Redskins sign another draft pick

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The Redskins signed five of their nine draft picks a while back and now they’re starting to whittle down the list of remaining players.

On Thursday, the team announced that they have agreed to a four-year contract with linebacker Keenan Robinson. Robinson was picked in the fourth round with the 119th overall selection by the Redskins.

Robinson played weakside linebacker in a 4-3 at Texas, but will shift to an inside spot in the Redskins defense. He doesn’t figure to get too many snaps in the base defense this season. London Fletcher and Perry Riley are set as the starters and the recently signed Jonathan Goff should be the primary reserve if he’s recovered from the torn ACL that wiped out his 2011 season. Robinson did a good job in pass coverage at Texas, so he might be able to find some playing time if that translates to this level.

Quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins join guard Josh LeRibeus as the unsigned members of the Redskins draft class.

21 responses to “Redskins sign another draft pick

  1. Orakpo, Riley, Robinson and Kerrigan will deliever LEGAL Concussions to the rest of league down the road brother. With Jenkins at Dtackle, WE STRAIGHT BROTHER.

  2. Sorry Hulkster but you know that idiotic father/son coaching duo will have RG3 so messed up they will be lucky to win a few games over the next two years. The Rams thank you for the high first rounders in advance.

  3. …on the way to another sub .500 season brother.
    I know you’re all passionate about the skins, but time to back up all the chirping with at least a playoff appearance sometime soon…
    yeah, yeah….RGIII, he’s the savior. I’ll believe it when I see you in the playoffs. Still think you’re 4th in the NFC east on paper, but improving.

    Who knows though…league parity at an alltime high, maybe this is the year ya’ll finally become relevant again outside of the extremeskins record fan participation numbers of course.

    What part of concussion is legal these days? OOOOHHHH YEEEAAHHHH BROTHER!

  4. What in the hell is the matter with you people? Your team sucks. Get over it. You haven’t even been relevant for nearly twenty years. I mean really. A rookie QB from Baylor and all of the sudden you’re a contender? I don’t think that’s how it works. I can’t believe you morons. RG3 takes this team from a 5 win team to a 6 win team, that is if he can stay healthy with that horrible excuse you guys call an offensive line. Nobody gives a damn about this awful organization. You guys should find another league to play in because you certainly can’t compete in this one.

  5. We’re so “irrelevant”, yet bleedgreen33 cares enough to read an article about the Redskins signing another draft pick?!

    Somebody needs some “Hater-aide”…HTTR!!!

  6. The haters are out in full effect but you can’t stop RedskinNation BROTHER! WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN RG3 AND THE SKINS RUN WILD ON YOUUUUUUUUUUU!

  7. If we are not relevant , why are you haters reading articles about the Redskins. What is your heart beating for !!!! Tic toc…..

  8. An inside linebacker who is good in coverage is also known as a strong safety … which is a position that the Skins have bigger question marks about, esp. b/c Meriweather has a history of free-lancing and now a DUI.

  9. Dalemite/Stalemite thanks for your interest in the Redskins. Must be nervous days for you haters you guys love trolling on Skins blogs. Keep Trollin brother! HTTR HTTR HTTR

  10. bleedgreen33 says: May 17, 2012 1:02 PM


    Your comments show your ignorance of where this team is at, and where it is going. I’ll keep bleeding my burgundy and gold.

  11. sj39 says:
    May 17, 2012 12:47 PM
    Sorry Hulkster but you know that idiotic father/son coaching duo will have RG3 so messed up they will be lucky to win a few games over the next two years. The Rams thank you for the high first rounders in advance.

     Yeah I’m sure Steve Young John Elway Jay Cutler and Matt Schuab really got messed up by them too. Thanks for your comment idiot Troll.

  12. Hey bleedgreen shut up and go comment where people care we don’t moron! The team lost to the cowgirls by 2&3 the flithadelphia beagles by 7 and swept the Giants with Rex Grossman and despite a inj riddled O line get a clue fool. Your football IQ can’t be that low. Well again most trolls aren’t that bright so umm good luck to you.

  13. Not hatin or trollin, just enjoy getting a little bit of debate rolling. Also wanted to see if RGIII was signed yet and for how much, although I understand it’s fairly black and white these days for rookie contracts.

    Besides, don’t hate on me if what I say is the truth.
    On paper, alphabetically, Skins will always be #4 in the east:
    Dallas Cowboys
    NY Gs
    Philly Iggles
    Wash Skins

    And, not one of you actually had anything in the way of a smart retort or snappy comeback or factual bit of evidence to refute the points I made. So….pretty typical out of the extremeskins nation.

    Although I’m sure someone out there can photoshop Eli Manning’s drunken picture in some crazy cool new way though…so you guys have that going for you.

    And as a packers fan, kills me that you beat us in Maryland two years ago, due to the aforementioned illegal concussions you seek out to Rodgers head/interception to set up a FG in OT in a game that the skins had no right to be in, BUT at least we have a lombardi trophy to show for our efforts.

    Something that has eluded you for oh say, 20 years now….
    20 years!!!
    ouch…at least you have the ‘shanahan system’ to bail you out now…

  14. Redskins beat the superbowl champions twice last year, and i think it is pretty safe to say that last years Giants were one of the worst super bowl teams of all time. I wouldn’t be to surprised if they drop in the division or even miss the playoffs.

    The Cowboys being on top of the division is pretty laughable. For the past 15 years people have been picking them to go to at least the championship game, yet they have only won 1 playoff game in that time span (The Redskins have won more.)

    And plus you’re an idiot if you think the Skins’ line is bad. Before having 3 of our Oline starters go down in week5-6. Before that we were in the top 5 for sacks prevented. Those number are also skewed by the ever so confused and awful performance John Beck put up against the Bills (and the other teams he played for that matter. And to just throw gas into the fire Grossman wasn’t all too nimble either.

    All in all the Skins’ aren’t “Great” but they will still be competing for a late wild card spot on week 17 this upcoming year…. book it.

  15. Fact the skins lost 8 games by 7 points or less….with a first year de and a 2nd yr de..three old receivers..a turrible qb..a lt who missed four games..a te who missed four games..two hurt rbs..a turrible second qb…a kicker who makes me want to punch my tv..a hurt safety..a turrible cb..another hurt dt…another hurt wr..another hurt te the offense could stay on the damn field and give the d a rest..and pick up enough yards to keep the other team off the field and that will yup equal more wins..if you watched the games you would see that in critical situations we couldnt convert..say what you want about rgiii but he will enable the team to convert third downs…you can say we truly suck and yeah our record did suck..but health..youth..and staying the course pays off ask any successful team…by october he figures it out and then we play the east…we barely lost to the cowgurls..and beat the giants twice…twice…i am not claiming we are going to the sb this season but a 9 win season is coming ..then shanny makes the push to the playoffs just in time to renew his contract..u heard it here first

  16. I really don’t care what the hater’s say. As a life long Redskins fan I’m finally seeing, real talent, youth and excitement back in DC. This team is really starting to look scary now (in a good way). For the first time in 20 years (except when Gibbs came back) but he didn’t put 100% in like the young Gibbs did, I’m truly excited about the team. The whole NFC East is shaking in their cleats. With this new and improved younger defense (that’s already top 10) a franchise caliber qb and a very good backup, new wr’s and key people coming off IR this year…. Washington is going to be very good again, deal with it. Hail Victory!

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