Jeremy Bates: Jay Cutler is very athletic, Bears will use his feet

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New Bears quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates has known Jay Cutler for years, and he says there’s a lot more to like about Cutler than his arm.

Bates, who was an offensive assistant in Denver during Cutler’s three seasons with the Broncos, told reporters on Sunday that one of the priorities in Chicago’s offense this season will be to take advantage of Cutler’s gifts as an athlete and make defenses account for the way Cutler can move.

In my opinion, Jay is very athletic,” Bates said, via the Chicago Tribune. “He was a great shortstop in high school. If you go back and watch the Vanderbilt tape, he was running all around the field making plays. We’re going to use his feet. He’s athletic, he can throw on the run, he can see down the field on the run. We’re going to try to find everybody’s strengths and use them to our advantage.”

The biggest concern about the Bears’ offense is whether the line can protect Cutler well enough that he isn’t forced to use his feet to avoid the pass rush every time he drops back. Bates envisions the Bears having an offense in which Cutler is using his feet because he wants to, not because he has to.

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  1. Cutler will avoid some of those unnecessary hits because I HOPE Mike Tice will allow him to audible whereas Martz didn’t. I couldn’t imagine knowing that you are going to get hit, probably pretty hard, and you can’t do anything to stop it. Thanks Mike Martz and for all your infinite wisdom.

  2. The Bears will be fine, Cutler will be fine as will the offensive line. The offense will be run to help Cutler exceed with his abilities including the ability to read the defense and change the plays when necessary. No more 35 step drops looking downfield to no receivers will definitely help also.

  3. Jay Cutler has every tangible stat you could want in a Quarterback. The guy played Safety for gosh sakes! Yet his problems stem from intangibles.

    Let’s hope we aren’t always talking about how great he could have been. He is only an attitude adjustment away from being something special.

  4. Agreed. He’s not Mike Vick or Cam Newton, but he can move better than most QBs in the league. And with his arm strength, he doesn’t have to be perfectly set in the pocket to get serious zip on a pass.

    Looking forward to seeing what a non-Martz offense can do with the talent we have now.

  5. Cutler showed last season that he could move around. He was running for his life back there. Now he’s got some help at WR and if the Bears would just sign Forte…geez. That guy is good.

  6. Every year both the Bears and Jay Cutler are a popular pick. Those who speak out against either of them (especially Cutler) are mocked and downvoted.

    I’m speaking out against both of them.

    I hate to be the one to break this to everyone, but Jay Cutler is this generations Jeff George:

    Big arm, terrible attitude, not a winner.

    Downvote that.

  7. Well i certainly hope that suh doesnt get another 15 yard penalty for pushing cutler down when he’s using his feet and running around.

    That was idiotic.

  8. Cutler will be fine in this offense now that Martz is gone. Very few QB’s in the league would still be able to walk at the end of the year in the Martz system.
    How many QB’s have to look at a 7 man rush and know you still have to drop back and pass. Because there is no audibles allowed . One of the stupidest systems ever.

  9. Man all the Mike martz hate is funny. It sounds just like detroit fans did when we let him go after winning seven games and having the great john kitna throw for 4k yards. Next year we went 0-16. Not saying the bears will come close to being that bad just saying be careful what you wish for…

  10. Cutler has a very good chance of another Pro Bowl caliber year, especially Marshall and Jeffery. However, its going to be a tough NFC North rivalry.

  11. Sorry Bears fans- I agree with the Jeff George comparison. Cutler has intangibles like Trent Dilfer had ability. However impressive he may be at times, he’s always going to find a way to blow it.

  12. Hey mrplow, did you ever consider you’re getting downvoted because you are making dumb comments?

    If you take the time to compare stats and achievements you’d see Cutler has clearly already done more than Jeff George. That aside, if you actually watched his games last year, particularly in November leading up to his injury, you would know that he made several plays with his feet and head as well as with his arm.

    I’m not going to oversell him and call the guy elite, but he is definitely a 2nd tier QB in today’s game. Top tier is Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Manning(probably both). I’m not listing these in any order, but these guys are just clearly head and shoulders ahead of the competition. Rivers, Stafford, and Vick might be top tier in some peoples book, but pretty much all other QBs are clearly a step down.

    Cutler is on par, if not better, with those runner up guys like Vick (overrated), Cassel, Ryan, Roethlisberger, Romo, Smith, Schaub, potentially Dalton & Newton, etc. Anyone putting him higher or lower than that group probably is probably biased or not an educated fan.

    One more thing you’re wrong about: the popular outcry on these boards is to hate on Cutler and rag on the Bears o-line and receivers. Doesn’t seem to be possible with receivers this year, but I’m sure there will be consistent hating on the Bears offense until they start turning heads in the regular season. Then all you trolls will mysteriously disappear from the message boards until the Bears next loss.

    Mr plow is a loser, and I think he is a boozer.

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