Bills get Stephon Gilmore’s contract done

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In another sign that we’re living in a different NFL, a second top 10 draft pick from April has agreed to a contract more than a week before Memorial Day.

The Bills announced Thursday that they have signed cornerback Stephon Gilmore, the 10th overall pick in the first round. Like all the other first rounders, Gilmore’s deal is for four years with a team option for a fifth year. According to Albert Breer of, the total value of the four years is about $12.1 million and the option would cost the Bills whatever the transition tag for cornerbacks is in 2015. Linebacker Luke Kuechly was the first top 10 pick to agree to a contract.

It is hard to imagine a Buffalo starting defense in Week One that doesn’t include Gilmore. His mix of size and speed give him an edge over the other Bills cornerbacks and the team’s talk about putting him on tight ends like Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski at points this season. Gilmore earned heaps of praise from the Bills after their rookie minicamp, which only adds to the likelihood that Aaron Williams and Terrence McGee are fighting to start opposite Gilmore this season.

The Bills have now signed seven of their nine draft picks. Guard/tackle Cordy Glenn and wide receiver T.J. Graham remain unsigned.

10 responses to “Bills get Stephon Gilmore’s contract done

  1. Alright, maybe I was wrong about this kid, but it is still T-Shirts and Shorts. The next deal the Bills need to get done is Byrd’s. This defense isn’t what it is without him. Yea, it’s not great, but it could be worse. If Gilmore starts, and Williams and McGee are healthy, it’s hard to see McKelvin sticking through training camp. I think it would be a mistake to let him go, as he has the speed to run with anybody, and still makes plays on the ball. Justin Rogers is my dark horse break out player, he showed tons of promise late last season. He can return kicks and punts, and puts a pretty good product on the defensive side of the ball as well. Either way, the Secondary has become one of our deepest positions and there is lots of skill there. I look forward to a good defensive team this year, but, like other seasons, that means our Offense will suck…

  2. he is in a great position to succeed. all he will have to be is decent with the havoc that new d line will cause and he gets to learn from a veteran like terrence mcgee and grow with all the other young corners. byrd and an underrated george wilson playing behind him…very solid secondary

  3. rabidbillsfan –

    I am glad you can admit you were wrong about this kid, like you were wrong about Fred Jackson’s contract being stupid, like so many other things. I will say I do agree with you on Justin Rogers. He may be the guy that makes McKelvin expendable (Thank God!). However, how do you figure our offense is going to suck?

    Did our offense suck before Fitz broke his ribs? Did it suck before half our offense went on IR? It also was pretty good with a defense that was less than mediocre last year. You continually make these baseless statements that make you look pretty silly in the end!

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