Before getting paid, LeSean got an apology

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A new contract wasn’t the only good thing that happened to Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.  Earlier in the day, McCoy’s nemesis, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, apologized for a Sunday tweet in which he wished McCoy a happy Mother’s Day.

After being called out by Sarah Spain of for calling McCoy a woman and regarding that as an insult, Osi backtracked.

I wasn’t thinking about it from that perspective,” Umenyiora said on Twitter, via  “I apologize to any woman offended.”

So, technically, Osi wasn’t apologizing to McCoy, since he doesn’t fall in the category of “any woman offended.”  (Apology notwithstanding, Osi possibly would say otherwise.)

The best news arising from the incident, from McCoy’s perspective, is that he resisted the temptation to launch a Twitter war with Umenyiora.

48 responses to “Before getting paid, LeSean got an apology

  1. McCoy is the best player on his offense and $45M richer, while Osi is disgruntled with his contract situation and isn’t even the second best player on his defensive line.

    Joke’s on Osi.

  2. Sarah Spain is such a woman (eye roll!) Seriously, why is everyone on earth offended by everything these days! Good lord! Can’t we just laugh at Osi’s humorous tweet??

  3. So if he said Tom Brady should take off his skirt before the superbowl, would all the skirt wearing ladies have a problem with that?

    Keep that trophy case clean Philly.

  4. When are guys going to be allowed to be guy again?

    How exactly are women offended by that comment? Is it because McCoy isn’t actually a mother? Smh

  5. After being called out by Sarah Spain of for calling McCoy a woman and regarding that as an insult, Osi backtracked.
    I wonder if one of Sarah Spains friends called her a guy if she would take that as a complement or a INSULT.
    You have nothing to apologize for Osi. It was funny and that’s it.

  6. McCoy at least got paid…have you?

    OSI… Let’s try and be an adult and set an example for young people. To wait and anticipate this, for all this time, is a bit disturbing. I’m glad the Gmen’s PR guy told you to do this.


  7. Shadys too busy counting all his $ . Osi needs a tissue cause he’s been crying for years . No huge contract is coming Osi cause your not even a starter anymore

  8. Hasn’t it been longer than a year? It must be time for Osi to ask for a new contract he doesn’t deserve. The only thing McCoy needs to say is $$$$$…..

  9. I never fail to chuckle when Osi wants to talk trash on McCoy. McCoy has performed better against the Giants’ defense than any other RB since the merger. It reminds me of a kid I knew growing up. He instigated a fight with me that I wasn’t looking for. I kicked his behind while his father watched on angry at his kid for losing rather than for starting a fight (father of the year there). I was surprised to see him in school the next day, so I went up to him and told him I was impressed since most kids didn’t have the courage to show up the next day after losing a fight. I was dumbfounded when he looked me in the eye and claimed he didn’t lose the fight, but just had the wind knocked out of him. I’m not claiming to be a tough guy. That all happened a long time ago. My point is that some people simply refuse to admit the truth when it doesn’t make them look good. If I were Osi, I’d keep my mouth shut and focus on actually trying to stop McCoy…and then maybe talk a little trash after he publicly humbled McCoy a little. Until then, I’d probably avoid saying anything that would bring my inability to stop McCoy back into public discussion. This whole business makes Osi seem like a little punk who likes to talk big but can’t get the job done when the game is on the line.

  10. At least one of them is getting a new contract and it isn’t the one cracking jokes.

  11. “I apologize to any woman offended” is pretty funny. Thumbs up to Umenyiora for his sense of humor, but thumbs down for providing motivation to his opponent. As a fan of neither team, I hope McCoy lights the Giants up for 200 yards in their next meeting.

  12. Spain wrote in her column that “the use of ‘woman’ or ‘female’ or ‘girl’ as an insult is sexist, plain and simple. Replace ‘woman’ with race, religion or sexual orientation and the reaction would be far different. Just imagine the response from media and fans if Umenyiora had tweeted McCoy ‘Happy Gay Pride Day.’ ”


    Eventually, we are going to get to a point where people stop “choosing” to be offended about something so trivial. Replacing the word “women” with race, religion, or sexual orientation, does NOT carry the same weight when insulting someone. No matter how much she wants it to be. A racial slur or attack on religion or sexual orientation carries a much harder thump towards the victim. Men have referred to other men as women as long as women have been telling a man to “Man up”.

    The word offended (Root word offend) means to irritate, annoy, or anger; cause resentful displeasure, hurt, or cause pain. If Mrs. Spain “chose” to feel any one of those emotions because Osi called LeSean a women, then she seriously needs to work on her levels of patience & tolerance. I mean what’s next? We can not call men acting like a wuss, a baby because it is “offensive” to newborns?

    As a Giants fan, I do not support Osi’s continuous reference to LeSean being a woman. It was funny once, but time to get some new material. Especially, since McCoy is one of the top backs in the league. I do however, support the art of trash talking. It is a time honored tradition, and one that amuses us as fans. Perhaps it should be done on the field. Either way, Sarah Spain should let boys be boys and joke/talk trash in a jovial manner.

  13. After being called out by Sarah Spain of for calling McCoy a woman and regarding that as an insult, Osi backtracked.
    Wow. This world is getting way too sensitive. Wait should I be offended by people who say Serena Williams looks like a man? Smh. Sarah Spain needs to just relax. It was a light-hearted insult. It wasn’t even funny.

  14. And now we all know who Sarah Spain is – that was her 15 seconds of notoriety. Pretty petty of Sarah as well if you ask me. I can’t see how any reasonable person would be offended be Osi’s ridiculousness.

  15. Well since its personal beef, lesean could just laugh all the way to the bank. If OSI was a team player, he could just fall back on those two rings and be happy.

    But he wants to make it about $$$$$$ and individuals.. So the giants show OSI how important he is to their team by shopping trades and not offering a long term deal.. lesean on the other just got set for life in guaranteed $paper$

    He should be thinkin.
    Eagles 0 giants 2

    But instead we get
    Lesean 1. OSI -3

  16. Reggie’s Bush May 17, 2012, 11:49 PM EDT

    When are guys going to be allowed to be guy again?

    How exactly are women offended by that comment?


    Gee, because Osi is implying that women are inferior to men?

  17. Damn Osi- you a damn punk. LeSean gets the last laugh by signing that massive extension.

    On the bright side, perhaps you can ask LeSean to buy you some funny jokes- Lord knows he can afford it and, frankly, you can use it.


  18. Most players should realize we’re interested in how they play on Sunday. Not for what they say. Shut up, bang your head and entertain us.

  19. This write up is lame. The headline says he got an apology but the article says he didn’t. My daughters 4th grade English class can do better than this.

  20. ddjesus says: May 18, 2012 7:57 AM

    Reggie’s Bush May 17, 2012, 11:49 PM EDT

    When are guys going to be allowed to be guy again?

    How exactly are women offended by that comment?


    Gee, because Osi is implying that women are inferior to men?

    It was a joke. If he’s gonna be called out by someone, it sure as hell shouldn’t be Sarah Spain. I don’t know who she is, but a quick Google search of her reveals most of her photos with her breasts hanging out and her auctioning herself off for a date to the Superbowl. So, I’m not sure what her credentials are to be writing for ESPN and addressing this matter.

    He shouldn’t have apologized, because the joke was as funny as it was stupid.

  21. Saying I’ve offended you sounds to me like you can’t control your emotions… so you think I should do it for you.

  22. There’s nothing wrong with being a woman. But, there is something perfectly wrong with a man acting like one. Especially, if you’re trying to front like you a man. She should know this and get over herself. Be yourself. Don’t pretend. That’s why he used the term.

  23. Man, Osi sure is a Sara Spain, which of course is the new lingo for uptight wench. Hey, Osi, man up you little girl. Your style handling the press is the same way you play on the field…weak

  24. I hate to point out the obvious, but women ARE inferior to men when it comes to speed, size and strength, especially compared to a professional athlete.

  25. DDJesus,

    Men and women carry different traits and distinctions. Say that one sex is the other is not implying any sort of inferiority, but more that Osi’s opinion of McCoy was he was acting like a woman more than a man. Obviously, McCoy does not act like a woman, nor is he one. It is called talking smack. It happens in many sports. It was done in poor taste and came across as a little lazy in my opinion, but it was nothing more than that. The thing with “implying”is that Implying, making an inference, or assuming… it doesn’t matter. It boils down to what you want to read into the comment. In this case, you are deciding that Osi’s comments mean men are superior to women. In which case, I personally disagree with your assumptions.

  26. indyeagle,

    Unfortunately we as Americans, can not point out the obvious to people (in general, not just in sports). People become easily offended and can not handle opinions different then their own. We as a society desire conflict to both vent, express our opinions, and debate. Freedom of speech has been the foundation of our country for over two hundred years. The problem with that is now everyone has an opinion, but only half of the opinions out there are worth a crap. I personally agree with you that there are some things men are better at than women. But there is also things women are better at than men. It depends on which aspect of life you are referring to.

  27. indyeagle May 18, 2012, 9:39 AM EDT

    I hate to point out the obvious, but women ARE inferior to men when it comes to speed, size and strength, especially compared to a professional athlete.


    Well I guess it is funny then when you consider the fact that Shady is among the best backs in the league and Osi is always whining about his contract.

    But seriously, if you were a woman you would be aware that women are constantly being used as a measuring stick for men who are considered inferior; see every commercial ever marketed towards men. I feel like I’d get kind of fed up if society as a whole kept implying and joking that I, as a man, am somehow inferior to women, so I can’t blame the ladies who do speak up.

  28. Sarah Spain is really hot and all, but I think she’s too soft and sensitive at time!!!

    Trust me!!! I follow her tweets!!!

  29. @stanklepoot
    Loved your story man, only problem is Osi has 2 superbowl rings. McCoy deserves his money, but Osi has nothing to prove against the Birds, 8 sacks in one game pretty much says it all!! Eagle fans need to get facts straight and WIN something before they pump their chests about overpaying a bunch of LOSERS!!! LOL

  30. All of you eagle fans are literally making fun of osi’s bank account. Even though he earned his fair share already. Have any of you thought that the eagles might have overpaid a guy at an undervalued position with no left tackle to make tunnels for? Probably not. Eagle fans never think.

  31. Inthearex,

    As a Giants fan, I whole-heartedly disagree that eagles overpaid for McCoy. Lesean is arguably one of the top players at his position, if not at the very top. Yes, the offensive tackle situation is a mess, but McCoy is not a one dimensional RB who can only run in between tackles. He is also one of the best receivers out of the backfield this side of Matt Forte. The fact he is so versatile and reliable are the reasons he was paid. He’s earned it and deserves it.

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