Chiefs’ Brandon Flowers “not too worried about Peyton Manning”


Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers doesn’t think Peyton Manning’s arrival in Denver makes the Broncos the favorites in the AFC West.

Flowers told the Kansas City Star that in the AFC West — where the Broncos won a three-way tiebreaker to make the playoffs with an 8-8 record last year, and the Chiefs were in last place at 7-9 — is ripe for the taking. And the Chiefs plan to take it.

We’ve got the mindset we’re going to win the AFC West,” Flowers said.

As for Manning, Flowers doesn’t doubt that he’s a great player, but he does believe that if the Chiefs’ secondary does its job,

“Peyton Manning, he’s a quarterback that everyone wants to have,” Flowers said. “He’s not going to turn the ball over, he’s not going to make critical mistakes. But I’m going out there saying if my man can’t get open, he won’t have no one to throw the ball to. So as long as I do my part, we’re not too worried about Peyton Manning.”

59 responses to “Chiefs’ Brandon Flowers “not too worried about Peyton Manning”

  1. I just get this feeling that Manning in Denver is going to fail miserably. They haven’t added many weapons around him and his age has got to be a factor at some point.

  2. maybe if it was the 2004 , pre 4 neck procedures, and out of the league for a year peyton yeah, but this is the older model peyton, wont be the same, sorry bronchokes fans

  3. Damn, I wanted the Lions to draft this guy….VA tech produces good DB’s….yeah im mad bro

  4. The Chiefs are built to beat a Peyton Manning offense. If all of the backfield is healthy and the offensive line plays as well as it should, they’ll be able to control the clock and keep Manning off the field. From there, the defense just has to listen to Romeo. Nobody has flustered Peyton in the past like Romeo has.

    Also, you gotta wonder if the Chiefs will be motivated by the fact that Peyton didn’t even give them a visit in his free agent tour.

  5. Since when has Peyton needed one of his receivers to be “open” to be able to get the ball to em.

    Sorry—-No “Flower Power” this year!!!!

  6. Peyton injured is better than 98% of the QBs in the league, brother. RIP KC’s secondary…that’s the last guy you want to motivate brother.

  7. @txnsvols0489

    Brandon Flowers would be a Pro Bowl corner if he was just slightly more consistent and if he played for a big market team.

  8. Isn’t this the same guy who got smoked by Decker with Tebow throwing the ball? Hey buddy It’s a lot different with Manning tossing out the rock.

  9. He must be reading a lot of the comments on this site. Every time there’s a Broncos story there’s like 50 “Manning is going to be terrible” comments from people who are no doubt personnel evaluators for NFL teams or clairvoyants.

  10. With Matt Cassel and Jamal Charles and Eric berry coming back from serious injurys chiefs suck. Go Broncos!

  11. He said he has confidence in his team. Why do people but into these fake headlines?
    We are a dramatic, baby-filled, over-reacting mess of a society.

  12. Standing at the end of the season next year….

    Raiders: 10-6
    Chargers: 9-7
    Chiefs: 5-11

    Chief fans get on your knees and start praying because its going to be a looooooonnggg season…..

  13. it will be 21 months in Sept since Manning has taken an NFL snap under live conditions, not too mention 4 neck surgeries later, almost 37 yrs old hmmmm, even Bret Favre , Joe Montana, Dan Marino etc etc got old . Manning will never be the same….go CHIEFS

  14. hey roses….flowers… whatever your name is… Payton Manning is going to tear you and the rest of the Kansas City Chefs defence appart brah… GO BRONCOS!!!!!

  15. Poor KC 🙁

    Manning didn’t go to Missouri Chefs so it’s “fine, I didn’t want you anyways” Attitute.

    If Tebow can beat the Chefs then a Peyton Manning at 75% will easily beat them.

  16. Manning played 0 downs in the NFL last year, thats 0 …. yes he is a legendary QB God, but he played 0 snaps last year and is now on a whole new team, new WRs, weapons and I think many are overlooking that he is playing at MileHigh not a cozy dome anymore. I’m not a hater of any means, BUT … you have to be practical here. He is not going to go 14-2 in Denver.

  17. Regardless of your feelings on Brandon Flowers, this is what I would WANT from my players and teammates on my team. If you don’t believe you can win the Super Bowl, don’t even bother showing up to training camp. Doesn’t always turn out that way, but that’s a winning mindset. You have to believe it’s going to happen or it never will.

  18. txnsvols0489 says: May 15, 2012 4:44 PM

    Brandon Flowers?? Really?? Dude couldn’t have started for the Colts last year.
    ….I can’t tell if he’s serious or joking.

    Brandon Flowers is easily top 5 for CB’s in the game. One of the best and most underrated.

    And I do think the Chiefs will give Peyton and the Broncos a run for their money. They get Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles back from ACL injuries. They should be a fun team to watch.

  19. Why would any Chief worry about anything? 8-8 or better is a big year in KC. Anything less is expected.

  20. Dear rest of the league,

    Please dont think all fans from the AFC West are as ignorant as the Chief and Raider fan trolls that post on this site. They are misrepresenting their wishful thinking as actual football knowledge and fact.

    Bronco Fans

  21. losraiders

    That just wish full thing you tell me in what way the raider ate better than ANY team in the west or the entire NFL for that matter you couldn’t even afford to pay your players dont worry the raiders have last place locked up for a good four years

  22. And I like all this talk about last year we almost won the division with all of our stars gone you act like we got beat worse than anyone we were a field goal away from winning.g the division without Berry,Charles,Tony,Cassel (that one doesn’t really matter) and you add a new young o line and give a former top running back the PERFECT prove me contract on hillis then let’s add in our potential top 5 defenses watch out NFL its going to be fun to watch

  23. I don’t think Peyton is going to be terrible, but I’ll be impressed if he can match what Joe Montana did while with the Chiefs late in his career.

    Not too easy to start over with a new team while in your late 30’s, having spent your whole career to that point with one other team.

  24. After reading most these comments, some of you guys sound stupid. Peyton Manning the third best QB in the division, are you kidding me? Rivers struggled, palmer sucks and cassell is mediocre and injury prone. Flowers is the best CB in the west? Are you smoking something, champ Bailey nuf said. Im assuming most of these comments are from cheifs fans, you hope manning doesn’t play the same. One said Peyton doesn’t have enough weapons, for gods sake he’s not blaine gabbert, he doesn’t need stars to play well, he turns players into stars. Cheifs only have a hand full of guys who can contribute, they’ve yet to realize that cassell had better success in new england because they had more weapons and a better o line, they are wasting time and passing up value QBs trying to convince themselves that cassell is their franchise QB. Oh and by the way, im a die hard broncos fan

  25. kcflake says: May 15, 2012 4:45 PM

    Hell Yeah B. Flowers. The Chiefs will win the AFC West this year! Playoffs Baby.

    No playoff victory in 18 years. No Super Bowl appearance in 42 years. Baby.

  26. Chiefs defense was damn good in the latter part of last year against NE and GB…

    Romeo had them playing well.
    They just need some offense


    Manning, Vick and Suggs ( if/when he gets back) will not make it through the year….

  27. Chiefs’ Brandon Flowers “not too worried about Peyton Manning”

    Why should he be? Greedy Swamp Boy is done.

  28. hulkhogansays says:May 15, 2012 4:49 PM

    Peyton injured is better than 98% of the QBs in the league, brother. RIP KC’s secondary…that’s the last guy you want to motivate brother.

    Peyton injured is better than 98% of the QBs???
    Do you smoke lead paint chips or maybe you grew up under power lines as a kid? You’re delusional. The Greedy Swamp Boy is done.

  29. AlohaMrHand says:May 15, 2012 5:09 PM

    Payton manning isnt too worried about Brandon flowers either

    All manning is worried about is collecting the biggest guaranteed paycheck possible. All the slappies were saying “He should go with the 49ers. They have the best chance at a Super Bowl”. manning showed ’em. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Greedy Swamp Boy is done.

  30. @jeziyo247

    You’re a die-hard Broncos fan? I couldn’t tell.

    You’re the one who seems delusional. The Chiefs are pound-for-pound the most talented team in the division at every position but QB. But it’s not like they have Ryan Leaf as their starter. Cassel has proven that he’s good enough to get this team to the playoffs.

    Saying the Chiefs don’t have many players who can contribute is 100% wrong.

  31. You broncos fans make me laugh! It’s not like you signed a Peyton manning who was just released & had a great season the yr before its been a long time since he’s took a snap & his mobility is not gonna be the same & he’s not playing in a dome this yr. The first 6 games is gonna tell the story of your season I’m saying 2-4 FYI Tebow only beat us once we’ve owned you in mile high the last 2 seasons if I remember right.

  32. What is with these broncos fans are u guys crazy just cause ur aging team won last yr doesn’t mean ur all of a sudden a good team. Hate to break it to u but champ and manning are way past there prime no fixing that. The raiders are a mess cap wise and draft pick wise there done for at least 2 to 4 yrs before they can rebuild. I’d say the chiefs and chargers are the only teams that are credible contenders in this div for yrs to come.

  33. @yelix, most talented team in the division? They finished dead last at 7-9, they are the worst team in the division. Charles is coming off a torn acl, he wont be the same, I said cassell is mediocre as in he wont take the chiefs to the superbowl and I take him over palmer because he makes the least mistakes. Until the chiefs can prove they are worthy of being reckoned with, they are gonna always be the ones in last place trying to catch up

  34. More often done not when you talk about a person, the irony is that you are indeed worried. Save it until you guys meet and we will know.

  35. The Broncos won the division with Tebow. Now they have Peyton Manning. Are you following me? Glad you’re “not worried” because worrying will just make you more miserable.

  36. Anyone who thinks Flowers is wrong should look up how many TD passes Manning had against the Chiefs the last time they faced him in 2010, CAUSE IT WAS ZERO. Go Chiefs!!!

  37. @kcrobert10, can I have what you’re smoking? Chargers and chiefs contenders for years to come, let me know when that happens. You can’t say manning is past his prime until you see him play again, I’ve seen rivers, cassell and palmer and neither have what it takes to lead their teams to the superbowl. This is a new broncos team from last year, they have alot of young and potential talent and vets who can still contribute. As you seen, they got rid of most of the weakest links and added key players to contribute right away while the young ones develop. At best I see the broncos going 11-5 and chargers is the only divisional team that’ll keep up with them but fall short. I put the cheifs 3rd only because I hate the raiders with a passion and want them to suck for all eternity.

  38. I love how one minute people are saying Peyton is going to be back to his old self after 3 (4?) neck surgeries, but then say Charles is done after ACL surgery. Who’s more likely to bounce back: the 36 year old QB who was already on the decline or the 25 year old running back who’s just getting started?

  39. @anykcfanwhothinksflowersistop5cb
    Brandon Flowers is easily top 5 for CB’s in the game. One of the best and most underrated.
    You have to be a KC fan!! Are you kidding me top 5 in NFL makes pro bowl games, makes all pro teams. C’mon dude be real don’t be a homer. One guy said best in division hands down…Champ is still around buddy & still makes all pro and pro bowls…I can name 15-20 CB’s better than Flowers.

  40. Note to you chief fans, Peyton Manning is 6-1 against y’all. Overall he’s 19-9 against the west and he’s never lost in denver so you could put he can’t play in the cold to rest. You call flowers a top five CB, how many pro bowls has he been to? What achievements does he have? Sounds like alot of you fans are just talking out of hatred for the broncos and ignoring the facts. Your arrogance will get the best you you fans on the fact that you should worry that the west just got harder to win and im not saying that my broncos have it easy too because I know they have a hard schedule.

  41. @jeziy0247:

    He also has played 75% of his games indoors, had Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Edgerrin James, Dallas Clark, a young spry Joseph Addai, Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney and Tom Moore.

    And he’s played in a perennially weak Division in the AFC south.
    Top all that off with the fact that he is 35 years old and has had 4 neck surgeries and I would say on thing to all you Coloradians:

    Don’t count your chickens just yet

  42. @Jezizy0247 Last time I checked, Peyton Manning is no longer with The Colts so the numbers you toutin mean nothing! Manning is with a whole new team, under a new staff, witha new HC, and a change in the climate. It has been well over a year since Manning has been on the gridiron and he has had 4 neck surgers. Not to mention that he is 36 years old and The Broncos are spending what .. $19mill a year on this guy?

    I am sure that we can all agree that Manning is a LIVING LEGEND and he could end up taking The Broncos to the superbowl and prove all the naysayer wrong… including me! The Broncos draft … sucked! They did not even bother to arm Manning with new weapons. The Broncos have a small window to get to the superbowl with Manning and they did not even bother to help him!

    Alot of people here hatin on The Chiefs considering they currently have one of the best rosters in the NFL minus QB but Cassel has shown he can produce considering this years team hails in comparison to the 2010 team.

    The Raiders … well …… they will essentially be the same team this year as they were last year MINUS M. Bush, K. Boss and a few other players and D. Mcfadden never seems to stay healthy.

    The Chargers ..lost 2 top producing players(Tolbert and Jackson)..

    We all have no idea on how Manning will play this year……

  43. Why is everybody keep stating the 4 neck surgeries? Its not like manning was injured 4 different times, yes he’s 36 but he still is by far your top 3 QB. He wasn’t 4 time MVP just because he played indoors, he’s a great QB all in all. To say that is like saying all QBs who play mostly indoor are better in that case tebow should play for a indoor team. Are you telling me that if manning signed with the chiefs, you fans wouldn’t be happy, the broncos know manning isn’t gonna play forever at 36 which is why they drafted their future QB. You can hate manning but you gotta give him credit where its due, oh and by the way, he has new weapons to work with and they are just as talented as his old squad.

  44. I am a colts fan, i watched manning play for 12 years. he left us with so many memories, let me share a couple. The colts had a number of years with a terrible defense. Manning had to score 35 to 50 points a game to stay in it, he won a lot of them. In the last 5 years manning played for the colts he saved the club a lot of money. They hardly needed an offensive coach and a few years they even skimped on a head coach. Peyton made all his receivers and ends look good, some of them great. denver even if manning doesn’t take a snap be thankful he is on your team. he is great and should get all the respect you can give. but i know from watching him for 12 years denver will get their moneys worth. I would say with the team denver has today, manning could take you to the super bowl just do what he says in practice. let him run the show. he knows what he is doing because he works harder than anyone. denver has a decent defense which manning is not used to. mannings last season before surgery, was a great season. he continued to improve each year.

  45. @danklam, I agree with you, as a bronco fan im goad they have him and chiefs fans would be saying the same had he signed with them regardless of the neck surgeries and his age. I’ve endured Peyton lightning it up on the broncos everytime he played them and I too hated him because we had no QB as near as good. The best think everybody could do no is wait and see how the broncos season pans out then we can do all the I told you so

  46. Why is everyone so ON EDGE! How about ya’ll save the sh!t talkin till the season starts! Manning has not been on the field in well over a year and he is with a new team with brand new faces everywhere but he is VERY INTELLIGENT and can adapt and over come…..

    Peyton Manning could be the best QB this upcoming season and he could take The Broncos to The Superbowl or he could be worse than Cassel……

    We wont know till August-September…..

  47. Ok soooo all of you non-chiefs fans are saying
    You guys could win with Tyler Palko at the helm…COME ON!!! Also receiving injuries to your teams playmakers doesn’t help. It’s ok though Mannings gonna have to face a Top-5 defense next year and get beat….twice. 🙂

  48. haha cmon folks, you KC fans are so dumb.. QB is everything in the nfl, ill take a 75 percent manning and he is still a top 6-7 qb in the league. While you guys are dreaming of Super Bowl victories, ill remind you that no team wins the SB with marginal quarterbacking…. oh unless you have a legendary defense like the 85 bears, 00 ravens, or even the 02 bucs. Funny how john elway is still able to rip your hearts out even when not under center.. you guys will always be in the broncos shadow.. especially with awful draft choices like poe..

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