Bucs holding out hope Da’Quan Bowers can play this year

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When defensive end Da’Quan Bowers joined the parade of offseason Achilles injury sufferers this offseason, the immediate speculation was that the Buccaneers would lose Bowers for the entire season.

A few days have passed, Bowers has had surgery and the Buccaneers are trying to keep an optimistic view of the timetable for his return. General Manager Mark Dominik indicated that Bowers will be destined for the PUP list instead of injured reserve to keep open the possibility that Bowers would return this season.

“His surgery was successful,” Dominik said, via Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times. “It all comes down to his rehab. He’s going to do his rehab here with Shannon Merrick, who is one of the best rehab gurus in the National Football League, which is why guys have been able to come back like they have at a quicker pace. We hope it does the same thing for him.”

The Bucs are still going to have to deal with his absence, however. Michael Bennett will move into the starting lineup, leaving the team terribly short on experienced defensive ends behind Bennett and Adrian Clayborn. They have George Johnson, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim and E.J. Wilson, but they have played in just 13 NFL games between them at this point in their careers.

For now, the Bucs plan to stick with what they have but Dominik didn’t rule out bringing in someone from the outside if they don’t like what they see from the current group.

13 responses to “Bucs holding out hope Da’Quan Bowers can play this year

  1. It would be better to just put him on IR. Dont risk further damaging his career, Tampa is a young team and still needs to add a couple more pieces in order to be a contender.

  2. It seems to me that some teams are being wildly optimistic about how quickly someone can get back from an Achilles injury.

    The good news, Bucs fans, is that Raheem Brock is still available. The bad news is, he’s about all that’s left at this point.

  3. He is done for 2012. I can not think of one guy that has come back from rehab on this type of injury in the same season. Bowers just needs to get stronger for 2013. The Bucs need to move on and fill his position now! GO BUCS!

  4. what is it recently with all these guys tearing thier achillies? is it the latest greatest work out trainers are doing or what? anyone know?

  5. The injury bug that seems to hit the high draft picks will likely lead to Dominik’s demise and one can only hope that incompentent baffoon Dennis Hickey.

  6. slammincamnewton says:
    May 16, 2012 11:16 AM
    His draft stock dropped b/c he was injury prone. This is why you don’t take risks on injury prone players b/c they will undoubtedly get hurt.

    That was the knock on Adrian Peterson too…. how did that one work out? You just never know.

  7. The Jaguars would be wise to see if the Bucs are interested in aquiring Aaron Kampman. He has a question mark with the 2 knee injuries but all signs indicate he will be ready to give it a go this season. If nothing else it adds veteran leadership and a full motor even if he is past his prime. The Jags could get a 4th rounder for him or something.

  8. @bucforever

    If you were a Bucs fan you would know of one person that has come back from this type of injury in the same year, as a matter of fact, it just happened last season. Andrew Economos, the Bucs long snapper. He tore his Achilles in April and was back Week 9. Sure he’s only a long snapper, but it can be done.

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