McNabb dropping weight in comeback attempt

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Free agent quarterback Donovan McNabb’s physical fitness was an issue in Washington during the 2010 season, and with Minnesota in 2011. Shortly after the Vikings waived him last December, Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 Twin Cities reported that McNabb “was out of shape when he showed up” to Minnesota, and “fell even more out of shape once he got benched.”

After two years of lackluster work ethic, McNabb is now taking fitness seriously as he attempts to return to the NFL. He’s currently training on sand and in the ocean with quarterbacks guru George Whitfield.

“I’m in great shape,” McNabb said on ESPN’s SportsCenter Monday. “I’m in great shape. I’ve dropped 15, 20 pounds.”

Though the weight loss obviously indicates that McNabb knows his conditioning was a problem, he still refuses to openly admit it.

“It’s not really about that,” McNabb insisted. “Because for me, people may have seen how strong I look. And they kind of equated that to ‘he may be out of shape,’ or whatever. But now that I’m lighter, people now all of a sudden say ‘well oh, now he’s in shape.’

“I’ve been in shape.”

Whitfield noticed on game tape that McNabb had gotten into the habit of “over-rotating,” and the two are working to fix his mechanics.

“A lot of it comes from playing baseball,” McNabb claimed. “A lot of it comes from coaches who tell you to follow through, and a lot of the follow-through is more following through, through your receiver. And we kind of focused in and pulled back on some of that.”

ESPN asked McNabb whether he’s got a wishlist of teams he wants to play for.

“I have a list,” McNabb replied. “A full list, of 32.”

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  1. Well, that’s a start… but if he could erase everyone’s memory of his attitude/comments over the past two years, that’d go further. Another great use for one of those Men in Black flashy things.

  2. Come on ESPN ask him a real question like,

    “Would you be open to returning in a backup type roll?”

    That is where his value is at this point. I want to know what he would say to that.

  3. he can still play,

    he is still athletic,

    he still has an arm,

    he is a smart QB,

    he has experience,

    his attitude f’n sucks though.

    thats it, fix the ‘tude , and he’ll be starting next year,

    he’s still better then some of these unproven no-name young QBs,

    minney was a disaster for alotta reasons including him,

  4. Thank god he got away from Shanahan. Apparently Shanahan forced him to eat Snickers. It’s his fault DMac put the weight on in the first place.

  5. Well now that he is dropping weight I’m sure the offers will start flooding in. Too bad he can’t drop those last couple of seasons too. That would help more!

  6. It’s always sad when these guys can’t face the reality of the end of their careers.

    The only job McFlab should be hired for is groundskeeper!

  7. “A lot of it comes from playing baseball,” McNabb claimed. “A lot of it comes from coaches who tell you to follow through, and a lot of the follow-through is more following through, through your receiver. And we kind of focused in and pulled back on some of that.”

    What? Has he been playing baseball for the last 14 years? So now he isn’t going to follow through on his throws? Seems like you need to follow through or your throws will come up short. What?

  8. Denial is not just a river in Egypt brother. For crying out loud, Beck and Painter got looks before you. Come begin your wrestling career, brother.

  9. Please just retire…..this is sad to hear. You blamed everyone else the last two seasons saying that they ruined you, but never stopped to think that your team (Eagles) traded you to a Division Rival (Redskins). This usually means that they saw that you were done. We now need you to realize it as well

  10. So it takes him getting run out of the league for being lazy, and fat, to realize that the older you are in the league, the harder you have to work in the off season to keep up with the young ones? Does he puke on the sand?

  11. Does he ever take responsibility for anything?

    (ie: it’s cause im strong that i look out of shape, it’s from playing baseball that my mechanics suck, the coaches didn’t use me right)

  12. A lot of it comes from baseball ???

    Is this a rookie named McNabb or the one and only. How could he not know how to follow through throwing a football. I mean someone has to tell him at this stage of his career.

  13. McNabb’s best bet would be to forget about starting somewhere week 1 and just jump on board in Chicago, his hometown. He would have the comfort of friends and family nearby, a familiar environment, and Cutler does have an affinity for getting injured…

  14. If you’re in shape, why are you dropping weight?

    And I thought nothing was wrong with his mechanics, so why are they fixing them?

    I hope he comes back and still stinks.

  15. ESPN asked McNabb whether he’s got a wishlist of teams he wants to play for.

    “I have a list,” McNabb replied. “A full list, of 32.”

    so do i & just about everybody who enters this website, its time to get a real job, & start talking the good ole days al bundy polk high stories like the rest of us D!!!!!!

  16. Someone should tell this guy he could do himself a huge favor by just manning up and taking some blame, just once.

  17. Who are these people he keeps referring to? Highly the opposite, I never thought he was strong and I still think he is out of shape. The media should stop listening to him, the dude clearly has a mental illness.

  18. Go ahead and take these teams of your list of 32 Donovan….Washington Dallas Philly Giants Ravens Steelers Browns Bengals Patriots Dolphins Jets Bills Chargers Raoders Chiefs Broncos Colts Jags Texans Cards San FRan Seahawks Rams……wait take em ALL off….go to the CFL!!!!!!!

  19. That’s funny; Philadelphia, Washington & Minnesota also dropped weight when they dumped McFlabb.

  20. Why are the Vikings and Washington tagged in this story?

    McNabb will never play in the NFL again. As if there isn’t enough tape of him bouncing balls off the turf to justify retirement.

  21. Hey, hey, CAREFUL now.

    It’s racist to suggest McNabb is out-of-shape.

    Awaiting thunderous condemnation from John Feinstein and Michal Wilbon in 3, 2, 1 . . .

  22. Obviously he has a better chance of coming back to the NFL than he does of being any type of analyst or announcer whatsoever after his First Take appearances….Not saying it’s a good chance, just better than TV analyst.

  23. He’s dropping weight like he drops footballs. At least he’ll be in shape for the start of his retirement in 4 months.

  24. Over the past 2 years or more, McNabb has been more con-man than quarterback. He is much more skilled now at drawing up plays that have gullible owners throwing money at him, rather than Donovan having any actually ability to successfully complete a play on the field.

  25. It is time the NFL starts to help McNabb pursue other career interests, send him to 8 years of college, full scholarship and pay for his healthcare during that time.

    After all, isn’t that what the NFL should do? Isn’t that the right thing to do? :P~~~

  26. Honest self-assessment and Donovan McNabb are like oil and water. It’s not that they don’t mix, it’s that they have a deep aversion for each other.
    Luckily for 5, his life does not depend on his “mind”. He would have been gone long ago.

  27. Please keep posting these stories of McNabb’s pathetic “comeback” attempts. After watching him phone it in for the Vikings, play a big part in the team’s miserable start, and accepting no responsibility for it, I have nothing but contempt for this guy.

  28. After watching the Denver Chicago game last year.. i can see Dnabb getting a shot.. Also.. Kansas City.. that joker they rolled out their. he’s not even worth googling his name.. He was so bad i watched gamblers in Vegas laughing during the KC Pats game..

    one more shot.. several teams could consider strings attached..

  29. I wonder if people still think Owens was lying when he said McNabb was out breath in their Super Bowl 4th quarter drive.

  30. There’s nothing more embarrassing than an old, washed up football player that doesn’t know when to quit.
    I sincerely hope that my local favorite QB (from Foxboro, MA) doesn’t go this route when his time comes.

  31. Maybe he should use those brain teasers so he can remember the play book.

  32. Oh, I think some team will bring him as a veteran backup. Or a “camp arm” if nothing else. (Jacksonville? Indy?)

    Whoever said Chicago? No. No way. After Cutler, Chicago has Campbell, McCown, Enderle (2nd year Martz protege) and a least a couple undrafted free agent QBs. At this point, I’d be surprised if McNabb could outplay McCown to make it as a 3rd string QB on this team.

  33. Rush Limbaugh was right all along on both counts. First, McNabb is not a great QB. And second, the mainstream media was not allowed to criticize him because he was the NFL’s “token” black QB. Now, that there are more legitimate black QB’s in the league, Vick, Newton, Freeman, etc, the McNabb critics are free to fire away openly.

  34. I am having trouble reconciling this story against the concussion lawsuit. There is or is not an inherent danger playing football? Or is it all ok now?

  35. No worries, he’ll have it back on before midway through the season as ususal and blaming someone else for it, no doubt – Mom’s Chunky soup.

  36. cali49er707 says:
    May 14, 2012 12:19 PM

    ESPN asked McNabb whether he’s got a wishlist of teams he wants to play for.

    “I have a list,” McNabb replied. “A full list, of 32.”

    so do i & just about everybody who enters this website, its time to get a real job, & start talking the good ole days al bundy polk high stories like the rest of us D!!!!!!
    ——————————————————————-May gowd strike me dead,

    Lowes has an opening for a delusional ex-NFL QB in the ” I’ll- BS- you- till- you-drop-dead department.

  37. Why couldn’t he have showed up to the Vikings like that instead of debuting with his 35 passing yd effort. Doesn’t that embarrass him?

    How about ending your career with the Vikings on a safety in which you didn’t even make the smallest effort to escape. You could have just fallen forward. His mom was so disgusted she walked out on the game.


  38. Training on the sand and in the ocean? With all of that fat, he better not cut himself while in the water. It will be a shark feeding frenzy within seconds.

  39. Nothing new here. Every preseason he’d work like mad to get in shape and by week six he’d look 20 lbs heavier. He slacks off as soon asthe season starts.

  40. I’m a life long Redskins fan. My co worker is a life long Eagle fan who has season tickets but lives in Maryland. He has told me for years, McNabb is not very good. He misses wide open receivers all the time. If it was not for Reid, their stout defense and Westbrook, he would have been out of the league a long time ago.

    When he came to DC, he was out of shape and arrogant. Not that the Shanny’s were any better. But if you are a true professional, you should be ready. He was terrible. Missed wide open guys all day. Threw at receivers feet all the time. And to the running back. Even though he was inline to break his season yardage record, he still wouldn’t be coached. (Wristband!)

    Throwing to the RB is not hard or very good. John Beck broke a team record throwing to Helu. This a team with Monk, Taylor, Clark…. on and on and on. Westbrook is the Hall of Famer there. Not McNabb.

    And don’t go on ESPN or NFL network anymore. You make Warren Sapp and Michael Irving look intelligent..

  41. Too bad 35 teams on his 32 team wish list have said no already, with Philly, Washington, and Minnesota adding a 2nd HELL NO for good measure.

    maybe he can get a job as groundskeeper to fix all the divots he put in various stadium fields over the past few years with all of his worm shots…

  42. I thinbk he should sign with the Jets. Then when that train wreck explodes maybe it will take him with it…..He McNabb, I hear that the USFL is hiring

  43. McNabb is simply attempting to con some team into signing him as a backup for a couple million a year, or keep his name in circulation if a QB goes down somewhere. But his game has nothing to do with his weight- it was lost for good many years ago.

  44. If there is something most of us can agree on it is that McNabb is a joke and is delusional. Not out of shape? Bad mechanics due to baseball? Shanahan is an overbearing a$$hat? Okay….he got that last one right. This dude needs to shut his piehole. Every time he speaks I cringe. Can he possibly be in THAT much denial? You’re inaccurate, out of shape, confused, entitled and arrogant. I can’t believe I’m about to write this….. T.O. Was RIGHT! Do you have any idea how much that hurt me to type?

  45. Training on sand and in the ocean, isn’t that what Whales do? Oh whale I guess he whale get a try out when they pay you in tons of herring! In the meantime whale keep a light on for ya you stupid delusional dunce!!!! He is the energizer bunny of hasbeens!

  46. Maybe he should just shut his mouth and some NFL team would sign smart is it to go telling everybody how great you are and are a 1st ballott hall of famer?He’s turned into an older version of TO.

  47. This was funny for a while, now it’s just getting depressing. Since they’re supposedly on good terms now, maybe T.O. will put in a good word for him with the other owners on his team…

  48. It is only a matter of time until Donovan is named as the lead plaintiff in a case against the NFL, because it is quite obvious that he was severely concussed throughout his NFL career.

  49. I figured he’d have to loose some lbs in order to get another shot. See what giving up those chicken wings will do for ya Donovan

  50. McNabb should know that if a QB gets hurt, he’ll be signed quickly, because most coaches will take their chances with an old, washed-up has-been before a rookie or 2nd year guy.

  51. Things have a way of changing. All it takes is an injury or someone under performs or something goofy happens and the next thing you know, this guy’s phone is ringing.

    He’s not done yet…….and he’ll certainly extend his career once he comes to the realization that he’s a back up now.

  52. The problem he had in Minnesota wasn’t that his throws were too short—the Vikings kept running patterns longer than 3 yards.

  53. 32 Teams????

    Does he really think Philly, Washington, Minnesota, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Carolina, Atlanta, SF, STL, SEA, would want him?….And THAT’S ONLY NFC Teams……13 out of 16 are an AUTOMATIC “NO”!!!

  54. McNabb lost 15 or 20 pounds lol. Now hes down to what, 295?

    The Pillsbury Doughboy will never play again.

  55. Seriously McFlabb, where was this “getting in shape” attempt in training camp last year??? Instead of mentioning whether or not you will be getting free meals while in Mankato, MN.

  56. This is the same guy who was calling timeouts because he was so fat and out of shape during a final 4th quarter drive to win a game so he could catch his breath. He dosent deserve another shot.

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