Report: Peters, Suggs could forfeit pay because of injuries

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Jason Peters and Terrell Suggs have already lost some or all of their seasons to Achilles injuries.

According to a report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, they may also be at risk of losing money. Both players fit the criteria for being placed on the Non-Football Injury list. Players aren’t entitled to any compensation while on the list, although the report says that the teams aren’t prepared to do anything that drastic.

The Eagles have reportedly already “amicably discussed” a salary reduction with Peters and his agent. Per Mortensen, Peters would be subject to the loss of at least the $3.25 million that the team is paying Demetress Bell, who they signed after Peters’ injury. Mortensen’s sources also said that Suggs, whose partial tear holds out hope he can return this year, could face a reduction.

Suggs also reportedly wants to restructure or extend his contract in light of winning the Associated Press 2011 Defensive Player of the Year Award. He’ll have to wait until his healthy to do that, but it’s another thing to toss into the mix of discussions between the sides.

If the players do wind up losing money, the lesson to players will be that they should do their working out at the team facility. Peters (the first time, anyway) and Suggs both say they were hurt while doing conditioning work, but they qualify for the Non Football Injury list because they were working out on their own. If the same thing happened at the team facility, they wouldn’t be at any risk.

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  1. for those who missed the last 57 articles on the subject: Suggs, and now Peters may forfeit pay for suffering off-the-job injuries just like almost any other employee in the US who couldn’t/didn’t take/have leave to use.

  2. I am sure the NFLPA will argue on their behalf but the teams are well within their rights to do this.

    The players took a RISKS working out on their own, just like the team takes RISKS signing them to a contract and hoping they don’t do drugs or kill somebody.

    I hope this teaches every NFL player a lesson to work out in the teams facilities and not be a prima donna.

  3. That’s what happens when you work out at “ball so hard university” instead of the team facility.

  4. Ball so Hard must be real school. There’s no way he talks the way he does or says the thing he does if he went to real school. Fall so Hard T-bizzle.

  5. Ravens are one of the classiest organizations in the NFL. They won’t dog Suggs like that.

  6. Sounds like a no brainier. To me, paying some millions, there is no off season. Not smart.

  7. Anyone else would have had the towel guy smuggle them into the team facility in a duffel bag where they would then fake like the injury happened there. You don’t think towel guys buy all that bling on a measly equipment manager’s salary, do you?

  8. These aren’t scrubs we are talking about here. There is no way either team pulls some crap like this on either of these guys. This is a non story.

  9. I don’t believe for a minute Suggs story (within few hrs. it changed when it broke)

    HOWEVER you gotta pay the man or major division within organization – then here comes the union – just not worth it. He’s made his bones.

  10. These are two of the best players at their position. In shape and prepared to play. This could have happened anywhere and at anytime. They were not doing RECKLESS actives. I wouldn’t accept a penny less than what’s in my contract. Let the teams cut them. Another team will sign them for more money. Let’s see who needs who more. NFL contracts are horrible!

  11. I agree with KIR, these players are expected to stay in top shape and be ready for traing camp. Should they now have to live year round close enough to the training facility. Makes no sense. Now players will just stop working out until camp starts

  12. If they do this…then they can’t complain when players show up to OTAs out of shape. Players are sure not going to workout hard in the offseason if they take money away because of injuries, and they are sure not sticking around cities like BUF, GB, MIN all year just to workout.

  13. Of all the words one could use to describe the Balitmore Ravens, “classy” would be at the bottom of the list.

  14. I could be wrong, but aren’t players banned from team facilities in March and April according to the CBA? Or is that just banned from working with coaches?

  15. For every player who gets hurt from working out on his own rather than at the team facility, there’s a player who doesn’t get hurt because he worked out on his own rather than at the team facility.

  16. Are both of these guys nuts? See, here’s the deal, fellas. You should probably read your contracts and talk to your agents. I’m sure that they would advise you that if you want to work out and get paid, go to the team facility. If you do it on your own and get hurt, too bad. These teams are both well within their rights to not pay either one of you. If they do, what’s to stop other players from doing the same stupid things.

  17. Everyone claiming Suggs should have been at the team facility: the new CBA does allow players to use team facilities prior to OTAs, but before April 16th they’re not allowed to meet with any coaches. So he’s have been working out “unsupervised” according to what he remembered the conditioning program to be, which is exactly what he was doing anyway.

    So, even if he went, there would have been no guidance and no supervision. It’s not like he didn’t know how to work out, but nothing would have changed had he been at a Ravens gym or his own.

  18. Except for Maui, most of you sound like entitlement people. They are all grown men and should have some idea regarding the dangers in working out anywhere. So, when the contract calls for it to be down at the facility, why should the team waive that requirement? You guys would scream holy terror if the situation was reversed and the player was insisting the team abide by the contract. For an example of the danger, Taylor of the Browns lost this season while lifting weights at the facility. LIFTING WEIGHTS! Get it yet?

  19. Don’t know what kind of conditioning these two guys claim to have been doing, so I’m not taking sides here. But what if a player were injured while jogging, riding a bike with his kids, or swimming in his own pool? Does this mean engaging in any conditioning activity outside the team facility puts them at risk for losing their salary?

  20. If the Ravens refuse to pay Suggs I’ll eat my steel toed work boots. No way Steve Bisciotti refuses to pay the reigning DPOY and a key leader on this defense especially considering Ray Lewis and/or Ed Reed may not be around much longer. Bisciotti loves this team, he knows what they mean to Baltimore, and he is not wary on spending money on key players.

    Suggs will get paid and be back in time to hit some QB’s come playoffs.

  21. I am not so sure I would make that” eat my steel toed work boots ” bet. While Suggs is a great player and truly needed by the Ravens, all one needs to do is check out how N.O. is treating Brees over money issues, despite the fact that he is the heart and soul of the team and a stalwart of the community.

  22. Non-story. Teams aren’t about to discourage players from staying in shape during the offseason.

  23. @fdugrad:
    I gotta agree with randallflagg52 on this one (mark it – will almost never happen again). There’s no way the Ratbird organization is dumb enough to NOT pay Suggs while he recoups and bring him back in when he’s ready.

  24. The Ravens might cut Suggs’ salary to allow more cap-space while still getting him some bonus money or “restructuring” his contract. You may not think they’re “classy” but Ozzie & Co are very good at managing things in a legitimate manner…as opposed to the Boyz and Skins owners (and to clarify, I am a Skins fan but not necessarily a Snyder one).
    It would be a shame if these guys lost a season’s pay just for being active athletes. Suggs may not look that smart – but at least he wasn’t driving a cycle without a helmet, like Big Bone…errr…Ben.

  25. Ravens organization ” classy ” ? Are there Unicorns and Pink Elephants in this world you live in , Ravenator????
    You are listed as an example when looking up Homer in the dictionary.

  26. After what Gronkowski did to Suggs in AFC Champ game,,,not only pancaking him,,,but rendering him impotent,,a salary reduction is in order.

    Imagine if he played on regular defense w/no Nata, Lewis, Reed et al…he might be asked to make a run tackle once a month.

  27. deathtoromo: Even though I can tell from your handle that you’re an arbiter of all that is classy and in good taste…yes that’s a joke…but please, give some examples of things the Ravens do as a franchise that aren’t classy?

    They have great facilities, treat their fans great, treat their players great, are one of the winningest teams in the NFL over the past years, have a great owner and a great GM, the players rarely get into trouble on or off the field…

  28. @mistersmith22:
    …give some examples of things the Ravens do as a franchise that aren’t classy?

    I can think of one right off the bat; release the QB who you won your only Superbowl with (Dilfer) prior to the following season. It’s never happened before – or since – in the history of the NFL, and the Ratbirds have been paying the price for that classless act ever since.

    Enjoy always being the Bridesmaid!

  29. sudz28 – OK tool , does every team bring back EVERY single player from the previous SB team? answer No .

    To jog your memory Jamal Lewis and Leon Searcy suffered year ending injuries in training camp. There was no way on this earth that Dilfer would have gotten that team to the playoffs with no running game and a sieve for a line .

    This is so funny the same people who , rightfully , call Dilfer the worst QB to ever win the SB get on the Baltimore Ravens for letting him go.

    I would say his career after the Ravens has completely answered the question of whether it was a good move to not sign Dilfer to a long term deal and let him go.

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