Terrell Thomas: I’m a starter, I don’t care what they say

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Terrell Thomas was a starting cornerback for the Giants in 2009 and 2010 before missing all of 2011 when he suffered a torn ACL in the preseason. Now Thomas says that he’ll be right back in his starting spot when the 2012 season starts.

I am. I don’t care what they say,” Thomas said when asked if he’s a starter, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

The “they” Thomas refers to is apparently anyone who says cornerback Prince Amukamara will beat Thomas out for the starting spot opposite Corey Webster, although Thomas says he’s not taking a shot at Amukamara with that comment.

“There’s no disrespect for any of the guys in the locker room,” Thomas said. “It’s just my mentality. As a rookie I said I was going to be a starter. I just worked my butt off and finally became one. Especially at the corner position you’ve got to be confident in that manner in my opinion. I can’t be sitting here saying, ‘Well, we’ll see.’”

Thomas signed a new contract with the Giants that was essentially a “prove-it” deal, putting him in a position to demonstrate that he can be an effective starter this year and then make starter money next year. Proving it is exactly what Thomas intends to do.

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  1. First off, Corey Webster is SO underrated it’s a joke. He doesnt have the high INT numbers or flashy TD returns, but he is such a solid CB it’s amazing he gets no recognition.

    Secondly, yes T2 will be the starter. Prince basically has 4 weeks of NFL experience. Plus, 3 CB play like 80% of the game nowadays, so they’re all starters really.

  2. I hope his knee is okay. I can’t wait to see a healthy TT back on the field. With him and Webster, and hopefully an improving Prince Amukamara, as well as the rookie Hosley, the Giants could possibly be very deep at the CB position.

  3. hulkhogansays says: May 14, 2012 2:24 PM

    I can’t take a team who was swept by REX GROSSMAN seriously brother. NYG and Cowboys will duel for last in the NFC East, brother

    Swept by Rex GrossMan and super bowl victory…U forgot to mention…. Nfc is Giants division and always be….

  4. Can you take a team Seriously if they Won the SuperBowl for the 4th time? Defeating a 15-1 team, and a 13-3 team on the road in the playoffs. I am guessing you are a jealous Eagles fan. GO GIANTS!

  5. I can’t take anyone serious who is dumb enough to dwell on regular season wins/losses instead of when the games actually count. I think they call it the playoffs and that is where the best team rises to the top also known as the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS- WORLD CHAMPS yet again. And guess what- we’re loaded again and already much better than last year- younger, faster and a whole bunch of guys coming back from injury. Giants going back-to back and cleary the BEST team in Football so get used to it!


  6. I hope he starts cause he can’t stop anyone from catching the ball. Which is why his tackles are so high.

  7. beating a 15-1, 13-3 team on the road and then a 13-3 team in Super Bowl is not “lucky” it’s actually called a total facial on the Pakcers, Niners, Patriots and rest of NFL.

    WORLD CHAMPS NY GIANTS BABY and Eli is the best big game QB in football and it’s not up for debate!! Deal with it and we’re loaded with young talent all over the place- back to back on the way baby haha

  8. paulsmith107 says:
    May 14, 2012 3:22 PM
    I hope he starts cause he can’t stop anyone from catching the ball. Which is why his tackles are so high.

    Not really, he’s just a CB that doesn’t shy away from contact. The year before he got hurt, he lead the team in tackles more in part because he was excellent in run support. In fact, along with Antoine Winfield, he is one of the better CBs in run support.

    He does give up some completions, but he was entering his first season as the true starter and teams threw his way almost exclusively to test him out and just ignored bothering to throw to Webster’s side at all.

    Besides with all those throws that came his way in 2010, a massive 99 passes or so, he had 21 Pass Deflections, which is not too shabby at all. Along with 4 FFs and 5 INTs. Name a CB not named Charles Tillman who can give you 4 FFs. Terrell Thomas can.

    He’s still young, love his physicality and tenacity and there’s a reason why, whilst he missed the whole year coming off a torn ACL, the Giants kept him over the CB who started throughout our SB season Aaron Ross.

    Webster, T2 and Prince combined with our pass rush = REPEAT!!!!

  9. “giants won the superbowl by default.”

    de-fault – The failure of one or more competitors or teams to participate in a contest.

    Sorry to rain on your troll parade, but I’m 100% positive New England showed up, played, and lost to the Giants that day.

  10. Prince hasn’t proven a thing in his young/injured 1st year as a pro, so yes T2 you are the starter, and aslong as you stay healthy and play the way you did 2 seasons ago nobody will take that from you, but as you said this is a “prove it” year for you. Before he got hurt last year a lot of guys predicted him to have a pro bowl type season. So let’s see which T2 we get this sean. What I like about Prince as 3rd CB he will get some valuable time at CB, he’s also learning from to good CB’s, and he’s a good kid who won’t cry if he isn’t the starter. He knows nothing is given in the NFL it has to be earned

  11. Giants schedule is brutal. That being said they are a mature, deep team that should do well again and compete for the division. Eli throwing to Nicks, Cruz and perhaps Randle should be tough for any defense. The defense will be just fine.

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