Chiefs next on Yeremiah Bell’s free-agent tour

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Free agent safety Yeremiah Bell was in Tennessee on Tuesday visiting the Titans, and he’s got a fallback plan in place if Mike Munchak’s team doesn’t make an offer Bell deems suitable.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Bell is scheduled to visit the Chiefs on Wednesday.

Bell, 34, would have a better chance to start in Kansas City than he would in Tennessee. The Chiefs could slide Eric Berry to free safety and use Bell at strong safety.

The Chiefs’ safety position opposite Berry is currently up for grabs. Top competitors include Kendrick Lewis, Donald Washington, and rookie De’Quan Menzie, a converted college cornerback.

12 responses to “Chiefs next on Yeremiah Bell’s free-agent tour

  1. I wouldn’t exactly say the FS position is up for grabs. Kendrick Lewis has really come along and become a playmaker, even without Berry.

  2. I really don’t think at this stage in Bell’s career he would be able to start over a very good overachiever like Lewis. Coach Crennel uses a lot of three safety looks . I think at best he would be the third safety if he could beat out Menzie who I believe one day will be a very good addition to this very young secondary

  3. The Chiefs like to play a 3rd safety in nickel packages up by the line of scrimmage as sort of a LB/DB hybrid. Bell would be perfect in that role and would allow Berry more freedom to roam the secondary and ball hawk.

  4. It’s nice that Andy Reid wants to believe the Eagle safeties are going to become Pro Bowlers this season, but here in reality we like to cover our bases and sign a reliable veteran just in case. Especially if this veteran has a recent history of working with our new defensive backs coach. That would seem like an obvious choice, but I suppose Reid won’t go into any season without weak links, it’s like he craves a potential fail point. Now that LB has been addressed, we’ll go ahead and let the average safeties suck back there.

  5. Silva, ever heard of Kendrick Lewis?? The chiefs are looking for a 3rd safety a’la John McGraw, not a starter.

  6. @gerard33

    They should just re-sign McGraw. He came up with a lot of clutch plays last year and he’s well-respected in KC.

  7. This story demonstrate the lack of actual knowledge of the teams they speak of. They are looking for backups Kendrick Lewis and Eric Barry may be the best safety tandem in the league. Bell ranked as one of the worst starting safety’s in the league last year that’s why he isn’t welcomed back.

  8. Yelix,

    I respect McGraw too, but I think he’s just too slow at this point and his time has come and gone with KC, who’s (as you know) trying to up the ante this year and roll with the big boys. Need more ABILITY at that spot than McGraw offers, even if he is a good influence/character guy. Plus I’ve seen him miss a lot of tackles, he’s not as reliable as some think IMO

  9. I doubt McGraw would make the team behind Berry, Lewis and Bell. I also doubt KC would carry 4 safties when Menzie could do double duty as rookie backup Corner/Safety. He played a similar role as a star back at ‘Bama.

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