Washington expects more wide-open, “explosive” Titans offense

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The Titans are a historically power-running team with a balanced offense, but it sounds like something more wide open and aggressive is brewing in Nashville this spring. Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer is entering his second year on the job, and this is his first full offseason.

To hear returning top receiver Nate Washington tell it, the Titans plan to really open things up.

“We’re excited,” Washington told John Glennon of the Nashville Tennessean. “Coach Palmer has been in the lab all offseason. He’s been licking his chops to get back to us so you can tell on his face that he has some different things up his sleeve.

“… Coach [Mike] Munchak, Chris Palmer, and [receivers coach Dave Ragone] have talked to us a lot about opening it up a little more. I think this is going to be a pretty explosive offense.”

The Titans used a first-round pick on Kendall Wright when most observers didn’t believe they needed another wideout. They’re counting on Kenny Britt to return healthy from knee surgery, and Washington is coming off a career year. Young pass catchers Damian Williams and Jared Cook have flashed promise in spurts.

“This year you have so many different types of weapons,” Washington noted. “With [Chris Johnson’s] speed in the backfield, I think we are going to open this thing up a little bit for him to show his versatility a little bit more, catching the ball and doing some other things and going to some four- and even five-[receiver sets].”

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  1. Future transcript PBP on NFL.com – 2nd and 7 at TEN 42 McNabb throws a 6 yard pass up the middle intended for N.Washington. Pass Intercepted by (Insert Opponent Defensive player here) for a TD. Opponent 25 TEN 3.

  2. Loved Nate when he was with the Steelers and am glad he’s found a good home with the Titans. Hope he has a great season!

  3. Now that it’s illegal to knock the snot out of a receiver, it sort of dictates opening up the offense, doesn’t it? Name one team that isn’t planning on opening up their offense, and I’ll name a team that isn’t going to the playoffs.

  4. I actually think Tenn could field a very good offense if given the chance. I was a Locker doubter but I thought he showed a lot in limited action last year and obviously has a monster arm. If Britt is healthy, Washington as a solid #2, Kendall Wright has potential to be an explosive slot man, and Jared Cook has all the upside in the world too, and oh yeah, CJ2K.

    Open up that offense Palmer. Let em sling the ball around and see what happens. I think good things would follow.

  5. Anyway who watched first 3 Titan games last year should remember this.

    Matt Hasselbeck to Kenny Britt for 5 TD’s.

    That’s why you stick with Hasselbeck to start the year and see if it is as explosive as Nate Washington thinks.

  6. Ok People listen up! I’m so sick of people dissin my Titans. If you’re a Dallas fan or Steelers fan…great…you have a fine football team to root for, so why in the H E double hockey sticks would you go on another teams blog and post a bunch of garbage about another team????? The Titans will be a very good team and we NOW have a quarterback that we can be proud of. IF he starts this season, it will be his first year starting so I think he’ll do fine but if he doesn’t so what! It’ll be his first full season. I, as a Titans fan like the direction we’re heading and I also think its LOCKER TIME!!!! So….yes I’ve had a few drinks…..but that’s not the point…The point is this, the Titans will look totally different from the Titans teams of the past. We’re finally moving in the right direction and I for one can’t wait till the season starts. McNair never had the weapons he should have had…except for Wycheck and Mason, so at least we see that the new regime isn’t going to make that same mistake. It’ll be a difficult decision to start Locker because of the schedule we have with the Patriots, Chargers, Loins, Texans, and Steelers in the first six weeks but I say go with Jake Locker. He’ll be tested for sure but it’ll only accelerate his growth. Go Titans!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I sure as hell believe it. Nate stepped up when Britt went down. BIG TIME! Even suprised me lol. Now can you imagine Nate, Britt (assuming he’s healthy), D.Will and NOW Kendall Wright. We’re taking this Division!! We got some help on the line so if it’s either Hass or Locker starting…they will put up points. #TitanUp!

  8. liljere24 says:

    “Titans are quietly building A solid team for years to come. Keep hating.”

    Yeah, but the catch is, everybody else is building a “solid” team, too. And I’ll keep hating as long as angry Titans fans like you keep responding. lol

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