Brian Price will adopt the children of his late sister

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The Buccaneers never explained why defensive tackle Brian Price missed the team’s OTAs this week, but his agent revealed the unhappy reason to the Tampa Tribune.

Price’s older sister Bridget died in a car accident last week and dealing with that left Price so mentally and physically exhausted that he spent most of the week in the hospital. Charles Price, Brian Price’s agent who is not related to his client, said that the grief has taken a serious toll.

“He was ready to go with the OTAs (organized team activities) starting up on Tuesday, but between a complete lack of sleep and all that he has been dealing with from this loss, he just couldn’t do it,” Charles Price said. “You never want to use the term ‘physical exhaustion,’ but there’s really no other way to describe it. He was dehydrated and after dealing with so much, his body just shut down on him.”

Bridget Price had two sons, aged seven and nine, who Brian Price plans to adopt. They will finish out the school year living with their grandmother and then move to Tampa to be with Brian.

Sadly, it’s not the first time Brian Price has dealt with the loss of a sibling. Two of his brothers were killed in shootings in the Crenshaw section of Los Angeles while he was growing up. Throw in his own injury issues over the last couple of years and it hasn’t been an easy road for the defensive tackle to this point in his life.

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  1. Anybody that follows this guy on twitter (likely just Bucs fans) has seen him more than a few signs that he hasn’t been doing well in the past week.

    Like the article says, between having him hamstrings separated and staples back to his hip bones, and now this with his sister, I feel for the guy.

    Kudos to him though for doing the right thing and adopting those kids, hope he does well in the future emotionally and physically.

  2. Way to go Brian Price. Way to set a good example for the world. The 2012 Bucs are starting to really impress me.I like the “Buccaneer Way” now.

  3. So sad to hear what this guy has been through. Wish him all the best going forward.

  4. 1) That’s awesome. Hopefully he can give them a stable environment and life going forward.

    2) Curious where the boys’ father(s) is(are).

  5. Well that’s a sad situation. He’s gained a fan in me. Hopefully he sticks around a couple more years and saves his money so that he can have a little something to carry the kids for the next decade.. Too bad for his injury history.

  6. This is why it is really upsetting when people give Brian Price any crap. He has had to go through so much more than almost anyone could ever imagine.

    His injuries have been terrible, but he has fought through them admirably. The tragic deaths of his brothers, obviously were even more horrible than that, but he has persevered. I hope he can get through this and take care of those kids.

    Good luck, Brian.

  7. God bless him for adopting those kids and may his sister and his brothers all RIP.

  8. Wow. I certainly hope things turn around for this guy. Best of luck going forward!

  9. Wow. Just wow, I can’t imagine the stress of losing three siblings. Life can unexpectedly cruel sometimes. Thoughts and prayers and I’ll be rooting for this guy all season and beyond.

  10. Now that is the definition of a MAN! Best of luck big guy. I hope u have a great career I will be rooting for U!

  11. @realnflmaster:

    I will assume that the one thumb’s up on your post is one you gave to yourself. Pretty sure it will be the last one.

  12. God Bless you Brother.. be strong for those boys, Jesus IS with you, and He will carry you through this.

  13. I’m not a Bucs fan at all but after hearing this story i’ll be rooting for Price all season long, tragic story of his sister but what a great man for adopting those kids

  14. realnflmaster says:
    May 18, 2012 9:55 AM
    An actual football story would be nice.
    Some people actually not being a tool would be nice too. We can’t have everything. Kudos Mr. Price.

  15. Keep your head up Brian, this too shall pass. Way to step up and do the right thing for someone else during hard times without thinking/or caring of the negatives it brings upon yourself, something that isn’t done enough in this world….Mad Respect.

  16. Very sad. Being through deaths in the family is really tough, but his situation is uncanny. He is coming through for his family, the memory of his sister, and will positively develop his sister’s kids. I hope that he uses this incident, and the others, as motivation to get on the field, perform at an extremely high level, and get a couple of big contracts. He now has a lot more responsibility and he will be playing with a lot on the line. I wish him the best of luck.

  17. Man I just thought of how I’d feel if this happened to me and started tearing up a little

    Will be rooting hard for this young man to overcome this adversity

  18. At the end of last year I’m not sure I was less proud of being a Bucs fan ever.

    In this offseason alone, the Schiano hiring has led to a complete turnaround for the Bucs. Its a different attitude around there, about family and accountability. And now I’ve never been prouder to be a Buc fan.

  19. Amazing. On a story that should be NOTHING but thumbs ups, only the second person(realnflmaster) has to make a crappy comment.

  20. It’s ok to fall when life knocks you down, but get back up and attack life with all you have. It seems impossible but it makes you strong. Those two kids will be a blessing and it will be rewarding to watch them grow and become men of character like Brian is. This story will have a happy ending.

  21. I hopt that Price and his wife are able to handle this situation as best as they can. I can’t shake the feeling that most young men in his position would probably opt to not take the kids. It’s clear that he has a devotion to family and doesn’t want the kids to endure the same losses that he went through as a child. I just hope he becomes a player that is half as good as his character. If he does, he will be in Canton.

  22. My gut feeling that this act of love and kindness will pay huge dividends for those two boys.
    Thanks to Brian Price, they’re lucky to have you during this terrible time you are all going through.

    I count my blessing while paying for you.

  23. Sad stuff. I remember wanting the Raiders to draft Price so bad. I think the reason why they traded down because he went off the board before their pick. We ended up with Lamarr Houston who has not been injury prone.

    Nice job by Brian. Wish him the best.

  24. The guy stepped up to the plate for his sister and his nephews………class act I wish you and the kids the Best Brian…….maybe a new home in Tampa will be a good fresh start for everyone.

    I am sorry for your Loss.

  25. I don’t really believe anyone on here could possibly be that cold and unfeeling. I think it is just so that we will pay attention to their comments. But it is a very very mean way to be nonetheless. Prayers are with Price and his family.

  26. Stories like this reinforce my faith in humanity.
    Human being first, football player second.
    This is the definition of a true life success story.

  27. realitypolice says:
    May 18, 2012 10:39 AM

    I will assume that the one thumb’s up on your post is one you gave to yourself. Pretty sure it will be the last one.

    Hmmm……………I was wrong. Apparently, there are at least 4 other people on here who are as big a loser as realnflmaster.

  28. This guy played hurt last year and his effort was always 100%. He’s a hard guy not to root for anyways but this just re-enforces that. Stay strong, BP. Those kids need you.

  29. God bless him. It’s nice to see that the NFL does have some classy, thoughtful, good people in it. Wish him the best in life and football.

  30. I hope Brian Price’s selfless actions are a lesson to other players who father and abandon their kids like Cromartie, TO, Jenkins, Travis Henry, etc. Hope he gets well. Kudos to him for giving those kids a family.

  31. JaminJake says:
    May 18, 2012 11:32 AM
    Amazing. On a story that should be NOTHING but thumbs ups, only the second person(realnflmaster) has to make a crappy comment.

    reala$$masterbater is a scumbag Pats fan, no doubt.

  32. God bless you Brian . I will pray for His comfort on you and the family. Under the circumstances OTAs are the last thing you should be dealing with right now. I hope you have a great season and can dedicate it to the memory of your sister.

  33. Tough times for a tough guy. Hoping for better days for him and his family. Ups and prayers Blessings and good for him for adopting his nephews

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