Dolphins to host Ovie Mughelli on Thursday

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Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that free agent fullback Ovie Mughelli will fly to Miami tonight and visit the Dolphins on Thursday.

Mughelli, who turns 32 next month, was a Pro Bowl lead blocker in front of Michael Turner with the Falcons in 2010. He missed most of last season with a torn right MCL.

Mughelli was released by Atlanta on May 8 in a move that cleared $3 million worth of salary off the Falcons’ books. The Dolphins don’t have a true lead-blocking fullback on their current roster.

15 responses to “Dolphins to host Ovie Mughelli on Thursday

  1. Played QB against this guy in High School. He was RB and MLB. He pretty much jumped through the center and sacked my 40 times, and obviously he was a demon Rb too. We called him Zeus, and the best part was how cool and nice he was after the game and at all-star weekend.

    Just thought I’d share- hopefully he signs with the ‘fins and I can run into him down here!

  2. “FinFan68 says:
    May 16, 2012 12:39 PM
    Another RB is the last thing the Dolphins need right now”

    You do realize that he is a fullback..which means lead blocker for the rb.

  3. FinFan68 says:May 16, 2012 12:39 PM

    Another RB is the last thing the Dolphins need right now

    Jagsfanugh already stated the obvious so with that being said wouldn’t you want a lead blocker for the guy that wants to lead the league in rushing?

  4. We’re going to miss him in Atlanta. We are crossing our fingers we can get him back with a more reasonable contract. The drafting of Ewing makes that look unlikely. Whoever gets him will be very glad to have him. He’ll make your RB look much better.

  5. Hmmmm never really seen him play but we definitely need some lead blocking. Ireland looks to be doing a decent job so far.

    On paper at least..

  6. No matter what Offense you run you still run the ball and to run the ball well you need blocking. Our short yardage running game was attrocious when we got rid of L. Polite. I liked the Fins picking up Messam but that’s not working out so well now, so i like this. Hope it works out. Go Fins!

  7. Don’t get your hopes up miami fans…if ireland cant get this guy on a one year vet minimum deal than its not going to happen. I almost wish ireland would ask these players if they are open to signing this type deal before they fly out for a visit. That would save time for all involved and fans wouldn’t get their hopes up.

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