Tannenbaum says Hard Knocks hasn’t been offered to Jets

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Among the topics addressed by Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum on Thursday’s PFT Live was the question of whether the Jets indeed turned down an offer to appear on Hard Knocks, a joint venture between HBO and NFL Films.

Tannebaum said that the Jets haven’t turned it down, because the Jets haven’t been asked to do it.  “[I]t has not been offered to us so right now we’re on the sidelines, and we don’t know who’s going to be asked at the end of the day,” Tannenbaum said.  “But what I can say, Mike, is NFL Films, HBO Sports, they all did a great job.  It was a great experience for us, it was good for our organization. I think those organizations are real pros and it was a good experience for us.”

Tannenbaum didn’t say whether the Jets would accept the offer, if an offer were to come.  “I know there’s been speculation out there, so it was a great experience for us two years ago and, as we’ve said if that was something that ever came down the pipe again we would consider it but that’s not where we’re at as of right now.”

Last Friday, Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News reported that the Jets would not appear on Hard Knocks this year, without specifying whether it wouldn’t be offered, whether it was offered and the Jets had declined, or whether it wasn’t offered because HBO and NFL Films knew the Jets would decline it.  An HBO spokesman declined comment to Raissman on whether the Jets had been scratched, explaining that “[w]e still have time to decide . . . [a]nd we, and our NFL Films partners, haven’t made any decisions yet.”

It’s hard to imagine HBO and NFL Films not wanting the Jets.  With Tim Tebow in town, the Jets would be even more intriguing than they were in 2010.  Tebow’s mainstream appeal would make the show appointment viewing, not only for NFL fans but for the many who find Tebow and his overall story compelling.

7 responses to “Tannenbaum says Hard Knocks hasn’t been offered to Jets

  1. Enough with the jets already. Who cares anymore you just beat it into the groung. Rex say no, woody said yes tanneass say they haven’t been asked….really..what’s next Tebow says he would welcome hard knocks.

  2. I think that this is just the next installment in the soap opera that is the jets. it’s friday, so they need that little hanger to make the nitwits who watch these b-list losers eager to see what happens on monday. And next week….some guy accidentally impregnates his brother’s wife!! Wait….that’s more of a tuesday thing than a friday thing on “The J-E-T-S”, isn’t it?

  3. I’m a Pats fan and as such… I’m not a Jets fan. However, the Hard Knocks with the Jets was the most entertaining Hard Knocks ever… by far. Rexy was awesome and his personality was great entertainment. Having Cromartie not be able to name his kids was an all time classic. Then showing what an arrogant, greedy, self-centered, Prima-Donna, Revis is, and how Tannenbaum stooped to his knees and kiss the Prima Donna’s feet was just awesome….. in a pitiful and disgraceful sort of way. To me it should have been titled “The NFL’s Big Apple Circus Extravaganza!”. I would love to see the Jets do it again. I don’t think there is another NFL organization that could make it nearly as entertaining.

  4. NO !!!! This is Barnum & Baileys The Greatest Show On Earth,the circus franchise of the NFL.

    Live from Florham Park , Tebowmania/Sanchez, Rex, Sparano new fist pump O,Cro and his new additions to his family(more names to remember)

    and the upcoming Mevis holdout.

    Deja Vu, Rex calling Darelle where are you?

    Woody Johnson loves the pub. Book the Jests. Sign Namath as HBO Commentator about the QB competition for Hard Knocks.

    Jaquars what a 5-11 team this year ??? NO.

  5. So basically the ONLY smart decision the Jets have made this off season that everyone gave them credit & praise for, they’re saying they never made? Smh

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