A realistic assessment of Brady’s career duration

Our corporate cousin and good friend Tom Curran of CSNNE.com joined PFT Live on Wednesday to discuss a wide range of Patriots-related topics.

The obvious starting point and biggest story surrounding the team at this point relates to the return of Wes Welker, who has signed his franchise tender.  Curran gives his view on why the move was made, and whether a long-term deal is coming.

Curran also provides an assessment regarding the glass-two-thirds-empty chances of receiver Chad Ochocinco making it onto the opening-day roster, even after slashing his pay for 2012.

Then there’s a Blutarski-esque assessment of the possibility that left tackle Matt Light will unretire, despite the urgings of quarterback Tom Brady that Light return.

Speaking of Brady, Curran responds to the future Hall of Famer’s recent abandonment of his “10 more years” career plan, which has been replaced with “for as long as they want me.”  Curran believes that, realistically, Brady has five more years — possibly as many as eight.

The key, which meshes with Wednesday’s comments from Redskins coach Mike Shanahan regarding Donovan McNabb, is Brady’s commitment to keeping himself in top shape.  That’s a commitment he didn’t have a dozen years ago, as that classic photo from the 2000 Scouting Combine confirms.

To the extent I haven’t completely spoiled the segment, please watch it.  Not for us, but for Tom.  He’s a tad fragile, and we’re hoping to boost his self-esteem a bit.

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19 responses to “A realistic assessment of Brady’s career duration

  1. I love Brady but you can see the beginning of the end now.

    Throws he would make in his sleep he sometimes makes now. He’s got a few more good years left.

  2. I know everyone at ESPN and all Patriots fans had Brady in that pantheon of all-time great SuperBowl winning QB’s with Bradshaw, Montana, and Aikmen. Now after his second loss to Eli, he is not there or even close. I’ve said on here before Brady, Kraft & Belichick as a threesome will never will another SuperBowl together. I stand by that.

  3. A tad fragile… the guy cries on NFL Netork because he was drafted in the 6th round.

  4. 1st ballot Hall Of Fame. It will be a sad day in the NFL when Brady steps down. Talk about big shoes to fill, the future Patriot QB will have Andrew Luck sized pressure on him.

  5. That is crazy to think he could continue playing at this level for another 8 years. In the last decade, Tom has averaged a super bowl appearance every two years so if we follow that stat, Tom is going to appear in 4 more.

  6. As a Patriots fan, all I want to say is…Drew Brees wants an explanation

  7. deepthreat says: May 17, 2012 6:53 AM

    A tad fragile… the guy cries on NFL Netork because he was drafted in the 6th round.
    MF was poking fun at Curran.

    I will never get the mentality of some people on here. Sure isn’t the mentality of a happy, successful person though.

  8. I say he might have 2 or 3 years. left he will start getting hurt more and more this. year and miss 6 to 8 games this year I seen a decline in his game last year plus LOSING his last to super bowl’s will effect his play plus he has to play the NY JETS twice a year with there punishing defense. he’ll never be what he was 8 to10 years ago.time to hang it up TOM.

  9. Brady is rapidly going downhill.

    The first sign of a declining star qb is his inability to complete the long pass.

    We saw that in the last superbowl in which Brady completed ZERO!

    He looks soft, pale, flabby and beginning to develop gynecomastia.

  10. @ deepthreat

    You’re truly an idiot. He didn’t cry because he got drafted in the 6th round. He cried thinking about how his family was there for him on that stressful day. By the time he got drafted, he didn’t think he was going to get drafted, but he did. It was probably very emotional. Get a clue.

  11. 1) Brady threw for the most yards he’s ever thrown in 2011.

    2) Brady’s deep threat numbers declined last year, because THEY HAD NO DEEP THREAT. Their #1 outside receiver (Branch)…is getting older, and isn’t nearly as quick as he was. He just knows the routes very very well and Brady trusts him.

    3) Brady has never had ‘laser-like’ accuracy with the deep ball. He had Moss who would go up and get it, in any location.

    4) As long as the O-Line keeps people off him, and TB makes football preparation the #1 concern in his life, he can most certainly continue to play for at least 5 years.

  12. anyone who says brady has started to decline clearly hasnt watched him play the last 2 years

  13. I think Brady’s skills are starting to diminish. He no longer practices nor conditions in the off-season with the intensity of years gone by. His confidence is bound to take a hit due to the absence of Martinez. It was never a secret that Brady didn’t get along with McDaniels. He’s also going to face the defenses of SF, BAL, NYJ and HOU (Brady’s old friend, Pollard, plays for the Texans). Don’t forget the Saints and the Justin Tuck-led Giants are going to say hi to Brady ih the preseason. ALL opponents’ defensive scheme meetings are going to include a pic of the velvet slippers Tom wore to the ball last week. I hope Belicheck devises an offensive plan for Hoyer who may have the starting job earlier than anyone could imagine.

  14. tedmurph says:
    May 17, 2012 9:14 PM
    I’m bozo, nice pic, just got wood

    Of course tedysmurf got wood. Most male Pats fans feel the same way if we are to gauge from how defensive you all get when your fantasy boyfriend Brady gets even the least bit criticized.

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