Broncos add Rod Smith to Ring of Fame

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Undrafted in 1995, Broncos receiver Rod Smith will cap his career by joining the franchise’s Ring of Fame.

The team announced on Thursday that Smith will become the 23rd member of the organization to receive the recognition.  He’ll be inducted at halftime of the team’s September 23 game against the Texans.

Smith holds franchise regular-season records for receptions with 849, receiving yards with 11,389, and receiving touchdowns with 68.  He also owns the Broncos’ postseason marks for catches (49), yards (860), and touchdowns (6).

“You couldn’t ask for a better teammate than Rod Smith,” Broncos executive V.P. of football operations and former Smith teammate John Elway said in a team-issued release.  “His work ethic, the way he competed and the positive influence he had on others were all qualities that made him one of the best. What a great Bronco who is so deserving of being honored as a member of the Ring of Fame.

“Although he had plenty of catches and touchdowns in his career, the only things that mattered to Rod were winning and competing for Super Bowls.  That’s what was most important to him, and it showed in everything he did.  Whether it was in the passing game or running game, you always knew Rod would give 100 percent on every play and do whatever it took to help his team win.

“Rod brought his lunch pail to work each day, took nothing for granted and made himself into an elite player.  He’s a true pro.  In addition to being one of the greatest undrafted players of all time, he’s one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the position.”

Smith played for the Broncos from 1995 through 2006.  He’s the third receiver to make it onto the Broncos’ Ring of Fame.  Previously, the award was given to Haven Moses and Lionel Taylor.

22 responses to “Broncos add Rod Smith to Ring of Fame

  1. Well deserved. I will always remember that long touchdown he scored in Super Bowl 33.

    undrafted but always a professional and a champion.

  2. Doesn’t having John Elway in a position to put people in the Ring of Fame produce a gigantic conflict of interest? Not saying Rod Smith isn’t deserving because he is… And also not saying John Elway is abusing any kind of power he has… I’m just saying it kind strikes me a little the wrong way that he has the ability to put his teammates in the Bronco’s Hall of Fame..

  3. chiroubles says:
    May 17, 2012 3:34 PM

    What took so long?

    there is a waiting period…Smith missed all of 2007 with injury but didnt retire till 2008…

    this was the first year he was eligible

  4. @ cincinnasti

    I believe the inductees to the Ring are decided exclusively by Mr. Bowlen.

    Congrats to Rod! Great player, greater person.

  5. Smith holds franchise regular-season records for receptions with 849, receiving yards with 11,389, and receiving touchdowns with 68.
    Were these all against Kansas City or is it just me? Very much deserved!

  6. @cinncinasti
    I understand your question of concern, but if you ever saw Rod play as I did for 11 yrs, you would be comfortable with his induction, no matter who made the decision. There are certain players who leave their mark on the game & he is one of them..

  7. Aaaaaand the fans of 31 other teams could care less about the broncos hall of fame. Must be the offseason with this kind of news.

  8. cincinnasti
    Dude, are you brain damaged? I’m just saying you seem borderline tardo. I’m just saying that you’re probably a genius but convey your moronic thoughts in a spastic way. Just saying and all.
    Rod, tell the to put Eddie Mac next to you in the ROF. Most people don’t know but Rod and Eddie competed every game NOT to see who had the most receptions, but to see who had the most BLOCKS. Prima Donnas don’t play like that anymore. Class act Rod, Class act.

  9. Imagine a receiver like Brandon Marshall with the head & brain of Rod Smith… Scary.


  10. This was to me one of the all-time greatest players in the NFL – not the stats or anything, but for the ethic and attitude.

    Also a sneaky-good fantasy pick. 😀

  11. Those Super Bowl team were full of guys like him, low or undrafted guys like smith, davis, stink, sharpe, ect. It’s hard to see mike shananhan were he’s at now because he made such good choices then, and now he looks like the game might have passed him up and he’s just trying to do anything to survive. If that team played on the east coast there would be 10 HOFers from that team and rod smith would be one of em. Good job #80.

  12. yssupasigninnamnotyep says:May 17, 2012 4:50 PM

    How so? Defend your statement…I think Rod is pretty much the opposite of “overrated”. His numbers speak for themselves. What speaks to your assertion?

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