Some in Jaguars organization doubt Mularkey’s faith in Gabbert


Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey says there is no quarterback competition in Jacksonville and the starting job belongs to Blaine Gabbert. But not everyone in the organization believes him.

Don Banks of reports that there are people inside the Jaguars organization who believe that Chad Henne will beat Gabbert out in training camp and be declared the starter by late August.

Mularkey’s denials aside, it’s not at all hard to envision that happening. Henne wasn’t a great quarterback in his four seasons with the Dolphins, but he was a lot better than Gabbert was last year with the Jaguars. Gabbert didn’t look ready to be an NFL quarterback last year, and if he doesn’t look ready to be an NFL quarterback in training camp, Mularkey won’t start him.

The reality is that when a coach declares a player the undisputed starter in May, that means nothing in August. Gabbert is the starter now, but he’s not guaranteed anything.

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  1. They have to go with Gabbert and at least see what he can do before they turn to Henne. Give the young kid some time… he was affected by the lockout and his head coach got fired. Injuries everywhere… wrs shuffled in and out. Give him time.

  2. Gabbert deserves to start at least the first few games. Now that he has some weapons he has no excuses

  3. Cite a source and then we will talk. Not one person in the organization had even publicly declared anything other than support for gabbert. He’s played one year with an abbreviated off season for Christ sakes.

  4. Fat Andy Reid recommends that the Jags sign Donavan McNeckfat to compete with Henne and Gabbert.

  5. I am a Fins fan, hope for Jags fans sake u dont go with “Checkdown Chad”. We were miserable with him down here.

  6. Elway Rookie Season: 23 years old
    10 starts
    48% passing
    7 td’s
    14 int’s
    1600 yards
    55 QB rating

    Gabbert Rookie Season :21 years old
    14 starts
    51% passing
    12 td’s
    11 int’s
    2200 yards
    65 QB rating

    NOT saying Gabbert will be Elway but lets give the guy a shot…..way to much criticism for a guy who had Mike Thomas as his number 1 receiver and bad pass protection with a short training camp.

  7. Don’t out smart yourself Mularkey. Focus on the long term, and develop Gabbert. In this new flag football era of the NFL, I guess rookie QB’s are expected to play like All-Pro’s now.

    Maybe Gabbert should have thrown the ball to himself, because besides a RB in Maurice Jones-Drew, Gabbert had no weapons to throw to. Now that he has some weapons it should be easier to make a judgment about him. Chad Henne will make a good backup QB, but he’s not a starter.

  8. Gabberts numbers really weren’t that bad for a rookie who could have still been playing in college. Yeah he looked suspect but now he actually had a legitimate receive to throw to. Can anyone other than a jags fan name me their starting receivers last year?

  9. I am really not impressed with how the Jacksonville Jaguars have handled Blaine Gabbert to this point. He was drafted to be the franchise quarterback & he was not put into a position to have success, nor should he have been playing in that situation. I cannot predict the future but that is poor course management.

  10. Gabbert or Henne? Henne or Gabbert?

    What difference does it make? They are both terrible! Good luck with another non-factor season Jacksonville.

  11. I don’t understand why Gabbert is getting so much crap. He was just a rookie last season, give him some time before you start bashing him. Yes he had a horrible year, theres no question about that, but he seems to get an unusual amount of crap for being just a rookie

  12. Sounds like Don Banks is pissed because Mularkey gave the interveiw with NFL.COM instead of him so he has to create his own QB controversey on here to have something for people to yap about, Who is Don Banks anyway?

  13. “vmannj says:May 15, 2012 8:57 PM

    I just hope they don’t give up on a young QB too soon (ahem…Cleveland).”

    Yeah, because all of those young quarterbacks that Cleveland gave up on too soon went on to do such great things in the NFL. C’mon man

  14. Roethlisberger barely squeaked out a 17-13 win against Gabbert last year.

    From ESPN —
    “Roethlisberger threw for 200 yards and a touchdown, but completed just one pass in the second half while getting sacked three times.”


  15. Gabbert should get a chance to start again, but ask any mizzou fan and they’ll tell you he wasn’t worth a first rd pick.

  16. Give him time to develop. He didn’t get that opportunity with the lockout last offseason.

    Manning was 3-13 his rookie season. Can you imagine if they had given up on him after one year?

  17. Gabbert isn’t a starting quarterback. He needs to go somewhere and hold a clipboard a little while longer. I don’t see anything in his college or pro career that tells me any different.

    But I think that the Jaguars are going to lose for L.A.

  18. Always good to see comments from trolls living in their (single) parents basement typing with one hand.

    Let’s list the QB’s who should have tossed to the curb based on their 1st year:

    Manning, P.
    Manning, E.
    Simms, P.

    And that is a PARTIAL list.

    Of course, GM’s and coaches weren’t sitting in their (single) parent’s basement playing Madden with 1 hand.

  19. Maybe they are getting the perception that Mularkey isn’t 100% on the side of Gabbert’s being the starter because prior to this recent declaration that he IS the starter, Mularkey had commented that there would be a competition between Henne & him.

  20. Click on the link and read the article for yourself – there is nothing in there that says what MDS insinuated in this story. “Coaches having to reteach fundamentals” is not “coaches think Malarkey isn’t committed to Gabbert”…

  21. schmitty2 says:

    Gabbert deserves to start at least the first few games. Now that he has some weapons he has no excuses
    This is the NFL. No one deserves anything. They EARN it. If Gabbert can’t beat out Henne in training camp and preseason then he doesn’t deserve to start. You can lose an entire locker room if most feel a QB didn’t earn his start and there is a player on the bench who performed better and gives the team a better chance to win.

  22. What is it with florida? the jaguars and dolphins have the worst qb issues in the not sold on freeman in tampa either.

  23. To really know how bad Gabbert was you really had to watch the games. The Jags were last in just about every passing stat. Last in passes completed over 20yds, last in completion percentage, last in completed passes, etc… Gabbert couldn’t even complete the passes in the dink and dunk offense they were running with the leagues leading rusher. Some falls on the horrible receiving corp, some falls on the O-line, and some falls on the OC. With all that being said, Gabbert will have TC, the preseason, and the first half of 2012 to earn the spot but if it looks like there is no improvement Mularkey has to pull him. The Jags have had two playoff appearances since 2000 and one playoff win. The new owner will lose the fans if the Jags go through another season without signs of improvement.

  24. This whole thread cracks me up with the whole “Elway, Peyton Manning, etc. sucked their first year, too!” madness! LOL!

    First of all, if you actually WATCHED their games their rookie season, you can see the promise of greatness. You can see the process. You see them getting better.

    Gabbert? Gabbert’s as scared under center in the NFL as his very first game. Blaine Gabbert is showing absolutely zero improvement. You might as well put him on a Mizzou Tigers helmet, because that’s where his growth ended as a quarterback.

    I saw some of his games. The guy isn’t an NFL quarterback. He just doesn’t have it between the ears yet. He may have some gifts, but he needs to walk around with a visor and clipboard for a while. I mean, if you ask me to pick between Gabbert and Joey Harrington, I would pick Harrington! (Is that guy even in the NFL anymore?)

    That’s all I’m saying. He’s a backup. He shouldn’t be starting. And the Jaguars, because of the players on the field, will suck. And move. Suck and move! There you go: Suck and Move!

  25. Non-Jaguars fans… Go back to commenting on a team you actuall think you might know something about.
    If people within the Jaguars organization thought Tebow could beat out Gabbert, why didn’t they draft Tebow?
    Who are the “sources” banks says supposedly aren’t sold on Gabbert? He doesn’t say. It doesn’t appear to be any coach, player or media who cover the Jags extensively. Maybe the guy delivers stuff in Tuesdays.
    Get a clue,,, the Jags didn’t run a “dink and dunk” offense.
    The guy who’s the expert on Aikman/Manning/Elway first seasons…good eye predicting how successful they’d be after horrendous rookie seasons. You have a bright future in player evaluation skills. Apply for a position with your favorite team.
    The reality is none of you knows what you’re talking about.

  26. No O-line, No Receivers: Why Gabbert regressed in his final year at Mizzou

    No O-line, No Receivers: Why Gabbert’s rookie season was horrible

    Besides, QBs shouldn’t be playing with their eyes closed.

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