Rams are “discounting” Sam Bradford’s 2011 season


The Rams are under new management this season and they aren’t just looking to fix the things that went wrong under the old bosses.

They are trying to erase the memories of them altogether. One of the biggest things to go awry for the Rams in 2011 was quarterback Sam Bradford. He missed six games with injury, didn’t play particularly well when he was healthy and seemed to regress from a good rookie year. New coach Jeff Fisher and company still felt he was the man to build around, though. In an interview with KFNS in St. Louis, via SportsRadioInterviews.com, Fisher explained why they felt that way.

“Well, it was his ability — what he was able to do in college, but also his rookie year,” Fisher said. “We discounted last year. I didn’t pay much attention to that. There were a lot of difficult things to overcome and a lot of issues, and it made no sense dwelling on it. I think what Sam was able to do here his rookie year in that type of offense is an indication of the potential that he has.”

Going all Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind about the 2011 season is a good idea for the Rams now that they have broken ties with both the coaching staff and front office that was involved with that team. Having said that, those that ignore the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. The Rams would be wise to pay attention to the shortages at receiver and offensive line that contributed to Bradford’s problems last season so that everything doesn’t wind up playing out the wrong way again this time around.

11 responses to “Rams are “discounting” Sam Bradford’s 2011 season

  1. Sam just had his rookie and second seasons out of order. It’s likely the Rams offense will lean conservative this season and his numbers will improve. Until the Rams get that O-Line straightened out I wouldn’t recommend trying the 65 attempts a game thing again though.

  2. Bradford himself was hurt, most of the rest of the team was injured, they didn’t get a decent wide receiver until Lloyd showed up halfway through the year, and Josh McDaniels was their coordinator fresh off of destroying the Broncos… Bradford was lucky to make it out of that season alive. He’s going to see far better years.

  3. Of course they discounted it. They realized Josh McDaniels is a hack with no business coaching in the NFL. Bradford will be fine.

  4. I think Beaverton said it best. Bradford played on a horrible team altogether so last season shouldn’t count towards his progression. Now he’s got some legit weapons to work with.

  5. If the O-line can improve and Fisher and Schotty go with the conservative game approach they are both known for then we will see Bradford more like he was in his rookie year. With that being said I would love for once for them to have a deep threat that can get past DB’s. I’m hoping Givens can be that guy

  6. Improve the offensive line and BradFORD will do fine. When the Lions drafted StafFORD, I actually hoped that BradFORD would come out early as I thought he was the better quarterback. It’s hard to discount what StafFORD did last year (one of four QBs to ever throw for over 5,000 yards), but I believe BradFORD will do well.

  7. Discounted a whole season? Vince Young is wondering where these discounts were when he was a Tennessee. Dude wouldn’t even discount a game with VY at QB.

  8. Hopefully the third time(year)will be the charm.This is Bradford’s third offense in as many seasons.I also believe coach fisher knows how to maximize his strenghts and he should have better talent and coaching this season.I will be pulling for him.Go Rams!

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