Vikings stadium deal not done yet


Last May, the Vikings and officials in Arden Hills prematurely popped the cork on a stadium that never will be built on the site of a World War II ammunition plant.  This May, the Vikings and the Governor and various legislators are sipping champagne and doing snow angels in confetti after the Minnesota Legislature finally turned into law a plan to build a new stadium near the site of the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

Once again, it could be too early to throw a party.

The Minneapolis City Council still must approve the plan.  When City Council voted in April to express support for the project (in the hopes of helping get the Legislature to act), the resolution passed via a wafer-thin vote of 7-6.

Which means that, if only one person changes his or her mind, the deal could die.

Per a league source, neither the NFL nor the Vikings are concerned about a possible Mabel Choate-style change of heart.  Still, all eyes will be on Council Member Kevin Reich, who was the swing vote in April and who could derail the entire effort on his own.  Thus, until the full City Council votes on May 25 to accept the deal that the Legislature has ratified, there is reason for the Vikings, their fans, the NFL, and all stadium supporters to be a little nervous.  Likewise, there’s hope for those who are opposed to $500 million in public money being used to fund a football stadium.

Bottom line?  The deal won’t be done until the Minneapolis City Council says it’s done.

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29 responses to “Vikings stadium deal not done yet

  1. It took ten years to get them this far. It will be another ten before the first beer is sold at the new stadium!

  2. Yes, I’m nervous…haven’t popped the cork yet on the war, but have celebrated the victories on the battles won to day. One battle left.

  3. Hopefully the Vikings come out on top and the City Council votes in favor of the team and stadium. It will be devastating if it doesn’t. I could not love LA Vikings, I’d have to be done with football. I make flights to Minnesota once a year or two and go to away games at Ford field, but no way would I fly to LA.

  4. Alright man. You need to shut up. It’s over. Quit writing stories about it.

  5. The one senator had 900 emails the night before the last vote, would there be any pressure on a city councilman? If they vote against it maybe people should change how they vote in this great state !

  6. they already have 7 confirmed votes from city council members. they have openly said they will approve the deal, so STOP!


  7. Well if Kevin Reich changes his vote back to no he better have some good life insurance because the people of Minnesota will kill him!!!

  8. After the approval of the Minnesota Legislature and Governor; and getting the Vikings to kick-in an extra $50 million, the City Council members would be committing career suicide if they don’t approve it. With the Vikings putting in the additional money there’s a better chance the vote is stronger in favor than it swinging the other way.

  9. A “No” vote would be the cruelest, most devastating thing I could imagine at this point. Just when you think it’s all over, another battle emerges.

    And WHY are you giving ‘those opposed to giving $500 million of public’ ANY more ammunition, or hope?

    Let them be, they are the enemy of football and hate everything and everyone.

  10. Hang in there, fellow PFT’ers. After their City Council gives official approval, the Vikings won’t do anything newsworthy until their new stadium opens in 2016.

  11. If the Minneapolis City Council screws it up at this point, Vikings fans should be allowed to sue them for damages due to pain and suffering. Enough is enough.

  12. Every Vikings fan knows their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If the council voted it down, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  13. My bro-in-law lives in that district. He says the prevailing sentiment is that the constituents were mad that he voted yes and are leaning on him to switch to no. I guess we’ll see who’s job he is more interested in saving, Zygi’s or his own.

  14. Dude it will get build you and I both know that stop bringing out the annoying ass haters on this site the only way it wont get build if the world end serioulsy put this story to bed

  15. Any city council member voting against investing only $5M per year over a 30 year minimum economic life of the stadium (even less in future dollars) should have to answer to his/her constituents on why they rejected a no brainer civic investment out of spite.

    Minneapolis will get that cash back easily and then some over the life of new Vikings stadium.

  16. Congrats on a new stadium to watch your team rot in the cellar the next ten years!

    I guess..

  17. tombradysponytail says:May 16, 2012 9:42 PM

    My bro-in-law lives in that district. He says the prevailing sentiment is that the constituents were mad that he voted yes and are leaning on him to switch to no. I guess we’ll see who’s job he is more interested in saving, Zygi’s or his own.

    Two of those sentences were lies. The third contained a spelling error.

  18. Ok… What about the other council member who was quoted as saying a week ago he might change his no vote to a yes after the new details on the bill emerged and the Vikings now putting an extra 50 mil.

    Giving it an 8-5 passing vote in the mpls council.

    Keep hoping for L.A. thou, nice try. Not. Gotta give those Packer fans in Minnesota something else to complain about other than their defense I guess.

    At least you’re not Kevin Seifert, whatta chode.

  19. @thankheaven.

    Dude, What? Do you live in district 1? I’m just telling you what my bro-in-law has heard from his neighbors and acquaintances. I have no idea if that is indicative of what the rest of the people in that district think. I guess we’ll find out.

    And, I mispelled a word? This is a football website, I think you’re looking for the Elizabethan poetry website…

  20. No need to fret, the Vikings will get their new stadium.

    Is that positive enough to not get deleted?

  21. I’m more interested in figuring out who the #4 wanna-be in the picture. He sure seems important to one person in the picture…….

  22. lavikesfan says:
    May 18, 2012 2:56 AM
    Just give up in Minnesota let them come to Cali and be champions just like the lakers…

    Yeah they look pretty tough so far in the playoffs this year! 🙂

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