Revis says Rex is taking a more hands-on role with Jets’ defense


Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis says that even though it’s early in the offseason, it’s already become apparent that head coach Rex Ryan is taking more of a hands-on role with the team’s defense than he did last year.

Revis told Brian Costello of the New York Post that Ryan “did fade off a little bit” last year, and that he’s glad to see Ryan more closely involved in the defense this year.

I don’t know the reason for it,” Revis said. “He’s a head coach. He has a lot on his plate. It’s a lot of pressure. It’s just something that maybe he thought he put more trust in the coaching staff and seeing that it kind of hurt us a little bit last year. Not to frown [on] any coaches or how they coach. It’s good to see your head coach being involved and maybe just putting his two cents in, just hearing his voice every now and then in the meeting room. I think it’s good.”

When stories came out at the end of the 2011 season that the Jets’ locker room was dysfunctional, Ryan acknowledged that he could have done a better job of staying on top of things. Revis said Ryan wasn’t aware of a lot of the problems within the locker room.

“Rex didn’t know some of the stuff that was going on,” Revis said. “He got wind of it at the tail end of the season. We tried to address it earlier through the players and it didn’t work. He was blind from it because he thought it was over. At the tail end all of this other stuff started coming out. I think that’s why he’s coming around more to be involved in what is going on and what everybody is doing and just talking to guys and making sure we’re sound as a team. . . . Toward the tail end [Ryan] said, ‘what’s going on?’ And everybody was like, ‘well, this is going on.’ He was like, ‘I didn’t even know.’ It’s like ‘well, it’s been going on for a number of weeks now. I don’t know how you can’t see it.’ It’s not him being ignorant to the situation . . . sometimes you might need somebody to come shake you up.”

This year, if things need to get shaken up, Ryan will be shaking things up himself.

32 responses to “Revis says Rex is taking a more hands-on role with Jets’ defense

  1. When you have a defensive mind of Rex’s caliber, it’s expected that he’d be more involved with the defense, even though he has to oversee the entire operation. Perhaps last season, he didn’t feel comfortable leaving Schottenheimer to his own devices. He seems to have more confidence in Sparano, which will free him to focus more on his own area of expertise.

  2. And I don’t know how a professional football player in New York can say things like this about his coach and not realize the media is going to blow this up. Just what they need more of in that locker room.

  3. As a Pats fan for punishment for shootin your big mouth off numerous times about our Hall Of Fame coach I pray you pull your overated hamstring 1 wk before the season starts

  4. What a joke. He WAS HIRED because of his being an excellent defensive coach with the Ravens and you could see him calling the defensive plays all year for the Jets. Now he’s sating he wasn’t that involved …what a crock. This just proves he’s a blow hard AND a liar.

    Sooo glad Bisciotti didn’t give this lardbucket the Raven job. And to think Rex was really miffed he didn’t get the Raven job. Its because you suck REXY…and are FAT…and LAZY.

  5. Too bad Jets don’t have enough leadership from a players standpoint. Revis is all about paychecks, not taking leadership of the defense.

    Sanchez needs to prove himself as a player before he tries to tell us again he is the leader of this team.

    As for anyone who brings up players the Jets let go, that are no longer playing in the league is just dumb(jones, woody, faneca). They need players who are leaders on the field and off.

  6. Of course he’s more hands on with the Defense. The Defense is the only positive aspect of the Jets team left to salvage at this point. If they play like they did last year, Rex will be coaching someone’s defense full time as a coordinator, but he won’t be a head coach again anytime soon.

  7. Being “hands on” last year while assigning team captains worked out well. Why wouldn’t this?

  8. Oh my God just shut up, Revis. Why are you even talking to the New York Post in the middle of the off-season when there’s no reason for a reporter to have access to a player? This isn’t what Rex meant when he said he wanted to see you stick your foot in your mouth.

    I ask myself what good can come from talking at this point, and the only thing I can think of is Woody Johnson must crave attention from the New York media to compete with the Giants in ticket sales. Revis is really the only respected member of the organization left to pimp out to the press, but that won’t last if he keeps making an idiot out of himself.

  9. i cannot even envsion a guy like tom coughlin “not knowing” about EVERYTHING….even the most insignificant bit of nonsense….regarding the giants.

    rex needs to stop worrying about his press conferences and worry instead on becoming a real head coach….maybe last year finally taught him that lesson.

  10. Ah, the Jets. Even the ways to make fun of them are boring to me. Foot joke, foot joke, holdout joke, injury joke, foot joke. Fat joke. Foot joke.

    Tebow joining the team makes this the perfect storm of horrible media crap. Gonna be a long season.

  11. redsghost says:
    May 14, 2012 3:48 PM
    More hands on approach? Does this include foot massages for Revis?

    I’m sure Belichick will capture every moment on video.

  12. towniesman,

    Mevis will pull his hammy AFTER he holds out again this training camp since he thinks he should be paid 16 Mill per season as he has for the past two seasons. He said that when he signed two years ago .He never planned to honor the contract.

    Another drama for the circus this summer in Florham Park.

    When Mevis holds out again Jets fans, who is the jerk?

  13. There’s a reason the jets share a stadium and soon quarterbacks …. Stick to the defense Rex. Tony s. will have tebow running the wildcat in no time…..sorry Shanchez

  14. Hopefully he will be a bit more hands on with Sanchez. The defense is not the problem the problem is Sanchez. Give the jets a mediocre to bad starting QB and all the problems they had last year will fix themselves. But as long as Sanchez drags down the offense and gives up points to the opposing team (a league high 126 points given up off turnovers) the team will continue to mutiny against Sanchez.

  15. I have absolutley no idea why he stepped back from coaching the defense last season. He and Dick LeBeau are an entire body above the next best defensive mind in the NFL and it’s not even an argument.

  16. Rex Ryan is not a very good head coach, but a great coordinator.

    Great head coaches know how to shut out the media and distractions. See belicheck, harbaughs, Tomlin, etc.

    Rex Ryan doesn’t know what’s going on with his own team because he’s busy creating distractions in the media.

    Overrated head coach. Perfect for new York and espn tho. They love it.

  17. towniesman says:

    As a Pats fan for punishment for shootin your big mouth off numerous times about our Hall Of Fame coach I pray you pull your overated hamstring 1 wk before the season starts


    Poor form.

    -Pats Fan

  18. realnflmaster says:

    “…He and Dick LeBeau are an entire body above the next best defensive mind in the NFL and it’s not even an argument.”

    Uh, yes it is. Wade Phillips tookover the Texans’ D when it was ranked 31st in the league and in one year turned it into the 2nd ranked D in the league. But he doesn’t coach in N.Y., so I guess he doesn’t count.

  19. He is a head coach learning the job – nobody walks in right away and grasps all the duties – he is being a head coach that is leaving his coordinators alone – just like he wanted to be left alone to run his D. Now he knows better and will keep a closer eye – end of story. Jets haters really you guys need to get a job or something you have way too much free time on your hands

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