Nick Mangold shows up shirtless on Jimmy Fallon

A long trip home from New York, during which I was able to sleep a couple of hours, has given me a minor case of insomnia, which has allowed me to watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC, as per the requirements of my contract.

And making an unexpected appearance on the show was Jets center Nick Mangold, who was rolled out shirtless as part of a trivia game that, if the member of the audience gets the question incorrect, the guy without the shirt has a portion of his chest hair waxed off.

Mangold ultimately had five strips of chest hair removed forcibly, the last of which encompassed a full nipple.

It would have been a lot more interesting if Mangold was as hairy below the shoulders as he is above them.  Or if he would have danced to LMFAO.

If you missed the show, the video already is posted at the show’s website.  And if you’re up as of this posting, tune in for an appearance by our buddy Nick Di Paolo, of the Nick & Artie Show.