Trent Richardson says he won’t change his running style in the NFL


Running backs can wear down quickly in the NFL, but the most talented running back to enter the league in years says he can’t let that fact change his physical running style.

Browns rookie Trent Richardson said on NFL Network’s Total Access that he won’t avoid contact and will continue to run through tackles, and he thinks he can do that as a workhorse back for a 16-game season.

I’m not going to change my game,” Richardson said. “That’s who I am. That’s how I got here, that’s how I made the progress to be who I am today. So when it comes down to it, I’m still going to do what I do. I have a lot of pride in my football and the football skills God blessed me with. I’m just here to make a big difference on this team, so I’m trying to get everybody on the same page.”

Richardson said staying healthy in the NFL will be more about what he does off the field than avoiding contact on the field.

“Just make sure I stay in that training room as far a recovery-wise and make sure I’m eating the right stuff, taking care of my body,” Richardson said. “Really outside of the game just make sure I’m staying on schedule; keeping progress, building on and staying in the weight room.”

The Browns didn’t draft Richardson wanting to change his running style, but they did draft Richardson hoping he’ll stay healthy enough to carry the load for several years. They’ll have to hope taking care of himself off the field will be enough to allow him to keep up his physical style on the field.

17 responses to “Trent Richardson says he won’t change his running style in the NFL

  1. Marion Barber 2.0 That physical bruising running style takes it toil and you don’t go long. There are no Ole Miss or Vandebilts on the Browns schedule.

  2. Trent is already counting down the days until he can run away from the Browns

  3. Dude knows what he’s capable of. He knows what his legs can do.

    For someone who was never supposed to be able to play the game, following childhood injuries, Trent’s done pretty well for himself.

    It’s best that y’all just sit back and enjoy the show…

  4. They want him to last just long enough that they don’t need to give him a big second contract.

  5. I love T-rich already. Only leaders say things like..”…so I’m tryng to get everybody on the same page…” How nice it’s going to be having leaders on the field of play this year in Cleveland. Long time coming for sure. GO BROWNS!!!

  6. Heyzeus143, is that all you can say? Really?
    Does not take a 3rd grader to go all negative just because you can. Hater!!!

  7. He’ll change his tune when he tries to, and finds out that he can’t run through as many tackles as he did in college. Ray Lewis and company along with Harrison and his crew from Pitt will see to that! I’m not saying that Trent won’t be good, but in order to survive, he’s gonna need to change it up at some point! I hope he stays healthy for a long time though!

  8. “the most talented running back to enter the league in years” That’s a bold statement. I suspect A.P. and A. Foster may disagree with you about that…

  9. Note to AFC North Defenses- If you think you are going to Tackle T-rich one on one, you better be wearing your big boy drawers. Can’t wait to see him truck Harrison, Lewis, Polomalu, and the rest of the has beens. Go Browns!

  10. Good for T. Richardson.. he should not change is style for anything or anyone..He got to this point because he is his own person bottom line !

  11. How does that NFL saying go – “when you play to not get hurt, you usually do (get hurt)”. So its good that he plans to stick with what works.

    The off-field stuff can affect you getting hurt on the field. How many injuries, in particular pulls, could have been prevented by being properly hydrated and stretching. Or maybe a little too much parting the night before causing a player to not have proper focus.

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