Moorman may have his hands full in Buffalo

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Perhaps best known for being blown up by the late Sean Taylor during the Pro Bowl, Bills punter Brian Moorman faces a more usual threat as he prepares for his 12th season with the team.

As Alper pointed out in today’s one-liners, undrafted rookie Shawn Powell hopes to knock Moorman off the roster.

Powell isn’t a “token leg” whom the Bills have brought in to share the load during offseason workouts and training camp, per Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News.  “I just know that he was one of the higher-rated punters out there, and the two times he punted for us this weekend he did a very, very good job,” Bills coach Chan Gailey said, via Gaughan.  “So he’s put himself in a position to compete for the job, for sure.”

“My agent felt like this was the best opportunity,” Powell said.  “Moorman’s a great punter.  He’s been here 12 years, and just being able to learn from him will be great for me.”

And then once Powell learns how to properly punt from Moorman, Powell can try to boot him from the roster.

It won’t be easy.  Moorman had a career-high 48.2-yard average in 2011, and he has been to a pair of Pro Bowls.

Still, the fact that Moorman’s job may be in jeopardy proves that, when it comes to punters and kickers (and, more recently, running backs), the parts are often interchangeable.

Even if the Bills decide to go with Powell, Moorman won’t be out of work for long.  The interchangeable nature of the kicking business means that, if only one team views him as an upgrade over the current punter, he’ll get another chance.

16 responses to “Moorman may have his hands full in Buffalo

  1. Moorman is probably the 2nd or 3rd best punter in the NFL, next to Shane Lechler and Andy Lee. If he becomes a free agent hopefully the Panthers will sign him because we need one desperately (and a kicker as well).

  2. If this undrafted kid can take Moorman’s job, I’d have to think the Jags 3rd round punter would have to turn out to be the best punter of all time to make it worth the pick.

  3. You may not find a better puntet than moorman, the dude kicks in the windiest conditions every year.

  4. Be a little more professional and call him by his full name. Not to mention respectful..

  5. When a punter averages 48 yards a kick then you don’t replace him no matter what his age is

  6. Brian Moorman will be the Bills starting Punter for the next 3-4 years. Not only is he one of the top Punters in the league, he is Ryan Lindell’s placeholder, which is a very important key to the team. Moorman does plenty of work for the community of Buffalo, is a team leader and is also a player that keeps his nose clean, no trouble on or off the field. With Punters, age doesn’t seem to be much of a factor in the NFL.

    Besides, Moorman is a fan favorite here in Buffalo, he is not going anywhere.

  7. Yes Moorman is one of the safest players on this roster. He has been our ONLY consistency this decade, and everyone in Buffalo knows that. He is a great holder, a great punter, and is quite possibly the fastest player on the field at all times which is nice for gadget plays and fake punts. No chance he doesnt retire a Bill.

  8. If this undrafted kid can take Moorman’s job, I’d have to think the Jags 3rd round punter would have to turn out to be the best punter of all time to make it worth the pick.


    Tell that to Ray Guy.

  9. Ill probably take some heat for this, but I’m a die-hard Bills fan and I love Moorman, but he’s not the punter he was 3 or 4 years ago. He’s got a boot but struggles pinning teams inside the 20, it wouldn’t hurt to give him some competition to light a fire under his…

  10. It might come down to $s. The young guy will make 25% of what Morrman will, and if he’s as good, he gets the nod. The new guy had a 47 yd net average in college.

  11. Moorman has been the best player on the Bill’s team in the past 10 years. You can’t say that too often when you are talking about a Punter! He deserves to stay just because of that, or until he wants to leave.

  12. Moorman, has been bad at pinning teams down within the 20 the last few years.

    If anyone thinks that Moorman is a lock, they should really read the article, this young guy looks like the real deal. If not for Buffalo then for another team.

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