Belichick still rules the roost, from a money standpoint


Yeah, it’s been eight years and counting since he won a Super Bowl.  But the man who managed to hold a championship team together long enough to win three titles in four years in part by convincing players to take less is getting more than any other coach in any other sport.

According to Forbes, Pats coach Bill Belichick is the highest-paid coach, at $7.5 million per year.

Among those tied at No. 2 is the guy who appeared on Wednesday’s PFT Live.  (Here’s a hint:  It’s not Tom Curran.)  Along with Celtics coach Doc Rivers, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan makes $7 million annually.

So do Rams coach Jeff Fisher and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

At No. 6 is Bears coach Lovie Smith, who earns $6 million per year.  At No. 8 are Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, at $5.75 million annually.  Eagles coach Andy Reid comes in 10th, at $5.5 million per year.

The only other non-football coach on the list is Spurs coach Greg Popvich, who is tied with Smith at $6 million per year.

On the outside looking in — for now — is the guy who has won two Super Bowls in the last five years.  Sooner rather than later, Giants coach Tom Coughlin likely will be in the top 10, too.

44 responses to “Belichick still rules the roost, from a money standpoint

  1. Coughlin’s agent has to love seeing vastly inferior coaches getting paid more than he does. Jeff Fisher??? Really???? Pete Carroll??? Lovie Smith????

  2. Underpaid! Best Ever…Any Sport.

    Cant wait to hear all the jokes, but there is not an owner who wouldn’t can their own coach in favor of this guy.

    If you don’t think so, your as delusional as Rex Ryan!

  3. They didn’t ‘leave’ Sean Payton off the list, he left HIMSELF off the list when he got suspended for lying to the NFL.

  4. Greatest coach of all time!! And yes, we get it haters….all you have is spygate, the lack of intellectual merit of it be damned, you’ll keep on crying regardless. Go Pats!!

  5. Considering the Patriots don’t also have to pay our big $’s for a GM, this is a pretty good deal for them.

  6. He needs to it pay off his Jersey mistresses.

    The highest paid cheater in sports, well done Belicheat.

  7. Hard to think that Coughlin was on the hot seat going into this year…now he’s arguably looking up at only one guy, BB. How things change quickly in the NFL!

    BB is underpaid considering where Pete Carrol and Lovie Smith are located. I’d say that Tomlin deserves to be up there above those guys too, but his teams seem to “cycle” up and down a bit too much for my comfort.

    As a NE based sports fan, you have to tip your cap to BB and Kraft knowing how to run an organization. When you see the inmates running the asylum over on Yawkey Way, it is even more impressive how thorough and complete BB’s control is over the organization and how it operates.

  8. Wow, eight years and counting. If only he could figure out a way to get his opponents defensive play signals without getting caught. Or at least get a QB with football IQ and some ability to read a defense.

  9. Lovie Smith is making $6M per year???? Why? Were they afraid someone would outbid them?

    Wow! …….Just wow!

  10. Because reporters keep asking him stupid questions
    like how come Brady doesn’t run more?

  11. Great coach. Worth every penny and more. Sure, a lot of his success is Brady, but a ”franchise QB” is essential for every dominant contender these days.

  12. Looking at it another way, with a healthy Brady, the Pats have been in 50% of all Super Bowls since 2001. He also runs the entire football operation and is paid for more than being a coach.

  13. the Harbaughs will be topping this list sooner than later. They are and will be the best coaches for a long time in this league.

  14. Without Tom Brady this guy is 500 at best, Cleavland anyone? And don’t tell me he saw a franchise QB in Brady, if he did he would have made sure he drafted him before the 6th round. His drafting isn’t even that great, except for a couple surprise TEs of late which also is probably more due to Brady then Belichick. Isn’t he a defensively minded coach… its been showing of late.

    But, I too would rather be lucky than good (and that reminds me of the tuck rule!)

  15. He is a good coach, he was great. His side of the Ball has been the worst of the worst since the Spy-Gate scandal. If he wins another, it will remove the “Cheater” label, but it is his own doing. I will stand buy this until proven otherwise, but without Tom Brady, BB would be out of a job and Miami wouldn’t even be intrested. Seriously though, can somebody give me some examples of players who took less money to play in NE?

  16. The N.E. coach has only had success with Tom Brady being a member of his teams. He is hoping with all his might that Mr. Brady doesn’t decide to retire before HE does, because, if that happens, he will be shown to be just as crappy a head coach as he was with the Browns. Of this, I am absolutely sure.

  17. Okay, that’s just insane. Not Belichick’s salary. He should be the highest-paid coach in the NFL. Love him or hate him, the man is the only coach ever to have won three Super Bowls in four years (although Jimmy Johnson did it in spirit), the only coach to complete a perfect regular season in 35 years, and he’s won another two AFC Championships since winning those Super Bowls.

    But Mike Shanahan? Jeff Fisher? Pete Carroll? Some owners have way too much money to throw around.

  18. Hope he coaches another 15 years….if not I PRAY he stays on as consultant/GM(old Pioli role) & mentors Josh as a head coach when he takes over…

  19. I hate the Patriots, but this guy deserves more. Most Coaches do. To think that guys like Hanyesworth, Porter, or Owens have been paid more than one of the best coaches of all-time…

  20. how the hell can Mike Tomlin be one off the highest paid coaches in the NFL when everyone knows it really the assistant coaches running the team.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @ Deb

    I almost put Shanahan in my first response but at least the guy has two rings as a HC. Personally I think Shanny’s a fantastic OC but not an elite HC or judge of talent.

    I think TB is a fantastic QB, but all you people saying BB is nothing without him as “proven” by BB’s stint in Cle are making a causation/correlation error. If I had to give up one of those two guys, it would be TB. Not even a real decision. An elite HCs is much more important than any one player (even if the player is one of the best),in my book.

    In 08, BB went 11-5 with a QB who hadn’t played since HS. Steelers win games without BR too. Houston won with their third string QB. Great teams are much more dependent on the quality of the franchise’s front office/team building model and coaching staff than on ANY one player.

  22. jpb12 says: May 17, 2012 9:26 AM

    You left Sean Payton off the list. I thought he was at $8Million


    He makes between $5 -6 million a year. With incentives he could have made up to $8 million this year.

  23. exibitsman says:

    how the hell can Mike Tomlin be one off the highest paid coaches in the NFL when everyone knows it really the assistant coaches running the team.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You clearly do not know much about the inner workings of the Steelers. None of us would argue Dick LeBeau’s brilliance. But the defensive support Harrison got during the INT runback in SBXLIII was the direct result of former DC Tomlin’s coaching during the week leading up to the game. Tomlin’s fingerprints were all over our defeat of New England last year. LeBeau has stubbornly insisted on running the same defense year after year despite Brady’s ability to pick it apart. Last year we finally changed direction–and wound up with a resounding W. Anyone who doesn’t think that was Tomlin’s influence is a fool.

    It’s nice that you know the reputation of our defensive coordinator. Pity you don’t know more about the game itself. Hiring Mike Tomlin was yet another stroke of coaching brilliance by the Rooneys.

  24. @CKL …

    You’re right about Shanahan. It’s just that some of his decisions in Washington have almost erased my memories of his success in Denver 😉

  25. Eight years?
    There have only been seven Super Bowls played since the Patriots last won.
    By that math, it has been a year since Tom Coughlin has won that Super Bowl three months ago.

  26. CKL says:
    May 17, 2012 11:41 AM
    Love the salty taste of whiner tears!

    You should, given that you were surrounded by whiny Red Sox fans for the vast majority of your life. You probably nearly drowned in the virtual sea of tears accumulated from nearly a century of futility in Fenway.

  27. dmadras says:
    May 17, 2012 9:23 AM
    Underpaid! Best Ever…Any Sport.

    Cant wait to hear all the jokes, but there is not an owner who wouldn’t can their own coach in favor of this guy.

    If you don’t think so, your as delusional as Rex Ryan!

    Giants fans laugh at you. Coughlin 2-0 against Belichick when it mattered most.

  28. Really Belicheck the best ever when you have Lombardi and Chuck Noll? No. Maybe when he retires and only after time travel is invented so he can go back and not get caught cheating. Only then will he be considered the best coach EVER in anyone’s minds outside that of Pats fans, or maybe if he wins another championship or two, without the cheating.

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