LT isn’t auctioning Super Bowl ring, but his son is

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On Thursday, we shared an item about Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring being up for auction.

When we shared said item, we figured it would be news to a lot of the people reading it but we didn’t include Taylor himself on that list. We shouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion, though, because it seems Taylor was no more aware of the ring being on the block than the rest of us.

Taylor told Jay Glazer of FOX that he gave the ring to his son T.J. a long time ago and that he had no idea that it was being put up for auction. Taylor’s agent Mark Lepselter said that when he called Taylor to ask about it, Taylor responded by asking what the f— he was talking about.

“Lawrence was in fact unaware of it but said he gave it to TJ and its his right to do what he wants with it. He’s fine with whatever TJ decided,” Lepselter told Glazer.

Bidding on the ring is up to $89,568.

23 responses to “LT isn’t auctioning Super Bowl ring, but his son is

  1. It should be noted that a player can order a replacement ring from the manufacturer, in this case for much less than what the ring sells for.

    I once helped a player coordinate the sale of his ring for charity purposes. It sold for over $30,000.00, and he replaced it for about $4,000.

    So Taylor can call Josten’s (or whoever made it) and get another, although to do so might cut into his crack/prostitute budget?

  2. So now where are all you whinny little itches who were bad mouthing LT yesterday?

    Forget what happen when he was not playing this man changed the game of football.

    He was feared by everyone who lined up againest him. Ask Joe T from DC

    Yes he was a train wreak off the field but between the lines no one did it better.

    Unlike Ray Lewis and Mike Vick the only one LT hurt away from the game was LT.
    Anyone who turns a man into an idol is a fool I admired his play but did not think of him as a role model. Anyone who uses a player as a role model is a fool parents should be role models not a jock

  3. Does anyone know why he is selling it maybe he is buying a home starting a business or paying off medical bills, College debt.

    Lets think the worst of everyone
    He did not win it so what does he care have none of you ever sold something that a family member has given to you!

  4. bigbluefan1:

    Very well said. What LT did on the field will forever be implanted in my brian.

    I light up like a downtown Christmas tree when I see highlights of him.

  5. The Giants are a dynasty like no other. They will win every game from here on out, no competition at all. All are welcome to jump on the bandwagon and ride it to eternal victory. All other fans are fools, and will be rooting for substandard teams that will be laid awaste of the mighty Giants dynasty.

  6. joetoronto says:May 18, 2012 11:15 AM


    Very well said. What LT did on the field will forever be implanted in my brian.

    I light up like a downtown Christmas tree when I see highlights of him.

    Couldn’t agree more. LT is still my all time favorite player. He was a machine.

    Those were the days… LT, Singletary, DT (RIP), Pat Swilling (yea I remember him).

    I loved that era..

  7. nobody ever denied he was a great football player but that does not take away the fact he was a scumbag human being. what does it say about you that you were more concerned that he was clean only during the season so he could help your team win? you did not care about what he did off the field as long as he was good to go on sundays,maybe that was part of his problem knowing that he could whatever he wanted without reprocussions as long as he showed up on sunday. how many other people get as many chances as he did in real life?you think the average person can keep his job if he calls in to say I won’t be in today I am in jail? or I have to have these days off to be in court? or better yet I need medical leave so I can go to rehab be back in 6 weeks hold my job for me. yea that would go over well. yea parents should be role models but that is not going to stop kids from watching their favorite player and idolizing them and whatever they do. so he gets busted but is back to work in time for the next game,what kind of message does that send? don’t do drugs jimmy or else,or else what you get slap on the wrist and fat new contract because you did not miss any games?goodell should have all the power so these clowns at least get some type of punishment for breaking the law besides the slap on the wrists they get from the courts.

  8. $90,000 for a ring? Some people have more money than they know what to do with. Ninety big ones would feed my family for years.

  9. This is a key difference between Parcells and Coughlin. As far as we know, Parcells tolerated LTs actions as along as he put out good product. We never hear of a Tyson/Cuss D’Amato relationship between LT and Parcells. However, you constantly hear from the players how Coughlin is just as concerned about his players becoming good men as much as good players. It’s admirable.

  10. metalhead65,

    I understand where you’re coming from but that’s not how I view athletes. Personal life has no impact on me unless it’s an egregious act. LT hurt no one but himself off the field. On the field he was the best ever.

    I care more about the latter.

  11. Ummm..he is full of crap, or the auction is becuase right at the top it says “(NOTARIZED LOA FROM LT)” so either that is a bogus letter of authenticity or LT does know about it

  12. Guess it’s worth whatever someone will pay for it, but for $90k I’d rather buy LT’s Porsche, that is if Vicky Valencort hasn’t already stolen it.

  13. Buddybowl69 needs to jump in on the concussion lawsuits cuz he’s obviously got a head injury. The giants won the NFC on a fluke the 9ers missed 2 int bradshaw fumbled and wasn’t called and we obviously know the Kyle Williams plays so to call them a dynasty and unbeatable is a little out there not only will they not go undefeated but they won’t win the east.

  14. ty49er4life – Buddybowl is a Philly troll. That post is his idea of “humor”. So, congrats, you just proved that 49er fans are every bit as pathetic and ignorant as Philly fans. On the upside, your team has actually won a Super Bowl, so you have that over buddybowl. Oh, and your city will disappear into the ocean after a massive quake. Everyone is just leaving Philly because it’s an irrelevant hole. So, I guess that gives you city and team bragging rights. Congrats.

  15. Players have attorneys, attorneys whenever they give an heirloom or something that needs authentication give a certificate with notarization or it means nothing and LT could claim his son stole if. Just because it says that, does not mean LT is actually selling it.

  16. If I were LT I would spend $6K from some India website to buy twitter followers for Osi and get my ring back myself…

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