Chiefs sign another draft pick, four free agents

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The Chiefs officially announced the signing of second-round pick Jeff Allen on Wednesday, but that’s not the only draft pick they got under contract.

Safety DeQuan Menzie, a fifth-round pick, has also agreed to a four-year deal with the team. That leaves just two more players for the Chiefs to sign from their 2012 draft class.

Menzie started 20 games at cornerback for Alabama after a stint at junior college and saw most of his success when lined up in the slot. The team has another former Alabama player, Javier Arenas, as their slot corner at present, which might be why Menzie spent the rookie minicamp playing safety. He would back up Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis at that spot, although his experience at corner could also give him a role in other sub packages this season.

The Chiefs also announced the signing of four free agents. Tight end Martin Rucker and linebacker Leon Williams were both Browns draft picks when Romeo Crennel was in Cleveland. Both of them have a fair amount of NFL experience to draw on in their quest for spots on the Chiefs roster this summer. Those two players and safety Dominique Ellis earned contracts with tryouts at the rookie minicamp.

Offensive lineman Rich Ranglin was the other player signed by the Chiefs as they beefed their roster up to 87 players.

10 responses to “Chiefs sign another draft pick, four free agents

  1. Waiting for all the Chiefs fans to talk about how these guys are the next “Larry Allen, Berry 2.0, Wes Welker.”

    Fact: Last playoff win for KC, 1993

    But let me guess, that’s all going to change this year?

    Congrats, KC on 50 years of mediocrity.

  2. “Fact: Last playoff win for KC, 1993. Congrats, KC on 50 years of mediocrity.”

    cosign, No playoff win in 20 years, 5 division titles in 40 years…woo hoo.

  3. The best outcome of the lockout has been the end of Draft Signing Brinksmanship – formerly an annual event, particularly in KC.

  4. You two are a barrel of laughs. Thanks for adding nothing of value to the conversation. The fact is the Chiefs were a missed field goal away from winning the division last year. And beat both of your teams with a psycho head coach. But go ahead and keep on hatin’ it’s what you do best.

  5. The Sea of Red is back. The Chiefs will win the AFC West this year. They were plagued with injuries last season, a crazy HC, and a sorry excuse for a backup QB and came within a FG of winning the divison.

  6. objective and riverhorsey should really find something to do in life instead of sitting up all night coming up with dumbass quotes to fill their pathetic days up with.
    To sit around and post nonsense just to retroll back to see your words on screen must be absolutely life thrilling for those who have nothing to offer society

  7. Finally getting some depth built behind our roster full of young, talented guys.

    Our second teamers would start at most positions for the faiders or the donkeys. On defense, the 3rd team guys would start over anything the faiders have, easily.

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