Claiborne may not be ready to go until training camp


Cowboys defensive back Morris Claiborne recently said that he hopes to be ready for a June 12 minicamp after recently having pins removed from his left wrist.

Claiborne’s hopes may not become reality.

Via, former Cowboys scout Bryan Broaddus, who now writes for the team’s official website, writes on Twitter that Claiborne still will need more time:  “Talk of Mo Claiborne being ready to go in June.  Not the case.  Should be able to start running next week.  Still looking at training camp.”

It’s unclear whether Broaddus is expressing an opinion of his own or passing along an official statement from the organization.

Either way, the talk of Claiborne being ready for the June minicamp comes in part from Claiborne.  It’ll be interesting to see when/if he agrees that he won’t be ready for the June 12 camp.


13 responses to “Claiborne may not be ready to go until training camp

  1. Pins in his wrist? I heard the veterans played a joke on the rookie wonderlic wonder and gave him a 12 piece Spongebob puzzle to put together, they’re hoping he’ll be done with it by June.

  2. Mo will sho nuff be so ready and out of the blocks so quick that Jerry Jones will have to admit to the wrong doin regardin dirty deeds he did to the Saints organization and our players. On top of that everytime Mo’s seen on the sidelines or within Jones’ 3′ of Personal Space Jones will sweatin till he finally confesses to all of what he did. Somehow just the presence of a former LSU player has Jones havin an ulcer.

  3. What part of this story are we missing?
    The guy has a wrist injury so can’t run?
    Maybe he twisted his ankle before the wonderlic so couldn’t write, that would explain getting such a low score on a test where you get a 15 for just turning up & getting your name right.

  4. Broaddus isn’t an official team spokesman (he is now a ‘reporter’ employed by the Cowboys much like Mickey Spagnola), neither is Claiborne.

    The official team position has always been the start of training camp. I’m not sure why you cast it otherwise. The team never revised their assessment to June, Claiborne stated that as HIS desire in an interview, thus, the team doesn’t need to issue a ‘revised’ assessment through official channels or unofficial channels.


  5. Broaddus went on to say the reason they aren’t letting him run is the medical staff is afraid the motion of running could shake the equipment loose.

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