Saints, Brees moving closer to key deadlines

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Over the weekend, our pal Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune updated the Drew Brees contract situation, writing that the chances of Brees and the Saints working out a new deal before the launch of OTAs next week are closer to none than slim.

On Tuesday, Triplett made a return visit to PFT Live to discuss the Brees situation, which soon could become more significant to the Saints than the ongoing bounty brouhaha.

It remains unthinkable that Brees and the Saints won’t get a deal done soon.  But it’s nearly as unthinkable that the situation has gotten to this point.

To summarize (which is no substitute for checking out the interview), the OTAs start May 22 — and the Saints and Brees have until July 16 to sign a long-term deal.  Otherwise, Brees can only sign a one-year contract.

In the interim, Chase Daniel will get plenty of opportunities to develop, even if the development comes only in jerseys-and-shorts practice sessions.  (And, yeah, I made sure I mentioned Daniel so that the photo would look less forced.)

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15 responses to “Saints, Brees moving closer to key deadlines

  1. I thought May 22nd is the day AJ Smith starts writing rough drafts for the 5-day letters.

  2. If there is one qurterback who deserves the money he is asking it would be Brees. Im not even a Saints fan but with everything that is going on with the franchise right now I would think they would sign this guy right away.

  3. Brees is just taking a vacation. Nothing to worry about. His wife is pregnant and he has alot of stuff going on. He deserves a vacation before he signs his final long term contract.

  4. I thought of all the players on a team Franchise QBs would be the one player that would not have to go through this Franchise tag dance because they’re just too valuable. I can’t think of another Franchise QB who had to go through this. Rothelisburger, Rodgers, both Mannings, Brady, Vick, Rivers, etc. All were locked up before it got to the point of them missing any team activities. And Brees can legitimately make the point he’s equal to or better than most on that list as of last season.

  5. Only way this makes any sense is if Saints management has internally decided that the window of opportunity for another Super Bowl has closed on the team’s core players such as Brees. Not that I agree with that assessment.

  6. Loomis deserves to be suspended if only for the idiotic way he has handled this situation. Brees is the unquestioned field general and it is obvious to any unbiased fan that this guy is a top 5 QB. That’s the problem with having a top 5 QB…you’ve gotta pay him that way!

  7. I’m not sure what the big deal is here. Of course this is going to take a long time. Brees is making them explain to him every line in the contract before he signs. They’re not even halfway through the thing yet.

    Which means…..Drew Brees is finally getting an explanation!

  8. You must remember the Saints got a 18 mil quarter, and only had to pay 6mil. To get to where they are now why give him more, Benson is the owner and he is from the car business so he treats it like a car deal. At what point due you walk then he will come up with the money. What Brees should do is not sign the tender and take his show somewhere else then Benson learns another lesson. And Brees is a bigger part than most can see and the city thinks he is god. So they will try and screw him like they do to most players when Brees leaves so will a lot of others.
    Benson can’t see that all he see is money

  9. Drew and Coach Payton are almost done working on the play book for this season. He’ll sign on time.

  10. Maybe the Louisianna legislature should convene and pass a resolution with a 28-1 vote to extend the upcoming key deadlines.

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