Missouri unveils Rams’ wish list, but Rams aren’t talking about it

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The Rams and the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission currently are engaged in a back-and-forth regarding upgrades that will be made to the Edward Jones Dome in order to persuade the Rams to not leave after the 2014.

The involvement of a public body makes the documents subject to open records laws, and so on Monday the Missouri Attorney General opened up the records.  The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has the details, which include an “operable roof panel,” which is something other than a retractable roof.  (Apparently, it’s a device for allowing more natural light into the covered venue.)  The Rams also want the stadium to have the capacity to expand its capacity, in the apparent hopes of luring a Super Bowl to St. Louis.

The laundry list omits cost estimates, and makes no mention of the team’s contribution, if any, to the various upgrades.

For now, the team is contributing nothing by way of comment.

“The Rams lease with the CVC requires that on March 1, 2015 the Edward Jones Dome and specified components of the stadium rank among the First Tier of NFL stadiums. First Tier is defined as among the Top 8 NFL stadiums,” team COO Kevin Demoff said in a statement released by the team.  “In accordance with the lease, the Rams submitted on April 30th the Rams 2012 Plans to bring the Edward Jones Dome up to the First Tier standard.  The First Tier process and procedure is confidential under the parties’ agreements.  The Rams will continue to respect those confidentiality obligations and will not comment on the Rams’ plans or the process we are following.”

Regardless of the team’s intentions, their coy, shrewd approach to the negotiations will do nothing to create a sense that the Rams plan to remain in St. Louis.  Instead, an objective observer easily could conclude that the Rams are laying the foundation for an eventual — and permanent — road trip.

25 responses to “Missouri unveils Rams’ wish list, but Rams aren’t talking about it

  1. So the Rams don’t want a restractable (ungodly expensive) roof and the ability to be an attractive site of a super bowl? Those bastards!

  2. Also, gold plated seats, toilets and urinals. Plus a bazillion luxury boxes and a sliding floor like AZ. Let’s not forget that the taxpayers should pay the bill and give the team and the league a rebate for gracing your town. This is becoming ridiculous. The only proper terms are extortion and exploitation. Cities are destroying themselves for the chance of a franchise or a SB. This is hetting out of hand.

  3. It’s amusing the way you and so many “observers” really think any team would want to move to LA under the current offer that would have any team paying for Farmers Field, a huge relocation fee and having to sell a majority of the team among other things. Kroenke ain’t gonna do it, he already has one of the best lease agreements and is doing fine in St. Louis. Equally amusing is the fact that anyone believes the NFL is so keen on having a team move there much less an expansion team. Heard Dan Deirdorf today say that back in the day when the Raiders were in LA and on every other MNF game he did 36 Raiders game in all and all were on the road because the network was afraid they would not sell out and the LA TV market would be blacked out. Good luck with your fantasy football dream.

  4. The NFL should be careful about the way franchises extort concessions from taxpayers in these stadium deals. The NBA has suffered from its ever changing ‘economic model’ that causes arenas to become outdated in less than ten years after major alterations (Seattle). A certain way to make sure the NFL becomes a studio game is to generate resentment from the fan base and particularly the smaller market teams. I don’t have a good answer but I do believe that the league is better served by stable franchises with a commitment to their local community.

    The fact is that not every team in the league can play in one of the top eight facilities unless there are no more than eight cities that host an NFL team. If St Louis agreed to the definition of ‘top tier’ to mean one of the eight best stadiums in the league then they were idiots. A better baseline would be based on minimal acceptable standards for all amenities.

  5. Clearly, if the city of St. Louis doesn’t agree to the Rams’ requests, it demonstrates that people there are not “true fans” and thus deserve to lose the team.
    If the team can obtain what it wants in another part of the country and leaves, it will surely be proof that St. Louis is a “terrible football town.” After all, it will then have “lost” two NFL franchises.

    Yes, I’m feeling a little trollish this morning.

  6. sj39 says: . . . Kroenke ain’t gonna do it, he already has one of the best lease agreements and is doing fine in St. Louis

    If he’s “doing fine” in St. Louis, why does he asking for $300m in improvements to the stadium?

  7. Accordingly the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission released the following statement:

    “The CVC and the people of St Louis require that on March 1, 2015 the St Lous Rams and specified components of the team rank among the First Tier of NFL teams. First Tier is defined as among the Top 8 NFL teams, if they do not reach this goal everyone that has attended a game in the preceeding 3 years will be allowed to kick team COO Kevin Demoff in the nuts.”

  8. As a Vikings fan it was always irritating to hear LA Vikings. I feel for you because the NFL is going to hold your team hostage and will release it to whoever pays its ransom/stadium demands.

    LA Rams does have a certain ring to it though.

  9. call me selfish, but I would like the Rams back where they belong > Los Angeles Rams…I still have trouble saying Saint Louis Rams (still remember Jim Hart and the Cardinals football teams)

    Saint Louis would then be able to have a fresh start with a whole new team name & logo…like:
    Saint Louis Vipers (snakes are indigenous to Saint Louis)

  10. @mikesvikes, You know, I read with great interest about the Vikings fans having their undies in a bunch when you were going through the wringer. I never read anyone from St. Louis ruminating about the LA Vikings. That was from the jealous left coast people and the many misanthropes on this list. Now, maybe it’s your turn to back us up. Remember how you didn’t like people who forgot where they came from so don’t become one of them. FWIW.

  11. I felt your pain St. Louis, I felt your pain. Screw LA. On the good side, you don’t play in a division with the Packers where their fans post “LA Vikings” every 3 minutes.

  12. csszrr says:
    May 14, 2012 2:05 PM
    The only proper terms are extortion and exploitation.
    So, anybody that chooses to leave after a lease runs out is extorting the other party? It seems to me that the Rams are merely excerising their rights under the original lease agreement. If the city of St. Louis didn’t do well in negotiating those terms, then the fault lies within the city, not the team.

  13. NoHomeTeam says: May 14, 2012 2:56 PM

    sj39 says: . . . Kroenke ain’t gonna do it, he already has one of the best lease agreements and is doing fine in St. Louis

    If he’s “doing fine” in St. Louis, why does he asking for $300m in improvements to the stadium?

    Because he can.

  14. @mikesvikes
    Hey Mike, I’m also Vikings fan, and I wouldn’t wish this stuff on any fan base. I hope no team leaves their city.

    If LA was such a great place for a franchise, the NFL would have given it an expansion team a long time ago. LA biggest value to the league is the ability for teams to use it as leverage in getting these new stadiums. The only thing that makes any sense is to move the Chargers to LA and call them the SC Chargers. San Diego is only an easy 2 hour drive, it just doesn’t make any sense to have two NFL teams in a region that has had a difficult time supporting one team.

  15. 300 million is no small change. If the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission agree to this upgrade, they should demand the team pony up some cash. They should also put the same provision in that since taxpayer money is going to pay for the stadium then blackouts to taxpayers are abolished.

    There is no other business model in the world where the customers are banned from using their services if there aren’t enough customers. The blackout rule is archaic and absolutely ridiculous.

  16. I’m pretty sure the rams are required to pay 50% of renovations. As a st. Louisan I tell you there’s 0 chance we ever get a super bowl. The stadium and city can’t handle it.

  17. All these teams, the Vikings, Rams, Jaguars, etc., can’t all move to LA. In fact, given the current financial state of California, it’s doubtful any of them will move there. These governments need to grow a pair of stones and just tell them if the NFL wants a venue they can pay for it themselves, its not like they don’t have the money.

  18. Why were the Jaguars even mentioned once again. Khan is putting millions of his own money into Everbank upgrades, new uniforms coming next season, & a lease until 2029.
    So Jaguars are staying in JACKSONVILLE !!!

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