Max Starks hasn’t heard from the Steelers

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Veteran offensive lineman Max Starks, who tore an ACL during the Steelers’ playoff loss to the Broncos, is a free agent.  And he has heard nothing from the only team with which he ever has played.

Or, presumably, any other team.

As to the Steelers, Starks isn’t expecting the phone to ring.  Mike Adams, Jonathan Scott, and Trai Essex are expected to vie for the left tackle position.  “As for myself, I don’t see [me being a part of that battle] unless there is something I don’t know,” Starks told Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Last year, the Steelers cut Starks as the real games approached.  But they came calling a month into the season, and Starks started each of the remaining 12 regular-season games.  This year, however, it wouldn’t be as easy for Starks to step right in.

“I would need a week or so to get the plays down and the terminology,” Starks said.  “It would be a different situation even coming back to the Steelers.  I just want to get healthy and play for somebody.  I have the mindset of rehabbing and make sure my knee is in the best possible shape and be ready to go when someone calls.”

It’s unknown whether anyone would want Starks if he were healthy.  With offseason rosters increased from 80 to 90 this year, it’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t at least be in camp.

Due to the knee, he likely will have to continue to wait.  With former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians now in Indianapolis, maybe the Colts will be the ones to eventually make the call.

8 responses to “Max Starks hasn’t heard from the Steelers

  1. No comments at all? That’s kind of sad. Max was one of the better players on less-than-stellar offensive line. And he did help us win two Super Bowls. He was initially cut last pre-season because he reported significantly overweight, but if he hadn’t gotten in shape and come back, I doubt we’d have finished where we did.

    Unfortunately, time has caught up with him and the ACL tear didn’t help. Now that we’ve finally addressed the line, it’s unlikely the Steelers will call this year. But I wish him health and happiness whether he gets the call from another team or winds up retiring.

    Thanks for the memories, Max!!!

  2. How could anybody think Jonathan Scott remains on the Steeler roster, he is horrible. Max Starks would be a better answer than Scott.

  3. If Starks hadn’t come back lst year when he did, Ben would not have made it to the end of the season. Starks single handidly stone-walled Terrell Suggs. Good luck Max !!

  4. Max WILL be back, the Steelers know his leadership and skills will only cement this young inexperienced line….I fully expect Max to be back even if it is as a backup swing tackle

  5. This is one time that I hope you are wrong, Deb.

    Max had a few good years for us, so I’m hoping that the B&G are keeping an eye on him, his rehab and his weight/conditioning to get him on the taxi squad. I’m with epicfail on Max.

  6. Max just needs to sit quietly next to the phone.

    Once the Squealers have some OL injuries they will rush right back to him.

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