Steve Weatherford thinks Mark Sanchez needs to get more mature


Mark Sanchez has faced criticism from just about everyone since the end of the 2011 season, so it’s about time that a punter got into the action.

Steve Weatherford, who’s currently the Giants’ punter and was the Jets’ punter during Sanchez’s first two seasons as the Jets’ quarterback, said on the Cover Two Podcast that he doesn’t think Sanchez has grown and matured as a player or as a leader the way a franchise quarterback should have by the end of his third NFL season.

“I like Mark, I think he’s a very talented quarterback, but from my standpoint I haven’t seen a lot of maturation,” Weatherford said. “When you’re a quarterback and you come in and you’re expected to be the face of the franchise and you’re expected to leader the team, that’s a lot to take on as a rookie. But as the years go on, I think you’re expected to mature skill-wise and mature as a leader, and to be honest with you, as much as I like the guy I just haven’t seen that.”

The questions about Sanchez’s ability to lead the Jets aren’t going away, especially not with people like Darrelle Revis talking up the leadership qualities of Tim Tebow. Weatherford is far from the first person to question Sanchez, and he won’t be the last.

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  1. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Too many people expressing this same opinion speaks so many volumes. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Jets are better off with Tebow. Timmy is still not the long term answer but for now he is. Sanchez would be a stellar backup to a contender or an upgraded starter on a jacksonville like team. He won’t be the reason a playoff team advances, theyll advance in spite of him

  2. Translation: I live in the same area during the season, and everyone, including me, hears about Mark being out at bars, wasted, and hitting on young women every chance he gets.

  3. In my opinion, Sanchez isn’t horrible, nor is he great..but for me, I say absolutely give him this year, without the threat of being replaced, to see if he pans out. He hasn’t done enough to give up on him, but this year needs to be a breakout year or maybe he should be a career backup.. not a Jets fan, but a Broncos fan, and a huge Tebow fan! I’m hoping Tebow succeeds but I still think you give Sanchez the job to lose.

  4. Q: Whats the difference between Seyton Manning and Mark Sanchez?

    A: I can guarantee you wont hear Britton Colquitt spout off at the mouth about his QB.

    “Our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off.” He continued, “The sad thing is, he’s a good kicker. He’s a good kicker, but he’s an idiot.”

  5. boobsmcgoo says:
    May 18, 2012 5:31 PM

    google some pics of weatherford….that “punter” could probably rip you in half.

  6. Look what Sanchez has for a role model as a coach.

    What kind of example does Rex Ryan set?

  7. You know you’ve got troubles when the punter is questioning your leadership and maturity.

  8. “sportsmeccabi says: May 18, 2012 5:50 PM

    Kate Upton disagrees with the punter.”

    Can Kate Upton drop 3 punts inside the 10 in the Super Bowl? No? Move along.
    Heck, will Sanchez ever do anything 3 times inside the 10 in a Super Bowl?

  9. This is one example where a QB may need to go somewhere else and have a real chance to lead. Obviously no one is going to give him a break in NY. And no the Hawks don’t need or want him.

    Oh and Weatherford, your an ass. If you like him so much, shut the hell up.

  10. Steve Weatherford thinks Mark Sanchez needs to get more mature

    Well, at least the grade school girls he goes out with need to get more mature.

  11. Weatherford would be the second best player on the Jets if he were traded back there today. The Jets’ problems are not just Sanchez’ fault.

  12. The only Weatherford’s been good for is fodder for Westhoff’s rants. Westy is a king of special teams and he HATED Weatherford. That immediately takes Weatherford’s credibility away.

    I’m really getting annoyed with this Sanchez criticism. There isn’t anything that hasn’t been said. Enough.

    4-2 playoff record. Winning record in the regular season. Statistical improvement every year.

    Our issues last year were on our defenses’ inability to stop the run in late game situations and stop speedy runningbacks. Hardly Sanchez’s area. And the offensive line? Would have given anyone David Carr syndrome.

    Enough is enough. Sanchez will win some games, win some superbowls and a have quite the bust in Canton in 30 years or so. That’s the only bust that will be associated with Mark Sanchez for the next couple decades. Believe it.

  13. Weatherford would still be on the team if he wasnt a lazy player – he underperformed as a jet and when asked about his time there all he did was cry about how much practice and working out the jets coaches made him do- and lets not forget the heart palpatations in the playoffs – he needs to shut his mouth and be happy he plays for a coach that lets him be a lazy bum

  14. Yo Florio, you left out the part where Steve said “Dear bloggers, Mark Sanchez will make people forget about Tebow, but the competition will sharpen him. He has what is takes to be great” and “I think @mark_sanchez knows the truth. I would never “RIP” a former teammate.Marks a great competitor and close friend This is outta control”

    Excellent journalism.

  15. its obvious who the Jets fans are on here, talking about how bad a player Weatherford is becuase he criticized the Sanchise. just in case you guys didnt watch much football last year Weatherford was better than average at pinning the opponents offense inside the 20, especially during the playoffs. But i guess that doesnt amtter to you becuase he dared speak against your golden boy. Id take Weatherford all day over Skittish Sanchez. At least Weatherford helped his team win.

  16. As a die-hard Steelers fan who loves his team and it’s QB I can say that I know for a FACT that if Sanchize is out boozing it up enough for it to be common knowledge in the community he is on the fast road to nowhere.

    Our Ben was an unarguable jackass, but not a criminal. He just boozed too much and happened to be a multiple SB winner and therefore highly newsworthy. Sanchez gets away with more off the field b/c he’s done less on it.

    Markie-Mark has already had one public-knowledge fling with a sixteen-year-old girl(which was barely mentioned in the press,oddly). He’d better start realizing where he is and what he’s doing. If the people who live near him know he boozes it up instead of studying film you better believe his coaches and teammates know it.

    Sanchez better shift gears, and fast. Ben did what he had to do to start living right. Mark might take note of that.

    Especially with somebody so willing to work hard breathing down his neck.

    And God save the haters if Timmy gets his passing game on track…

  17. @bigjoe2269

    Your head coach is fat, your Qb sucks, and the best offensive weapon you have is a headcase. Oh, and you Jets fans are late paying your rent, get out..

  18. Shoulda stayed in school a couple more years…

    Don’t worry Jets fans, after the six sacks in week 1, Tebow’ll start week 2…

  19. I respect Weatherford as a punter, and he said nothing terrible, but wasn’t he our Punter in the Playoffs and was so nervous, or scared, that Jay Feely had to punt for us! #JUSTSAYIN#

  20. Weatherford is a good punter. He got an unfair rap from Westy. But the man wasn’t a Jet last year, so he has limited perspective to make this call. Which isn’t to say he’s wrong, but he’s no speaking from the position of authority he’s mistakenly being given as an EX-TEAMMATE.

  21. What a bummer it would be being a Jets fan these days. Fat loudmouth Rex steering your ship, starting QB Sanchize has no potential, backup is Tim Tebow (enough said), and your biggest offensive weapon is who??? Nobody. Absolutely nothing to be excited for except a high draft pick next year as a Jets fan unless the D bails them out once again. Sorry Jets fans, don’t mean to be so blunt, but you know it’s the truth.

  22. bigjoe2269 says: May 18, 2012 7:45 PM

    Oh and while we are talking about the Giants they were the worst team to ever win a superbowl

    I’m sure they feel a certain sense of shame as they admire their rings. Idiot.

  23. I love to hear jet fans defend Sanchez. The dude has done nothing to warrant the #5 overall pick. I love when I hear oh Sanchez led them to 2 afc championships. He did? I watched those games. He’s a check down artist. They need to cut their losses and move on.

    I was happy to see the jets draft him

  24. But but but Mike Lombardi had some asinine analogy that Sanchez is a good leader because if you gave Sanchez, Freeman and Flacco a car – Sanchez would be the one driving it…

    Damn I hate Lombardi, what a hack

  25. What bothers me is the Jets could have been rid of Sanchez in a couple years, so what do they do? they extend his contract for two more years. That’s throwing good money after bad. The guy was totally overrated from the start, so after three years you say we need to find another QB, but instead they extend him, and we wonder why the Jets can’t get to the big dance, go figure.

  26. @pisano: actually, they can still get rid of him in a couple of years. They’re just really locked in to the next two, which is unfortunate.

    I’m not really a Sanchez defender. He’s been a successful QB in the playoff runs, but mercurial at best during the regular season. I don’t think he was worth the 5th pick of the draft, but why do you expect that to be addressed in evaluating Sanchez now in a discussion of whether he’s good enough to stay the Jets’ QB? At this point, however regrettable the trade up for him was (in terms of the price paid to get him), that has little to do with whether he can ever be a consistently good NFL QB. At this point, three up and down years already makes him not worthy of a top 5 pick, because a QB that takes 3 years to “get it” could be had in later rounds than the first.

    The question is whether he can finally put it together this year or ever. Other questions include whether Schotty was ever the right OC for him to develop under, whether the idiotic idea to shift to a passing offense without an off-season to work on it and the resulting chaos (including the asinine decision to cut J-Co) set Sanchez back, etc.

    You all can hate on the Jets all you want. Predict doom. I’d like to know where you’re seeing that being a definite, though, because what I see is a collection of so many variables that I’d not be completely blind sided by getting the first pick in the draft or a Super Bowl trophy. Like I told another Jets fan co-worker of mine: we’re guaranteed six weeks worth of an extremely interesting regular season with the team. If the football is so terrible that they’re hopeless at that point, the drama wouldn’t have disappointed.

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