Jets sign Quinton Coples

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The Jets have their first-round draft pick in the fold.

Quinton Coples, taken 16th overall by the Jets last month, has signed his rookie contract, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. It’s the standard first-round deal, a four-year contract with a fifth-year option.

A defensive lineman out of North Carolina, Coples has been talked up as a tremendous athletic talent by the Jets’ brass. Now his contract is done, and he can put all his focus on learning the defense — which he says he’s already done.

The Jets have two rookies who remain unsigned, third-round pick Demario Davis and seventh-round pick Jordan White.

33 responses to “Jets sign Quinton Coples

  1. Vinny Curry > Quinton Coples …. I guarantee that in 3 years all will agree cause Coples lacks the drive to be
    great , well that & the fact that V.C is a beast !

  2. Not a Jets fan, but I think they did the right thing taking this kid overIngram. He’s a beast. While I think Ingram will only have moderate success with the Chargers.

  3. Jets took a 4-3 end to play at a 3-4 defense with questionable work ethic n a lot of teams with pass rush, pass on him, makes you wonder even the haws took the little dude from west virginia, btw idk his name but on the game I saw him play he was good rushing the qb.

  4. If the knock on a guy in college is that he doesn’t play hard and has no motor what kind of effort will he give after getting guaranteed millions?

  5. When your arbitrary hatred of a particular professional sports franchise renders you unable to make any point based on any sort of evidence, you should write publicly less often.

  6. Just by reading the comments here, I can tell who the high school drop outs are and who the college graduates are.

    Make it less obvious you fools.

  7. Highly questionable work ethic???

    Is Gholston still in NFL???

    Look @ it this way…just another body to help jets celebrate …their 44th anniversary.

  8. First off, Coples played inside his junior year at NC, and did extremely well, before being moved outside.
    Second, the situation was a complete mess at NC, and Coples watched a couple NFL bound guys get hurt. Couple that with the fact the HC that recruited him was no longer there, a position change, and you got a guy not much motivated to lay it on the line, but looking to get out of there.

    Last, as it pertains to the Jets, they’re talking about playing a lot of the 46 defense this year, and even in a 4 man line, on passing downs, Coples could be lined up on the guard.

  9. as a unc fan, i hope the best for him. but the rumors about this kid were common knowledge long before the draft. this is a guy who was a butch davis guy and who mailed it in as soon as the unc football program got busted.

    he just isn’t physically gifted enough to be a guy with a julius peppers type motor.

    i can’t blame him for his disappearance in college. but there are strong reasons why a lot of teams passed up on him.

  10. “Jets took a 4-3 end to play at a 3-4 defense…”

    jets play a ton of 4-3. in fact, in rex’s first year they played predominately 4-3 after kris jenkins went down for the year.

    coples gives the jets versatility. you are going to see a lot of 4-6 from them this year since they now have the personnel to run it.

  11. This guy won’t be Vernon Gholston 2.0… that will be Stephen Hill, the second round track star they plan on putting a football helmet on.

  12. Coples put up the best DL numbers of anyone in the draft. If he did that at half speed, imagine what he can do full speed. He was one of the few seniors but younger than most of the juniors.

  13. Zeke- You just summed up my feelings on all NY Jet hating boggers. Very well put, my man.

  14. Well whaddya know…one of the WORST Jet fan trolls on this site whining about other fans trolling. It is to laugh.

  15. This guy is going to be a beast. gholston had two entire highlights(plays) when Jets got suckered. I remember one of those highlights, he wasn’t even blocked and didn’t even wrap the QB he was tackling.

    This guy had over seven sacks, in his final year and he is considered to have a bad year. His highlights are unreal. May have to call him The Hulk the way he destroys opponents.

  16. To all the people that say “He’s a bust”. Maybe you should say “I hope he’s a bust”. The kid hasn’t played a down in the NFL yet. Unless you’re Miss Cleo, it just makes you look stupid when you say he’s a bust already.

  17. Q COPLES is going to be a dominant DE for the NY JETS for the. next. 10 + years last years #1 MO WILKENSEN is a beast last years #2 kenidricks Ellison. is also a beast.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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