only seven starts at the position, but Webb hasn’t been consistent enough to rule out another shot for the former first-rounder.

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  1. Sad how cursed that team is on the o-line. They invested picks and got what seemed like value. I cant believe they are still in such bad shape.

  2. not cursed @kenowest, they are just dumb. Never should have moved him in the first place. He was going to learn behind Orlando Pace and that failed cause he had nothing left.

  3. @digital, it wasnt a stupid choice to move him there. If they didn’t, then the o-line would’ve struggled even more than they did (martz’s 7 step dropbacks contributed to this more than a lack of talent on the line btw). The only reason he was moved in the first place was to patch up the holes the interior o-line had left due to injuries. They’ve always had the intent of moving him back..

    ..good job by front office in drafting such a versatile o-lineman

  4. Carimi is still recovering? Didn’t that injury happen at the beginning of the season? Unless there’s something unknown, I have a hard time believing he won’t be a starting tackle.

  5. digital muscles says:
    May 14, 2012 3:06 PM
    not cursed @kenowest, they are just dumb. Never should have moved him in the first place. He was going to learn behind Orlando Pace and that failed cause he had nothing left.


    You just said, “learn behind Orlando Pace”. I’ll take your “not cursed, they are just dumb” assessment with a grain of salt.

  6. i loved the pick still do, but he was going to be left tackle we could hang our hats on…he dominated Jared Allen in his only start against him at LT and we have had the revolving door ever since.

  7. Everyone wants to get SEC players but Chicago has got to be the only NFL team shopping at the SEC’s bargain basement store in Nashville. What did Vanderbilt win when Cutler, Bennett, Williams, etc. where all together down there?

  8. anybody here an actual Bears fan? Williams is slow on his feet, gets beat all the time, and not only that but he had a back injury when they drafted him… Id rather see Webb progress….even though that looks unlikely….. still pissed they passed on Decastro in the draft. Mclellan better damn well be the next Clay Mathews….. but on the D line

  9. Carimi actually had another surgery towards the end of last season. I’m sure he’ll be fully recovered before the new season begins.

    Our O-Line didn’t do as “horrid” towards the end of last season, and that’s with Chris Williams & Gabe Carimi being out.

    I expect them to be at least decent and not historically bad.

  10. The draft was simple. Since our defence will be out there on the field 80% of the game you might was well have fresh legs at all times.

    Tice shouldn’t worry about playing time for Hester, he needs to figure out how many to stack in the box to make sure Cutler lives to see the end of his contract.

  11. Ok, fellas, I’m giving both Webb and Williams this year to show us what they got, if not, then they got to go. It shouldn’t take this long for either one of these two guys to get acclimated and really start playing like they should…this is ridiculous.

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