Yeremiah Bell “mystery” should be solved any minute now

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Early Thursday morning, agent Drew Rosenhaus told WQAM radio in Miami that former Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell would sign with a “mystery team” in the next 24 hours.

Under that timetable, the mystery should be solved any minute now.

As it turned out, Rosenhaus spent much of his time on Thursday finalizing a contract for Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.  Since Rosenhaus finished the job by going to Philly and because he specifically said that he’s “on my way” to visit the mystery team, it doesn’t take an advanced degree in astrophysics to conclude that the Eagles are the mystery team.

Bell has visited the Eagles, Jets, Chiefs, and Titans since being released by the Dolphins.

49 responses to “Yeremiah Bell “mystery” should be solved any minute now

  1. Don’t the Dolphins need safeties? Maybe this experienced Pro-Bowler could help them.

  2. Bell was an above average defensive back two-three years ago, but his play really declined last year.

    A team that needs safety help would be smart to give him a chance, Bell is not a bad gamble.

  3. For gosh sakes the guy is 34 years old. Why the “big deal” over this guy???? You folks act like he’s a young Ed Reed. This guy is past his prime.

  4. I concluded as much when I read the first report, Rosenhaus has been in Philly all day, did he swing by KC on the way there and leave a post-it on Pioli’s door?

    Hope the Eagles can get him and get some decent experience back there.

  5. He has experience and can tackle, I’ll take em in a heartbeat.. What a great off season for the birds.. As a fan, however, we all know that means s*it when it comes to this team lol.. I will love the move though..

  6. mikebe1 | May 18, 2012, 7:14 AM EDT
    Who cares bell sucks anyway
    Bell was actually pretty good. That’s why Ireland got rid of him. Fireland!

  7. Eagles still suck. Need a QB, OL, LBs, DL, and new coach that runs an NFL offense. Running the college version of the spread offense just doesn’t work in the pros.

  8. ^^^ Yeah I thought he visited the Pats first?

    Not like they NEED him now, they have gotten some help in the secondary, but the added competition couldn’t hurt.

  9. The eagles can sign whoever they want, They will still suck. lol Hows that 20 mil a year corne working out ? And Vick lol

  10. If the Eagles do sign Bell they will have NO weaknesses on that team . Their defense would consist of CB’s=Asomugha,Rodgers-Cromartie,Boykins/Hanson, S=Allen,Bell, LB’s=Ryans,Kendricks,Rolle/Matthews, DE’s = Babin,Cole,Curry,Graham/Tapp/Hunt (rotation) , DT’s= Patterson,Jenkins,Cox,Dixon/Landri ….. That D is BOSS !

  11. If the Jets are the other team in the mix, then it’s far from a given that the Eagles are the frontrunners- because iPhones and Skype and all modern technology aside, Jets hq is not far away.


  13. Who?! And who cares? League minimum and a ham sandwich should do it…. Awww make it just the sandwich.

  14. biasedhomer says:
    May 18, 2012 9:36 AM
    The Eagles could use a veteran presence on defense, no player has seemed to lead that defense since Dawkins left.

    That’s one of the reasons they acquired Demeco Ryans.

  15. steelpalace302 says: May 18, 2012 9:53 AM

    The eagles can sign whoever they want, They will still suck.


    Pittsburg fan .. eh ?

    Eagles kick your butt

    Flyers kick your butt

    Phillies kick your butt

    sickening isn’t it ? / now be quiet and stand in the corner . . or Tebow will come and kick your butt again.

  16. @cleminem757 : Your an absolute tool . The Eagles defensive line led the league in sacks last year & of one if not the best & deepest D lines in the league . Vick is and this is an insult to Vick , a top 15 QB in the NFL . They got a leader & 2x pro bowler in Demeco Ryans & the Kendricks who was the defensive player of the year in his whole conference & the Eagles have one of the best O-Lines in the whole league , and Andy Reid has one of the best winning percentages in the league and is the longest tenured coach in the NFL (no easy task) . So before you talk trash at least know SOMETHING , ANYTHING about the team your trashing . Go back to watching figure skating

  17. To all the Dream Team comments. Um…last time I checked, we’ve been quiet in free agency so far and we dont intend to do what we did last year. All we have done involving vets was trading for Ryans and traded away Asante. Anyway, signing Bell will be the only FA move we make….

  18. Couldn’t on my way mean, Philly, then hop a plane or bus, or train, or Taxi to New Jersey? Sanchise and Tebow need someone to shag the balls they over throw to their receivers.

  19. @giantsfaninphilly : First off Im pretty sure that Vick was better than 8-8 in both 2010 & 2011 . I can’t remember our ’10 record but we won the division with him & last year which was a bad year he went 7-6 . NY only won the East by 1 game over the Eagles , the Eagles owned the division with a 5-1 record , and stop acting like your team’s so superior cause if memory serves the Redskins , i repeat , the Redskins spanked you guy’s twice . Nyg got hot at the right time (golf clap) but your team is VERY beatable .

  20. steelpalace302 says: May 18, 2012 9:53 AM

    The eagles can sign whoever they want, They will still suck. lol Hows that 20 mil a year corne working out ? And Vick lol

    Your elementary school English teacher read your comment and immediately committed suicide.

  21. I loved his play a couple of years ago but clearly he is on the decline. That being said, I think we should have kept him, he’s an absolute warrior and would be a great leader for a young secondary. Can’t imagine he’s too expensive?

  22. @steelpalace : Really ? You guy’s just got DOMINATED by Tim Tebow . Maybe you should go wash that embarrassment off before trying to rip on someone else’s team !

  23. once Vick pulls it down and starts running, and he will, the trouble will start. he’ll be injured at some point, and that’s all she wrote for Philly.

  24. Mike Vick- everyone talks trash until its time to face him!!!! I’d take him over every other qb besides Rodgers,Brady,brees,and peyton….if cam. Tears it up again then him too……

  25. When you click on Bells name in the article it says he is a NYJ? And that he signed today… Rotoworld broke the story??

  26. Shoeman, I actualy hate the steelers but i dont think you want to compare the suck ass eagles with the steelers last time I checked the steelers have 6 super bowl wins How many does Philly have. lol Losers

  27. Vick doesnt scare anyone anymore not that he ever really did. He is about the same as McFlab . Another season for Philly fans wishing for a super Bowl. Vick sucks

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