Adrian Peterson calls himself “50-50” for training camp

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said he’ll be surprised and disappointed if he misses the first game of the season because of the torn ACL, MCL and meniscus he suffered at the end of the 2011 season, but he’s less confident about his ability to answer the bell for training camp.

Peterson spoke to Josina Anderson of ESPN about his outlook for camp and expressed some doubts about going full steam when the Vikings get to Mankato. The Vikings have said they plan to be cautious with Peterson and while Peterson feels like he’ll be able to participate, he sounds like he’s ready to follow their lead.

“To be honest with you I feel like 50-50. I feel like honestly, sitting here telling you the truth, I’ll be able to participate doing certain things. I think I’ll be able to participate. I’m going to be all the way honest with you. I feel like I will be able to get out there and you call a run play or whatever, I’ll be able to go through practice. That’s how I feel. That’s my mindset; but I’m going to follow the protocol. Whatever the Vikings and their staff want me to do, then I’m gonna do that; but I’m not going to hinder myself. I’m going to let those guys know how I feel, so if I’m able to get out there and get a couple of reps or whatever, then I’m going to participate in that way. But I’m sure they’ve got my best interests in hand, so we’ll work it out.”

Peterson has been running for more than a month, jumping and hasn’t had any setbacks with the knee. He still has work to do when it comes to stopping, cutting and conditioning, but the progress has been steady. It would be imprudent for the Vikings to be anything but cautious about Peterson’s recovery between now and the start of the season, but all signs are pointing to Peterson returning sooner rather than later.

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  1. He’s already seen how he can get out of it if he wants to by seeing Brett Favre do it. But my guess is the competitor in him that got him to the NFL will put him out there if he can.

  2. Take it easy, AD. This team is at least a year away from contention. Thankfully, the training staff and coaches have the final say in the matter.

  3. thegreatgabbert says:May 17, 2012 3:53 PM

    New teammate Matt Kalil, who scored 14 on the Wonderlic, thought that AD was closer to “75-45″.
    I think you should take the Wonderlic to see how you do compared to Matt Kalil. If, by chance, you do score higher than him please remember this…he still makes a boatload of more money than you!

  4. Who cares what a left tackle scores on the Wunderlic? As long as he gets the “don”t let that guy touch our guy” instruction right on the field, he’s worth every penny they pay him.

  5. New teammate Matt Kalil, who scored 14 on the Wonderlic, thought that AD was closer to “75-45″.
    Actually, he scored a 15, which is probably higher than you would score.

  6. Let’s think with our heads, not our hearts. Vikings should have traded Peterson while he had equity, now he’s just a used up injured running back in his twilight years. Vikes could have got some sweet much needed talent for him back then but they remained loyal and concerned about fan backlash. Now they are stuck with a highly paid RB that is nearly finished. This is a passing league folks and the pass now sets up the run, so running backs are dime a dozen to be effective, just look around the league at the successful teams. Your marque, highest paid player shouldn’t be your running back, period. Yea and it was Favre’s fault the Vikings had a bad season, right, wasn’t the bad coaching, tough schedule or offensive line and lack of receivers. At least the Vikings won 6 games that year.

  7. Why yall hating on Peterson for last time I check he didnt kill rape beat up anybody unless ur just bitter that he not on your squad

  8. A.D. won’t be rushed back by management. They know what he means to the Vikings, They will be very conservative, wouldn’t be surprised to sit him sit out the first quarter of the season and share duties the remainder of the season with Gerhart, who should and will have a breakout year.

  9. AP will know better then anyone when he’s ready. The Vikes have the best running back in the NFL and he knows it. The Vikings need him not only now but in their future. Why do you think Minnesota will get a new stadium? It’s certainly not because we have a team that has a change for an NFC North Championship without him! (Minnesota had better keep Webb prepared also. They need his kind of ability to fill in the gaps this up coming season)

  10. There is a lot of wishful thinking on AP. His best days are behind him and if he is the Vikings future then they have a bigger problem then than they do now. He is a poor value proposition now and by the end of this year or sooner, you will here me say ‘I told you so’. Nothing against AP as he WAS great but it’s over. The Viking faithful will continue to dream void of reality.

  11. aaronoverrate is obviously not a Vikings fan or he would already know the Vikes have far bigger problems and will again, have a losing year. Personally, I hope Ponder gets hurt soon in the season so Webb can take us to the playoffs. If nothing else, AP and Webb are exciting to watch, whether they win or lose.

  12. I have been a fan and objective observer since the Bud Grant days and never did I enjoy a season more than 2009 when Favre made a team believe with relatively new and unknown receivers and a defense entirely reliant on it’s front four. They played over their heads despite crappy coaching and when Favre no longer had it the team was exposed. Subsequent injuries and age also contributed to their demise. The team has been a sorry site since and gotten worse and should have traded AP when He had value to speed up the rebuilding process. Too late and now Vikes are stuck with a highly paid over the hill Hobbled RB and no new star power to add because of it. Am I a fan, sure, just not a blindly loyal fan that can’t see what needs to be done.

  13. I forgot, Joe Webb is not the answer. Give Ponder another chance with this crappy team to see if he improves.

  14. Ponder will be no better then the crappy team he plays for. Webb and Peterson are the only reason I bother watching them anymore.

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