Chuck Pagano in “constant communication” with Andrew Luck

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is barred by NFL rule from participating in organized team activities until Stanford’s graduation next month. But the coaching staff is still keeping close tabs on him.

Head coach Chuck Pagano said he’s been in “constant communication” with Luck since the Colts’ rookie minicamp. Luck is still throwing regularly working with former Stanford receiver Griff Whalen, who was signed by the Colts as an undrafted free agent. (Colts second-round tight end Coby Fleener has also worked with Luck at Stanford, although Fleener, a graduate student, is allowed to return to the Colts’ facilities before Stanford’s graduation.)

“We’re talking back and forth and he was able to take some stuff with him,” Pagano said, in comments distributed by the team. “Besides school, he’s spending time with Griff out there and a couple of his other teammates. He does football in the morning, goes out and throws, works out [and is] staying on top of everything. He’s on point. He does a couple of classes. I spoke to him as a matter of fact last night he called me, and it’s killing him not to be here. He’s just dying to get out here. He’s doing well.”

Pagano said he’d like to have Luck in Indianapolis, but considering the success that rookie quarterbacks Cam Newton and Andy Dalton had last year with no offseason work at all, Luck should be able to get ready even if he’s missing some offseason work.

“It’s like money you never get back. It’d be awesome to have him here, but we’re going to make due,” Pagano said. “Last year we had a lockout right? There were four, five, six rookie quarterbacks that came in and a couple of those guys had more success than others. So doing what he’s doing, spending time with the materials that we’ve given him, working out and throwing.”

And still getting some coaching from Pagano, even 2,000 miles away.

9 responses to “Chuck Pagano in “constant communication” with Andrew Luck

  1. Pagano will fail as a coach and I’ll be here to laugh at another failed Ravens D-coordinator. LOL

  2. Congratulations to the Colts fans as the horse shoe returns to horse manure. Start up the Mayflower truck. It is going to be another long season.

  3. haters gonna hate.

    As a Colts fan, this is exactly what I want to hear from our team.

    Watching Kerry Collins stand on the side line and not do anything enraged me last year. I want to see our field general getting live readouts and staying in constant communication with our coaches. Can’t wait!

    Building the Monster

  4. 7thlombardiontheway says:
    May 16, 2012 5:31 PM

    Pagano will fail as a coach and I’ll be here to laugh at another failed Ravens D-coordinator. LOL
     Even though I’m not a fan of marvin lewis, rex ryan, and except for del rio, I wouldn’t actually call the first two failures, would you?

    To say Pagano will be a failure is not only bad form, it lacks intelligence.

    However, your hiring of Todd Haley and letting Bruce Arians go WAS a bone head move

    But atleast your Steelers prison throwbacks are fabulous!

  5. Luck is going to be an above average qb but he is not the savior everybody makes him out to be. I see the second coming of matt ryan, not peyton.

  6. @benacci: So you think criticism against Pagano is bad form and unintelligent, but you are allowed to then move on to say that the Steelers made a bone headed move by switching offensive coordinators after not hitting their offensive potential once again?

    Little bit of a hypocrite there, eh?

    Btw: Die hard Steelers fan-the jerseys need a lot of work.

  7. Giants fan living in Indianapolis. I got to go to the Super Bowl and it was fantastic to see the team I grew up watching win in the city I live in currently.

    I had a interesting view of the end of the last era and the beginnings of this new era. Anything Polian has been thrown out. These new guys are a little different. Quietly confident and not arrogant. They have a real sense of building a solid foundation on nothing that the team has been for the last 7 years.

    I’m not sure this type of rebuilding has every happened like this before. If it works, they’ll talk about this for years. If it fails… 15 years of pain.

    I wish the Colts the best of luck. No pun intended.

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