Bike stolen from Seau’s home recovered

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Last night, a disturbing report emerged that a burglary occurred at linebacker Junior Seau’s home only five days after he died there.  The good news, if there is any, is that police have recovered the $500 bike stolen from the garage.

The bicycle, which belongs to a friend of Seau’s, was found in the possession of a man who bought it from another man on May 8, the day after it was stolen.  The man who made the purchase isn’t regarded as a suspect.

Police are investigating the burglary.  Per U-T San Diego, the man who sold the bicycle is white, late 20s or early 30s, and he weighs about 180 pounds.

14 responses to “Bike stolen from Seau’s home recovered

  1. I hope whoever stole the bike gets the maximum charge. It’s bad enough you broke into someone’s home, but even worse when it’s of someone that killed himself.

  2. Remember all you drivers out there to share the road and to you cyclists: wear brightly colored clothing and wear a helmet.

  3. Funny! Oceanside PD can find a bicycle that was stolen from a famous football player but when my motorcycle was stolen from my apartment, I was told by the dispatcher that (1) it would be 45 minutes to a hour before a cruiser would get to my residence (funny there were 2 cruisers in my apartment complex at the time I reported the crime). I lived in Oakland, California (where they kill people for sport) briefly. I told the dispatcher ” If this was Oakland the I could understand why it would take 45 minutes to a hour to arrive. I’m sorry what crime in Oceanside could be going on that you couldn’t send a cruiser?” (2) When the investigator got there she replied that the odds were “slim to none” it would be recovered but, if I have any information on the whereabouts of my motorcycle, I should contact the police. (isn’t that your job????) Insurance eventually took care of the claim & I got a new bike but, I find it funny Oceanside Pricks & D**ks can go out of their way for a deceased (RIP) football player but for the average citizen they tell us to “kick rocks”.

  4. louisville, apparently you are just learning celebrities take higher priority (because they, you know, have accomplished great feats) so let me be the first to welcome you to america, brother.

  5. @louisvillepride….. I’m with you man. There is a definite disconnect from the services “they” get as opposed to what “we” get.

    Also…isn’t it odd that they found the bike and the guy said “I bought it” and the police bought that story and then his vague description of the seller? I’m just sayin…..

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