Donald Driver advances to DWTS finals


He won a Lombardi Trophy in 2011.  In 2012, he may be hoisting a trophy that would cause Lombardi to question what the hell’s going on out here.

Packers receiver Donald Driver, who may not be a Packer much longer, may soon by the next champion on Dancing with the Stars.

Driver’s push to the final three, where he’ll square off against two (more) people I’ve never heard of, continues the run of success by current and former football players on the show, with Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward winning and Jerry Rice, Jason Taylor, and Warren Sapp finishing in second place.  (I had to look that up.  Seriously, I did.)

Driver’s success comes at a time when rumors are rampant that the Packers may not want him back for 2012, when he’s due to earn a base salary of $2.6 million.  Driver’s absence from the offseason program surely isn’t helping his cause, especially since he’s now guaranteed to miss at least some of the team’s Organized Team Activities, which start next week.

So, yeah, it’s not looking good for Driver in Green Bay.  But maybe if he gets cut he’ll find a home with two of his former head coaches in Miami, where Brandon Marshall is gone and the depth chart is topped by Davone Bess and Brian Hartline.

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  1. Packers have an embarrassment of riches with Jennings, Neson, Jones and Cobb plus Gurley is ready to shine and Bell is promising.

    The only way Double D is back is if Ted Thompson takes him up on his offer to play for much less under a renegotiated contract. Driver will have to square the fact that he could earn more and start on another team with his desire to retire as a one team man.

    While that may make sense for one year and this should be a push to get back to the SuperBowl, it could push players like Gurley and Bell to want to make it somewhere else and that effects the future. Driver is also not on special teams except for the Hands unit and the newbies would be.

    Tough decision all the way around.

    If he is willing to take less, I say bring him back. The known Pro Bowl talent as a 4 or 5 receiver and immediate ability to be 2 or 3 if injuries occur make it a wise choice.

    Just win (now), Baby.

  2. Donald Driver is a class act on and off the field and this is clearly shown on DWTS. And his talent and competetivenes is super.

    I know this will turn off some of you super macho guys, but do yourself a favor and watch the finals Mon. night. And gourgeous gals also ain’t too bad.

    Hines Ward showed the same traits as he won last year. Perhaps DD can join Hines and Emmitt as Mirror Bowl Winners!

  3. For those talking about taking a cut in pay have to realize it isn’t about the money. The problem is the roster spot. The Packers have two guys on the practice squad they paid extra last year to not lose them. DD would be the 4th or 5th WR on the team and you can’t have a guy in that position not play special teams.

    Driver is one of my all time favorite Packers. He will be in their Hall of Fame as soon as they see fit [not sure what kind of waiting period they have]. If he wants to continue on with another team and I am sure he can but in Green Bay it just doesn’t make sense as a roster move and what is best for the team.

  4. Don’t know who they are? Katherine Jenkins is only one of the most famous classical singers in the world, while William Levy is a fast-rising star both in the U.S. and throughout Latin America. He’s Brad Pitt right after “Thelma and Louise.”

  5. Driver to Fins = Bad idea!!!!

    Bring James Jones!!!!!

    Hines Ward, Chad “Uh-oh Spaghettios”, and Jason Taylor all played worse after DWTS!!!!

  6. @ rajbais says:
    May 16, 2012 10:40 AM
    Driver to Fins = Bad idea!!!!

    Bring James Jones!!!!!

    Hines Ward, Chad “Uh-oh Spaghettios”, and Jason Taylor all played worse after DWTS!!!!


    Perhaps you haven’t discovered in your youth (or “youtes” as cousin Vinnie would say) that as much fun and valuable as football is, there are other things in life that are also worthwhile.

    I hope your WHOLE world does not revolve around pro football! All the stars mentioned (the jury’s still out on Ocho) have demonstrated classy life outside of football.

  7. I think DDs future is going to be weighed during camp.

    If he’s definitely better than the practise squad guys, he’ll stay. If it’s even, he’ll go.

    I do believe, that if he stays, it’ll be his last year.

  8. After watching DWTS last night and seeing the best dancer Maria Menounos with perfect scores being eliminated (seriously what a joke) … I realized that only football fans watch DWTS.
    Next season they should have all 32 NFL teams represented on the show … nobody would be eliminated until the final week.

  9. I’m a packer fan and am embarrassed by this. But he will definitely be on the team when the season starts.

  10. @bray72

    Yes, but I am correct!!!

    Terrell Owens took a lot of crap for doing his reality show, but he did not do a show that does take a physical toll on you!!!

    I am telling the truth because a guy like Jason Taylor did Dancing with the stars” and lost a key amount of body fat and that resulted in him become weaker!!!!

    When you do DWTS you have 8-12 hour rehearsal days and you are not in the weight room!!! That causes you to become weaker and you’re not going to be as explosive or as strong at the line of scrimmage when you do that your body!!!!

    That is why DWTS is bad for football players!!! If Lawrence Taylor and Kristie Alley are losing weight and body fat after doing “Dancing with the stars” NFL players will too and that causes them to weaken!!!

    Terrell Owens on the other hand did his shows in 2009 and 2010. In 2009 he caught 829 yards and 5 touchdowns with bad and unprotected quarterbacks and in 2010 he caught 983 yards and 9 touchdowns in 13 games while getting injured on the first snap in his 14th game!!!

    Plus, all of his 2011 reality show was about his ACL surgery and rehab and financial situation!!!! There’s no physical toll there, but he didn’t play in 2011!!!

    He tore his ACL while rehabbing his knee with the meniscus torn during his 14th game!!!

    Who did the less physically tolling reality show and succeeded???

  11. Also, John Madden pointed out my observation of Jason Taylor during the 2008 Hall of Fame game!!!

  12. bearsstillsuck says:May 16, 2012 1:49 PM

    I’m a packer fan and am embarrassed by this. But he will definitely be on the team when the season starts.

    Shame on you man. Never question the greats that have been on that show. Donald is enhancing the view of the Green Bay organization along with just having a good time. I’ll be proud if he wins, not embarrassed.

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