Jamaal Jackson now says he’s not retired

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Free agent center Jamaal Jackson gave coach Tom Coughlin the strong impression that he would retire following last weekend’s unsuccessful tryout at Giants rookie minicamp.

Either Jackson misspoke or Coughlin misheard, however, because the onetime Eagles starter isn’t ready to call it quits, officially, just yet.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, so it’s kind of funny to keep hearing that I decided to retire,” Jackson, 32, told Reuben Frank of CSN Philly. “… The truth is I don’t know. I haven’t filed any papers. I haven’t made the decision, and I won’t until the summer.

I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.”

So if a team needs a center, they might want to call Jackson.

9 responses to “Jamaal Jackson now says he’s not retired

  1. Jackson needs to be applauded for faking a retirement just so he don’t have to become a Giant . You New Yorkers might be the champs (for now) , but the Eagles fans & players will always hate you … Enjoy spending 2012 behind Philly in the standings , it’s the Eagles year !

  2. And u sound dumb jack….why would we be jealous of some bums….please do something in the playoffs one of these years….yall suck until you do….its funny how my team wins the SB and then Eagles fans disrespect a real teams accomplishments….

  3. Jack, Eagles fans, or better yet, the EMPTY TROPHY CASE CLAN, say that every year, and every year the Eagles come up short. Giants 4 Eagles 0…do yourself a favor and shut your piehole until you produce some hardware…you’re embarrassing yourself.

  4. Until the eagles get a real coach and a real quarterback, the will never win the big game….when was the last time Mike Vick won a playoff game?….lol

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