Ed Reed says his goal is to play for years

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Ed Reed can backpedal quickly, both on the field and when he’s asked about his plans for the 2012 season.

Just hours after Reed said he’s not 100 percent committed to playing for the Ravens this year, Reed provided a quote to the Carroll County Times saying he wants to play not just this year but for several years.

“It’s not about retirement, it’s about my focus in the offseason, health, family and football,” Reed said. “This is the time of year where players think through things. My goal is to play football in the years to come.”

Reed has had a series of nagging injuries, so it’s no surprise that during the offseason he’s more focused on resting his body than he is on getting back on the field. He is also apparently hoping for a raise from the $7.2 million base salary he is owed this season, the final year of his six-year, $44.2 million contract.

But if Reed’s goal is to play football in the years to come, it’s safe to say he’ll accomplish that goal. And if he doesn’t get that raise he wants now, he can get it in 10 months.

30 responses to “Ed Reed says his goal is to play for years

  1. This is Ed being Ed. Seriously, Ed you need to start taking your medicine again.

    I love the guy for his play but he does this stuff every year. I sure as heck wish somone would disrespect me with 7 million dollars.

    Everyone knows that Ed is a manic depressive. He needs to stay on his meds.

  2. This one pains me – Ed is my 2 nd all time favorite Raven after Ogden. Just replaced my Ogden jersey w/Reed’s last year…but man this act is tiring. He wants a new contract, plain & simple. I don’t really understand why we don’t give him one. Extend him for 3 years, lower his cap number, and move on with the greatest safety EVER playing center-field. BUT I cannot approve of Ed’s tactics. He needs to keep this stuff between him & the Ravens…and if it doesn’t happen, play out the year & collect your gold with a new team in free agency. I would absolutely HATE to see that happen…but probably no more so than Steeler fans hated to see Rod Woodosn hosting the Lombardi Trophy in purple & black!

  3. Attention Pro Athletes, this is what happens when you don’t hire an agent and you try to negotiate a new contract by yourself.

  4. You know what I have to say about this? 6 rings > you…

  5. Your my alltime favorite 20, but after the last 3 or so times I’ve listened to your interviews, I really think you need to call Brandon Marshall and ask him what’s the best treatment for your condition.

  6. hey steelernationisthepinnacleofexistenceyouarenothing , when were the steelers mentioned in this article? You look like an idiot when you post something that has no relation to the “news” article.

    I personally think this is another example of making a story out of absolutely nothing. The ravens do need to do a better job of staying out of the news for un-newsworthy events.

  7. Haha I love these Steeler trolls who can’t fathom that their team was swept last season and poised no challenge what so ever in the playoffs (BTW they were Tebow’d by a backup QB). I’m more worried about the Bengals than this over the hill defense and rookie oline. Note to Pittsburgh: your team is not relevant anymore, sucks.

  8. I don’t think the Ravens will spring more money on an aging player when younger players are now getting less money especially with first rounders signing 3-4 year contracts at less money. For most owners, it truly is a business, not like Redskins who throws money everywhere for that trophy.

    I’m sorry, did the Ravens make it to the Super Bowl. Then does it matter the Steelers went out in the first round or Ravens in the second (to Brady?) lol Steelers always dumb down to their level of competition, but with Todd as OC now… I’m looking for a change.

    And rivals.. nothing better now than Steelers and Ravens… who da browns? move em to LA

  9. Any Superbowl hopes the ravens had were kicked wide left….hear that? That’s the sound of the opportunity window closing

  10. ravenator worried about the Bungels ? haha they are a hapless team and always find a way to choke late. they are the reverse charges ( who choke early) . call me when they win a playoff game

  11. Fans like ravenator are a joke. pathetic no knowledge no perspective hack fans that have no perception of reality. instead just shout off incoherent ignorant moronic comments without any notion of common sense. Exactly how long do ravens fan intend to use this “well we beat you twice in 2011!” defense? History doesn’t start and stop only when it benefits you ravens fans so how about the decade before that? Steelers lead the all time series 21-14, 3-0 in the playoffs. Divisional championships steelers 20, ravens 3, conference championships steelers 8, ravens 1. Super bowls steelers 6, Ravens 1. You’re nothing more than the patch of grass the steelers use to clean off their cleats of animal droppings so stop acting like you’re an elite franchise when you have accomplished nothing!

  12. Squeallymcbeam:

    “History doesn’t start and stop only when it benefits you ravens fans so how about the decade before that?”
    Doesn’t that violate your own argument that you can’t use history to make your point? And then you go onto cite stats that reach beyond the last decade to when the Raven’s franchise didn’t even exist.

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