Jeff Garcia joins USFL board of advisors

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Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia, who landed a spot on the Texans’ depth chart in 2011 after both Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart suffered season-ending injuries, will now be involved with yet another football league.

Garcia has joined the board of advisors for the reconstituted USFL, which is scheduled to launch in March 2013.

“We are thrilled to have Jeff involved and to be able to tap into his knowledge and experience in the professional football world as we look forward to re-launching the USFL in 2013,” USFL President and Chief Executive Officer Jaime Cuadra said in a press release.  “Jeff’s extensive background and networks with professional football players will undoubtedly help carry out the USFL’s mission of helping our players live successfully and responsibly as positive citizens on and off the field.”

Garcia has played in the CFL, NFL, and UFL.  Though the press release say he’s retired from football, he may be a better option than some of the guys who’ll be playing for the eight USFL teams during the league’s first season back in business.

The USFL originally launched in 1983, first attempting to be an out-of-season competitor for NFL talent and then decided to challenge the NFL head-to-head during traditional football season.  The league disappeared in the wake of an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL that resulted in a $1 verdict, which under the antitrust laws was trebled.

Garcia played for the 49ers, Browns, Lions, Eagles, Bucs, and Texans.  He also spent part of the 2009 preseason with the Raiders.

14 responses to “Jeff Garcia joins USFL board of advisors

  1. If they are bringing back the USFL, are the Breakers going to play in Boston, New Orleans, or Portland?

  2. I’ve always felt competing pro leagues were doomed to die with the NFL in place, but if the USFL has real kickoffs and allows real hits (even on the QB!), then this might be the time launch it.

    Just make sure you get a lawyer to draw up an iron-tight hold-harmless contract for anyone who signs and print “Warning: Playing football can lead to physical injury, concussions, brain damage, and even death” on the side of the helmet.

    You know, just in case the players didn’t know that already.

  3. First order of business for Mr. Garcia…….block T.O.’s phone number from all league personnel.

  4. Everyone has to settle down. This USFL will be much different than the last. All coaches and players will essentially be handpicked by the nfl. This isnt going to be a “competitor.” For all purposes, this will basically be a minor league for the NFL.

  5. If the USFL tries to create an “off-season” league it is very possible it can do well. If they try to compete head-to-head again, thy will fail.

    I like that there will be another league…I hate the 7 months when there is no football!

  6. He will be a trendsetter for the entire gay community looking to make a mark as football executives. Maybe he can convince Tim Tebow to come play for them.

  7. A second league can make it, it just has to stop making the stupid mistakes others have.

    -Don’t try and compete with the NFL. Don’t play your games at the same time, don’t go after their players.

    -Allow the NFL to use you as a resource for player and even coaching development. Show value to them, so they have an interest in keeping you around.

    -Don’t wear uniforms that look like rejected rollerball costumes.

    -Move the Stars back to Philadelphia. They never should have moved to Baltimore in the first place.

  8. So happy to see spring football. Any word as to whether the USFL will allow players to buyout of contracts and join NFL teams at the conclusion of their season?

  9. Apparently all franchises will be located in cities that do not have a NFL or MLB franchise to compete with. They are looking at Memphis, Salt Lake City, Austin, San Antonio, Columbus, Raleigh, Oklahoma City, and Portland

  10. Garcia’s first order of business? Selecting the colors and style for each of the team’s uniforms. Rumor has it that pastels and earth tones will be high on the list – however, tassles, glitter and sparkles won’t be counted out.

  11. One classy individual. Good job by the USFL in having him associated with your league. Great player in Canada and the NFL.

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