Jets QB coach says Tim Tebow has good mechanics


Tim Tebow’s throwing mechanics have often been scrutinized and sometimes been scoffed at, but a man who knows better than most says Tebow’s mechanics are good.

Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh listed good mechanics as one of several attributes that he has liked seeing in his time working with Tebow.

I think he can be very good,” Cavanaugh told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him over an extended period of time . . . not just watching him play on film. I think he’s certainly got the arm strength. He has good mechanics. They’re getting better every day.”

Although the Jets have always maintained that they plan to use Tebow in the wildcat and on special teams and leave the base offense to Mark Sanchez, Cavanaugh says most of Tebow’s work so far has been on the basics of pocket passing.

“I think with Tim, he’s more focused right now in the offseason on just working on the fundamentals of trying to be rhythmic in the pocket,” Cavanaugh said. “So [he] can be using the mechanics that [he] wants to be using. We started to toy a little bit with some of the other things that will happen to you . . . And he’s shown great progress. I’m real pleased with him.”

With a career completion rate of 47.3 percent, Tebow has a lot of work to do as a passer. But Cavanaugh sounds convinced that Tebow is heading in the right direction.

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  1. The problem isn’t his mechanics in practice. Anybody, especially an NFL quarterback, albeit a backup, is going to look good now. Let’s see how good his mechanics are in the games. Add the pressure and see if he doesn’t lose it all just like he lost most of his new throwing motion the first time he was put on the field in Denver.

  2. “Jets QB coach says Tim Tebow has good mechanics”
    Comforting to know.
    In case his car ever breaks down!

  3. How does QB coach explain passes that are no-where near where they are supposed to be?

  4. What a bunch of BS. Nobody likes Tebow’s mechanics. His arm is strong for sure, but so was Jamarcus Russell’s arm. It doesn’t mean anything on it’s own.

  5. As a Tennessee fan since ’97, I saw Steve McNair go from being an erratic passer to an MVP-caliber QB in a period of 5 or 6 years. While Tebow is more erratic than McNair was, he’s shown he’s every bit as determined to improve as Steve. Here’s hoping he pulls it off.

  6. “”With a career completion rate of 47.3 percent, “”
    What? Calling his record a career is like calling a double blind test with 3 people a study.

    I am beginning to hope that Tebow ends up throwing for 4 thousand yards within a couple of seasons so I can see how many don’t own up to their criticisms from the past 18 months. Especially Mayock. I don’t expect anything more than a solid career AS A QB, but it would be fun to see him ring the bell.

    Tebow is a work in progress and I have never seen him advertised as anything different except by some rabid fans. Maybe that’s why Mayock is so down on him. He doesn’t have any rabid fans.

  7. Didn’t that qb coach use to work at a gas station?

    If Tebow has good mechanics then I guess he just can’t throw the football. Lets face it, the guy sucks as a traditional qb.

  8. Practice! We talkin’ ’bout practice!
    Having good mechanics in practice is one thing-another when 4-5 guys are coming at you with bad intentions. Having almost a year of game tape by this point should be viewed with much more weight than anything in practice.

  9. He’s tall, has good mechanics, is a great athlete, is a great teammate, has a great attitude . . . . and he still is a pretty crappy quarterback. He might be the third best backup quarterback in the division among Hoyer, Tannehill, and Vince Young.

  10. Really? Even Urban Meyer didn’t think so. I am not a Jet Fan and certainly not a Tebow Fan, but this kid is big and athletic and somehow finds a way to win. If used properly this is a huge weapon in special situation, Goaline, 3rd and short, fake punts/kicks. And yes even Wildcat, but this will come at a price for Sanchez’s development. Either the Jets start losing or he underperforms and the Fans start chant:Tebow, Tebow! It is going to be exciting, but a short term answer and temporary solution. Tebow does make the Jets better, but not ever knowing if Sanchez is “really” their guy makes them worse.

  11. Everybody keeps skipping past the “special teams” stuff in these articles. When was the last time a backup QB was on special teams? Isn’t there a risk of injury there? Doesn’t it also detract from practice time that could be spent working on the many flaws in his game?

  12. Every single day….year round…the jets do /say SOMETHING to attract attention to themselves.

    If it isn’t Revis getting turned on by some of Belichicks comments,,or Cromartie getting a vasectomy…or Rexy giving his wife a pedicure..Anything to get their name in paper/print.

    So, jet fans…when is your 44th anniversary party?????

  13. Jamarcus Russell was a no effort player. Take it from a Raider fan. Tebow is about the furthest thing from Jamarcus Russell. But blind hate is cool… if that’s your thing.

  14. When asked to clarify, Matt Cavanaugh said that “good mechanics with which you can trust your car to, are hard to come by. Tim Tebow found a good mechanic in the Bronx”

  15. This comoing from the man who was Kyle Boeller’s QB coach and Offensive Coord. Credibility? NOPE

  16. I am so tired of this “mechanics” and “throwing motion” crap. Who cares what he looks like when he throws the ball? As long as he wins it shouldn’t matter.

    Tebow is going to revert back to his usual mechanics when he is in an actual game. And he is going to continue to win those games.

  17. In the last couple of days the Jets QB coach has come out and said that Sanchez makes stupid mistakes and that Tebow is better than advertised.

    Either fire the QB coach or let Sanchez find a new team sooner rather than later. I don’t think it would be possible to grease the wheels any more for Tebow to become the starting QB.

  18. Coming from the guy who was terrible as the OC at Pitt. He really knows how to evaluate talent..ahah..good luck Jets fans.

  19. I would understand if he said his mechanis are improving but ‘has good mechanics ‘! Please explain why denver had to alter their entire offence?

  20. This is why the Jets blow! Only their coaching staff would think Teblow has good mechanics!? Unbelievable!

  21. The key phrase is “he can be good”, meaning that he is not there yet. If they were playing Madden, they could just plug him in and see the results right away, but you can’t just plug players into depth charts right away in real life. Tebow is still a project at this point.

  22. Matt Cavanaugh has just lost any shred of credibility he may have possessed.

    Tim Tebow as a passer, sucks.

    Even his mother knows that.

  23. It’s Official. Tebow is now one Sanchez mistake away from being the Jets staring QB

  24. What is he suppose to say!a boxer once said know matter what you are taught,when you get hit upside the head you go back to what you new before..

  25. Tebows mechanics are not good. He does that thing were he lowers his arm to his hip. Thats a problem because a defender comes at you and the ball is at your hip that ball can easily be nocked down.

  26. Not a Pats fan, but does anyone out there remember what the Pats did to Tebow twice last season? The guy is below average, never will be better at QB time to move on.

    P.S The guy hangs with his mom way too much, something is off. Im pretty sure he swings from the other side of the plate.

  27. Let me get their number, cuz my engine is making a funny sound, and I’m pretty sure I need an alignment too, but my local guy always charges way too much.

  28. THE FIX IS IN! I’m starting to believe Stephen A Smith from his comments on First Take yesterday. First the QB coach trashes Sanchez…not he says this about Tebow. Sounds like they’re either really wanting to get in Sanchez’ head so he’s motivated or they think Tebow will supplant him for real.

  29. JHC! …talk about spin control! I believe that most Jet fans (other than the Tebow-ers) are smart enough to know bull when the smell it.

  30. This would probably carry more weight if Matt Cavanaugh wasn’t one of the worst offensive assistant coaches of all time. This guy was the OC in Baltimore and their offense was crap….

  31. The only thing better than his arm mechanic are his decision making and knowledge of football schematics and defensive fronts. We are truly watching greatness here, people.

  32. Good mechanics? What has he been watching? Tebow would be more accurate kicking the ball down the field.

  33. The Jets and their QB coach wouldn’t know about good QB mechanics , the proof is they drafted Mark Sanchez.

  34. As a Bronco fan, as fun as last year was, it is so nice not to have the circus in town EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Good luck to Tebow as a Jet, but good riddance.

  35. Good, if his car breaks down he has people that can fix it. The question is how is he at throwing a football and playing QB.

  36. Its amazing as jets fan to see them waste what could’ve been a solid career in Sanchez. Once again we will be wondering why we can’t become a consistent team that others respect.

  37. Why don’t the Jets take McNab also.

    Then they will have three backups with good mechanics.

    I believe the bottom line is production.

    Show me the production.

  38. Not a fan of Cavanaugh as a QB coach; as a Jets fan I wanted him gone with Schotty. These comments just affirm what I already knew…

  39. You know Sanchez is pissed off about this.

    If Tebow is being praised for “good mechanics”, then why has he never heard his name associated with “great decision making”?

  40. I envision the Jets and their QB situation for this year as the feature attraction at the circus.

    The boring talking heads will have an orgasm discussing this situation.

    Bottom line the AFC championship goes thru New England. The Jets lost both times they played them last year (Sanchez). Tebow faced them twice (as a Bronco) and looked awful.

    I don’t believe either Sanchez or Tebow are going to get the job done for the Jets.

    I hope Revis approves this message.

  41. Oil change, spark plugs, new serpentine belt AND flushed his radiator in less than 2 hours!

    I’d say he has GREAT mechanics too!!

  42. Eli and Tom just smile wryly as they walk by the Jets three ring(less) circus, modestly sporting their two (real) rings….

    It’s nice seeing the good guys win-and I’m not even a Giant fan!

  43. Hmm wow ..You would think Tebow has a losing record as a starter..


    Matt Ryan 3 years , shaub 6 years,romo 6 years = 1 playoffwin

    Tebow =1 year(as a starter) 1 playoffwin
    Sanchez 3 years =4 Playoff wins.

    Tebow and Sanchez have never had a losing record!

    Worry about youre own qb situation the jets are fine…Tom Landry style qb rotation is coming back

  44. Wait a minute; Matt Cavanaugh is considered someone who should know what good QB mechanics look like? Wasn’t he the QB coach of such legendary quarterbacks as Tony Banks, Elvis Grbac, and Kyle Boller?

  45. Yeah..good luck with that QB rotation! One suckazz QB for another! The only thing going down in Jet land is about a dozen chili dogs down Rex’s throat and his belt line. Stupid move adding Teblow! But go ahead and jump on the reverand Teblow bandwagon….you guys are so athletic!

  46. I’m as big a Tebow hater as the next guy and am especially turned off by the constant proselytizing and bowing to by the insufferable Gator fans and religious fanatics. However, the guy genuinely seems to work hard and try to improve his faults. Whether Tebow succeeds or not will certainly not be due to lack of effort. That said, the Jets season will be entertaining to watch for sure.

  47. Ignorant jackwads multiply whenever the name Tebow comes up. Really weird how many “experts” on throwing mechanics there appears to be in the world…and ALL of them claim to know more than the guys who get paid big $$$ to teach it and evaluate it. LOL @ dopes!

  48. tatum064 says:May 15, 2012 9:17 AM

    What do people expect him to say?…”His mechanics suck?”


    I would expect him to say… “Tebow is working hard on his mechanics and he is improving every day.”

    Maybe cliche, but at least it wouldn’t be a lie.

  49. Jets fans this is the same coach who started Tyler Palko over Joe Flacco at Pitt!!!!!!!
    I’m not sayin that Mark Sanchez is your answer at QB but Tim Tebow sure isn’t

  50. Shocking that the GREAT Matt Cavanaugh would make such a statement…

    Anyone remember the high scoring offensive juggernaut Ravens that he was the OC for from 99-04?

    How does this clown still have a job in the league??? Seriously, what a joke…

  51. The problem with Tebow’s mechanics were vastly inflated by the media and John Elway. I saw Philip Rivers throw a lot of real stinkers last year and not a word said. Plus the passing offense the Broncos used him for was guaranteed to be a low percentage completion rate. He wasn’t perfect but Elway wanted nothing to do with him. Tim’s success will be Elways downfall. go Timmy !

  52. It took Colonel Harland Sanders 63 tries to perfect his Original Fried Chicken Recipe, it took the makers of WD-40 well, 40 attempts to perfect that formula. The point is that Tim Tebow might never be the perfect pocket passer but Tim Tebow has the will to win and the all the TT haters only fuel his will to win. It might not be with the Jets but IMO he will become a very good QB in the NFL. If he doesn’t it won’t be for a lack of trying and if he doesn’t that’s Ok as well beacause he is a fantastic Human Being which is why there are so many TT haters because he does more for humanity in 1 year than all the haters combined in a lifetime. Stay Strong TT and good luck, from a diehard Dolphan.

  53. the only good mechanics Tebow has work on his car.. His motion is horrible.. in practice he can look good because he spent the entire offseason leading up to the draft with qb gurus to work on his mechanics to make him draftable as a qb.. as soon as he gets in a game situation his muscle memory and instincts override the teachings of proper technique.

    that said given the right design and scheme he is a useable player but he will never be a NFL caliber starting qb.

    Who the heck is Cavanaugh anyway.. with his opinion I guess we know why Sanchez sucks so bad.

  54. The Jets have tried everything else and failed miserably there’s no harm in trying with God’s only Grandson in the mix

  55. They missed the whole interview. They talked about later albums, too.

    I mean sure, with Paul Young and Paul Carrack on “Living Years”… that’s Good Mechanics….

    ..but the later stuff w/ all the no-names on it, “The Road” from 2011… he has that, too.

    Tebow also has… Bad Mechanics.

    Just ’cause Rutherford is still there doesn’t make it good.

  56. ok, so for every jets post I guess the geniuses here have to do the feet jokes, the jets suck jokes, etc, etc….

    well, every morning when you wake up you’re in places like….ohio, maryland, wisconsin, buffalo, kansas…

    I, however, can walk to the beach and be in manhattan in an hour.

    so bug off, and btw….the jets are gonna surprise you midwesterners this year….big time

  57. As compred to Sanchez? Well, Sanchez is terrible. All Sanchez did was manage games the two playoff seasons. He basically got lucky on a couple game winning drives with miracle catches of bad passes by his recievers. Then he got all kinds of love from the networks. Now they have Tebow. The Media loves Tebow, and like Sanchez, it wont matter what he does, they will still stand in line to smell his farts.

  58. Just a reminder here’s where Timmy ranked in his 14-game 2011 season: attempts – 33 / completions – 35 / yards – 31 / TD’s – 28 / completion % – 40 / passer rating – 60.

    None of those numbers would be considered good if the league had 100 teams. And it doesn’t.

    Stop the hype already!

  59. shlort says:
    May 15, 2012 1:22 PM
    As compred to Sanchez? Well, Sanchez is terrible. All Sanchez did was manage games the two playoff seasons. He basically got lucky on a couple game winning drives with miracle catches of bad passes by his recievers. Then he got all kinds of love from the networks. Now they have Tebow. The Media loves Tebow, and like Sanchez, it wont matter what he does, they will still stand in line to smell his farts.

    Managed games? Basically what Tom Brady did his first years as the starter. Because anyone with a brain knows that the defense won those Super Bowls. That and the videocamera work, of course.

  60. QB coach has done such a great job with Sanchez development, can’t wait to see Tebow’s progress.

  61. Tebow has tremendous work ethic, and I’m sure he’ll put in the time it takes to improve. Yes, he has a long way to go to be sure. I personally hope that he does it to silence the critics. One thing is certain, and that is the run game of the Jets will drastically improve with the injection of Tebow. It pains me to say that, as I’m no Jets fan. Let’s see McGahee put up the numbers and performance like last season without Tebow around.

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