Kenrick Ellis agrees to misdemeanor assault and battery plea

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Just as he was about to stand trial on felony malicious wounding charges, Jets defensive lineman Kenrick Ellis has reached an agreement to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery instead.

As first reported by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Ellis reached a plea agreement that will mean he does not risk deportation. Ellis was born in Jamaica and is not an American citizen, and he could have been been deported if he had been convicted of a felony. The Jets drafted him last year knowing he was facing these charges but said they were confident that it would eventually be resolved in a way that wouldn’t see him deported or spending significant time in prison.

The victim’s attorney told the Star-Ledger that Ellis will likely have to spend 90 days in jail and may get credit for time he has already served. Ellis assaulted the victim in Virginia in April of 2010.

Even if Ellis had to serve a full 90 days, he’d be free before the season started. It’s unknown whether Ellis will face any league discipline. As a rookie last season Ellis played in five games, starting two.

9 responses to “Kenrick Ellis agrees to misdemeanor assault and battery plea

  1. Rolando McClain gets charged and convicted for misdemeanors, and gets 180 days. Ellis pleads out of a felony and is only looking at 90 days? Tebow must have been praying for him.

  2. Time for God-del and his henchman to get in a room for a week to dish out all the punishment for all the trouble these players are getting into.

  3. jet fan. but i would’ve liked a ‘truth comes out’ story line. saw him portrayed here (my only news source for this) as both a defender of the weak and a malicious pain giver. a trial is no guarantee. but i hope this didn’t become only about having good lawyers.

  4. Most likely, he won’t get any punishment from the league, as this happened before he was even a member of the NFL. If they try to punish him, there’ll be the quickest and most easily won appeal you’ve ever seen.

  5. Some SOB comes at him with a baseball bat and Ellis tears him apart, so Ellis who was defending a young woman and himself now has to have a criminal record? Absurd. Isn’t Va the same state that prosecuted those innocent Lacrosse players also?

    Apologist, was McClain convicted in the same Va city? You do realize that different cities in the same state punish misdemeanors differently.

  6. extortion….this happened years ago…the ‘victim’ waited until Ellis was in the league so that he could use deportation as blackmail and eventually get his payday.

  7. I doubt that he was completely innocent as a couple of you have suggested. There is a high burden of Proof (Beyond a reasonable doubt) before a felony could have stuck. By pleading to a lesser charge, he has essentially admitted there was some genuine risk of getting convicted for the felony. I say give him a second chance, but not a third. Next time it’s deportation.

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