Rolando McClain’s co-defendant will testify against him

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Rolando McClain is in an Alabama courtroom on Thursday as his trial on various charges related to a December arrest gets underway.

The day didn’t get off to the best start for McClain as his co-defendant in the case, Jaradious Willingham, pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against McClain. WHNT TV reports that Willingham pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and will spend 90 days in jail. McClain is charged with third-degree assault as well as menacing, reckless endangerment and wrongfully discharging a firearm.

On Wednesday, a video surfaced, via the Decatur Daily, that purports to show McClain and Willingham assaulting Richard Tapscott. You can clearly see Willingham hitting Tapscott on the video, which has been cobbled together from several different cell phones, but the quality isn’t good and the audio is inconsistent. You don’t see McClain physically assault Tapscott nor is there any shot of him firing a gun near Tapscott, which McClain is alleged to have done.

McClain was not disciplined by the team or the league following the incident last season. He could still be punished by the league under the personal conduct policy.

24 responses to “Rolando McClain’s co-defendant will testify against him

  1. Mr. McClain should prepare for a stint behind bars, but that should make faidernation proud. Between his jail sentence and league suspension, Rolando will be taking an extended vacation from the NFL.

  2. Must have Jaradious Willingham on another charge and just like everyone else that hates the Raiders they said testify againt McClain will give 90 days in the hole and call it even.

  3. humb0lt says: May 17, 2012 12:59 PM

    Mr. McClain should prepare for a stint behind bars, but that should make faidernation proud. Between his jail sentence and league suspension, Rolando will be taking an extended vacation from the NFL.

    humpy went with a faider blast! Nice. Most Raider fans around here have been critical of McClain’s actions on and off the field, but humb0lt won’t let that interfere with his schtick.

  4. Big Reg might make an example of McClain and show him the door, but not likely. The kid could flourish in a new system.

    @humbolt: You’re a funny guy. Your boys are a little slow on the draw on this one, but I do expect the donkeys to show up and say something hater related. Too funny…

  5. It’s silly to declare guilt or innocence from long distance with only part of the facts that get filtered by the news media. With that out of the way, Willingham doesn’t sound like a very credible witness. The defense will claim he got a lesser sentence in exchange for his testimony whether or not that really happened.

  6. Oh Humbolt, you and your team are a joke and always have been, go comment on something the Bolts have done… well since that is nothing, just shut up.

  7. Jarodious was his best friend in high school and college, so if he’s willing to testify against Rolando, then I think it’s a combination of trying to save himself some time and Rolando actually having a part of this. Being from Decatur, AL, I have no doubt in my mind that Rolando is guilty of at least one of these charges. His entire high school career was full of off-field issues, capped off with playing an entire season with a house arrest anklet on.

  8. Come on Rolando, get it together and become the force in the middle of the defense that Al Davis expected. Being a MLB you have to set an example for the rest of the defense which is rather young.

  9. Well at least we live in a corrupt world where the legal system bends for people in positions of power. If Ray Lewis can get away with murder, Big Ben goes on two rape vacations, Aqib Talib and his mother make Rolando look tame, and countless drug possession charges throughout the league then Rolando might have a chance to no see jail time.

    The “friend” of Rolando testifying against him might not be the worst thing to happen to him either. Money tends to change people’s minds on what they saw and who did what. In that case Rolando has 40 million reasons why his friend might take the wrap for him. Either way I feel Goodell will bring down the hammer on him.

  10. I suspect he’ll be getting disciplined by the Raiders at the end of it all by being released.
    He’s not a good enough player for Reggie to give a lot of slack to…

  11. When I found out that McClain was going to don #55 which was worn by my cousin ‘Big’ Dan Conners, I was happy to hear it… Two years later, not so much…

    C’mon McClain get your head together!!

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